My Favorite, Healthy, Easy Pregnancy Snacks

March 6, 2019

I experienced morning sickness both when I was pregnant with Owen and this time around. The difference between the two is that with Owen I was nauseous first thing in the morning, would eat breakfast and then would feel wildly better – no vomit, nothing too challenging honestly. This time around that nausea, at least in the first trimester, lasted all day long. I would have the same need to eat right away, but within an hour and a half to two hours it would hit again and it would come like that all day and all night long. Oddly enough toward the end of my first trimester if I didn’t immediately put food in my mouth upon waking I would even vomit. Fun, fun stuff you guys. So my cure? Eat small snacks all day and all night long.

Of course this is easier for someone who’s at home like me, but given the fact that all of these require minimal prep I figure with enough time you could have these set for your workweek on Sunday. There aren’t any fancy recipes in this post – this is purely what I snacked on to survive morning sickness and my first trimester. Hope these easy ideas, healthy ideas can help out any of you in the midst of nausea and exhaustion in early pregnancy!  

1. Apples & peanut butter. My favorite, flavorful apples are Pink Lady or Granny Smith. Skip the peanut butter or swap out for almond if it’s not your thing, but I enjoyed the little burst of sweet protein in this snack.

2. Cheese & crackers. Prior to getting pregnant I was loosely following an anti-inflammatory diet, and I mean very loosely. When I found out I was expecting my body was thrown for a loop when I craved carbs and dairy like mad, but ultimately I had to give into those cravings for the baby. Cheese and crackers has been on constant rotation this pregnancy and I’m not mad about it one bit.

3. Anything green! Early on in my first trimester it was honestly tough to get down anything green. Salads and other vegetables I had eaten daily all the sudden sounded awful. I started leaning on green juices and anything else fresh and green I could stomach. We always have green grapes around here because Owen loves them so that was an easy snack for me too. Juices have always been a favorite, but they can really add up if you’re buying them out of the house, especially in NYC. I’m a huge fan of this 46oz. Container you can buy from whole foods for $10 – it lasts me all week!

4. Fresh veggies & hummus. The easiest veggies to have on hand for a snack like this are baby carrots and snap peas – no prep required, but my favorite are red peppers and cucumbers. Depending on how much time you’ve got pick and choose. Amy and I also had a good conversation about portioning out that hummus – not sure about you guys, but I can easily throw back an entire container in one sitting. Portion out how much you want whether you’re going to be at home or out and you’ll be thankful you did! Especially while you’re trying to keep your snacks small so you don’t overeat.

5. Nuts. Typically I have a bowl like this out at all times, but if you’re really trying to stick to a concentrated snack Whole Foods and other retailers have great little pre-portioned packs like this. Personally, it’s rare that I eat a full bowl like this in one sitting – they’re a better option for me to snack on while I’m making other snacks (I know, so many snacks). But throwing back a few almonds can temporarily curve that nausea while I get a meal ready.

6. Avocado toast. I think if there’s anytime to embrace carbs it’s during pregnancy and postpartum when you really need those extra calories and energy and man, are you hungry! Now of course if you’re trying to avoid gluten you can skip the bread here and dive straight into an avocado, but hey, I’m all for cutting yourself some slack – you’ve got a baby growing in there! All that’s on this little concoction is one slice of whole wheat bread, half an avocado and some everything but the bagel seasoning.

7. Homemade smoothies. Smoothies and juices have been one of my healthier cravings in all of my pregnancies. This time around I’ve been keeping frozen mixed berries, frozen pineapple, fresh spinach and almond milk on hand. Depending on your portions, sometimes the color gets a little funky, but it always tastes delicious – I would recommend 2 cups almond milk, 1 cup mixed berries, 1/2 cup pineapple and a large handful or two of spinach. Plus, it’s another great way to sneak greens into your tummy if they’ve been harder to stomach.


Would love to know if you have any favorites I missed!
Photography by Amy Frances.

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