How to Prepare Your First Born for a New Sibling with Artifact Uprising

August 15, 2019

This post was sponsored by Artifact Uprising.

Like most parents expecting their second child, we’ve been reading all the fun tips online when it comes to how to prepare your first born for a new sibling. We have a handful of books we’ve been reading to Owen – our favorite is The New Small Person by Lauren Child, we’ve secretly picked up a few small gifts for June to give Owen after she’s born, and Owen has even picked out a few things for June. We re-purchased two of his favorite toys from when he was a baby and we even made our own Baby Board Book with Artifact Uprising for her! 

Considering he’s such a little reader I had a feeling that Owen would be into making a book for June, but I way underestimated his enthusiasm – he couldn’t have been more excited about the process from start to finish. It probably helps that he’s been super interested in taking pictures lately too! 

When Artifact Uprising launched their Baby Board Books last month with their handful of pre-set themes (people, places, thankful or custom) we knew Owen would want to focus on people, especially when making a book for June. We felt it was a great, first way for Owen to be the big sibling and introduce her to our family and closest friends all while having the chance to be creative too and prepare for her arrival too. 

So that’s exactly what we did! We narrowed down our list of people (which was fairly easy) and between uploading a select few photos from our photo collection and hand selecting his favorites from my Instagram, we put together the perfect “My Favorite People” book for June in under 30 minutes (although you could easily do this much faster if you’re not doing it side by side with a three year old). Artifact makes it super easy to just drag and drop your photos in – we didn’t adjust any colors or fonts or anything like that, we simply stuck to the template and love the way it turned out! They give you the option of 20, 30 or 40 pages. We stuck to 20, but if your circle of friends and family is larger you could always make a bigger book too! 

We expedited the shipping because this kid was just too excited to wait and he was over the moon when he saw the final product! Since we received “June’s book” he’s been showing it to our friends and family here in NYC, to his grandparents via FaceTime and talking about how he’s going to read it to baby June when she’s born, which is just about the cutest thing. You can tell it’s making him so excited to be her big brother and teach her what he knows! I really believe it’s helping him understand that June is going to be the new one in our house and that it’s important we make her feel welcomed and loved. This was such a special project for us! 

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Photography by Amy Frances

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