Update: Starting to Think About Potty Training

October 18, 2017

Potty training was a subject Zack and I wrestled with when we made the decision to leave NYC in May to travel. We knew that it wasn’t something we wanted to force on Owen, but at the same time we didn’t have any interest in trying to potty train him in an Airbnb (yikes, talk about a bad review) or any other home that was not our own. We ultimately decided to go with the flow and feel things out as we went, trusting that we would find our way with it all.

We knew that regardless of our plans after the new year that we would be in Phoenix from September to January this year with our families. This provided a sense of relief as we traveled internationally this summer and explored the idea of continuing travel after the new year. Our thought was, well once we’re in Phoenix we will have the opportunity to potty train Owen. Of course this would only really matter if he was showing signs that he was ready to start in Phoenix, and here’s the thing, we’re here and the timing just doesn’t feel quite right. He doesn’t seem ready.

If you’ve been following along for awhile here you know that we have officially decided to return to New York in January leaving us with the option to wait on potty training which is in all honesty what my heart is telling me is the best.

We’re keeping an eye out for the classic signs that he is ready – dry diapers over longer stretches of time throughout the day, pulling on a wet diaper, showing interest in using the potty, and telling us that he’s about to go. Since we’ve had such great luck with Bambo Nature’s disposable diapers what we do know is that we will transition into their training pants when Owen is ready. If it happens when we’re in Phoenix, great, but we certainly aren’t in any rush.

A few things we’re really looking forward to when we do transition to Bambo Nature’s training pants are how perfectly they’re designed to make potty training easy. Their training pants are thin and easy to pull up and down making your little ones feel confident as they make their way through this huge transition. They’re also ultra absorbent and can withstand multiple wettings through the night and they even have the same breathable back-sheet their diapers do which are ultra helpful with sensitive skin. Plus, they’re free of harmful chemicals, allergens and are eco-friendly.

I’m not sure about you guys, but being a parent these days can be incredibly overwhelming with all of the opinions and information out there online. There’s an immense amount of pressure to reach milestones in a timely manner and it’s easy to second guess yourself and wonder if your child is developing at the right time or in the right way. I honestly believe that each parent knows what’s best in their gut. So that’s what we’re sticking with.

Owen is developing in his own way in his own time and is as happy and healthy as could be. While never having to change a diaper sounds nice I have a feeling I will really miss these days and that they will be gone before we know it. Cherishing this little diaper butt a little while longer.

Ready to make the switch to training pants or interested in making the switch to Bambo Nature all together? Learn more about their incredible diapers that have been a household staple since Owen was a newborn.

This post was sponsored by Bambo Nature.

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