Prepping the Perfect Space for Holiday Gift Wrapping

December 15, 2017

My to do list has felt a mile long this last month with moving right around the corner, the holidays and a couple of vacations on our radar. Just when I felt like my Christmas gifts would end up unwrapped and thrown under the tree or at best wrapped on Christmas Eve, my mom gave me the best idea — get down on Owen’s level and let him play while you wrap your gifts. So simple, but so genius!

So a few days ago we did just that. We drove over to the craft store and picked up the essentials, stocked up on lights from Sengled (that way if daylight got away from us we would still have a cozy, well-lit space), snagged a few of Owen’s toys and got to work.

Regardless of my occupation, you would be surprised just how technologically un-savvy I am, but these Sengled lights couldn’t be easier to install. It took under 5 minutes to find homes for our new light bulbs, program their lighting schedule, set up energy use tracking and connect them with our apps. I especially love that not only are these lights affordable, but you can control them from your phone so that when you’re chasing around your little ones you still have the option to conserve energy.

Since I truly know the struggle of staying on top of everything this season, I’ve put together a few tips to create the perfect space for holiday gift wrapping so that you’re not wrapping in the dark on Christmas Eve. Scroll through!

1. Create a comfortable space. Install Sengled lights, make sure there’s a cozy rug, plenty of pillows and all the materials you need to get to wrapping. Obviously, keep your kiddos gifts out and wrap those at a different time.

2. Find the perfect holiday playlist. Here’s a Christmas Classics one I can’t stop listening to! I mean is there anything better than Frank Sinatra this time of year?!

3. Reduce waste wherever you can. Rather than buying gift tags this year, I put together a small DIY project for personalized ornaments that can also function as gift tags. Simply purchase these circular small chalkboards, pick out a fine tipped chalk marker, buy a pack of stickers and twine and assemble. Another fun option would be to get real chalk for your younger kids and let them play with the chalkboard tags too!

4. Bring in plenty of toys to entertain your little ones with. I’ve learned that as long as Owen and I are both doing something with our hands (read no computer for me), he’s usually pretty good at playing independently. Introduce toys one at a time as needed and maybe even pick up something small and new to make the process that much more exciting for them!

5. Take deep breaths when things don’t go according to plan. Luckily with your Sengled lights and other apps you have the option to control them hands-free or even from your phone. If your kiddos aren’t cooperating, turn everything off and come back to your perfect space in a little while!

Do you have any traditions around gift wrapping? What helps you tackle this holiday task when you’re caring for little ones?

This post was sponsored by Sengled.

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