A Shared, Brooklyn Bedroom for Owen & June

August 13, 2019

Zack and I have lived in smaller spaces our entire relationship and when we started our family we had very little desire to expand. For the first year and a half of Owen’s life we lived in a one bedroom apartment (that had virtually no doors aside from the front door and the bathroom) and it wasn’t until after he was two that we wrapped up our travels and settled in a two bedroom apartment. That being said when we announced that we were expecting again one of the top questions we received was, “Will you move into a bigger place?”. If I’m being honest, a three bedroom apartment in New York City kind of seems like a luxury and at the moment is out of our budget. That being said, I’m feeling really good about how we’ve made this little bedroom work for both Owen and June. Here’s how we did it! 

Functional Shelving 

Jerred, from Erbe Workshop, made these gorgeous custom shelves to keep this space best utilized and organized. We are beyond grateful and so happy with how they turned out. Despite these shelves being intended for this phase of life we feel good about their ability to grow as the kids do and are honestly a little jealous of this set up of theirs. 

A Mini Crib

My parents gifted us this beautiful West Elm mini crib and as you can see it fits perfectly in this little nook. It’s under $300 and comes with the mattress! With Owen we had initially received a convertible crib that would have transformed to a toddler bed, had we not left NYC to travel, but given our experience with sleep and shifting to co-sleeping, we decided it didn’t make sense to invest in the bigger crib at this time. Once June is in a big girl bed the reality is that we will most likely switch to bunk beds if we’re still in this apartment. A mini crib was the more affordable and practical choice at this point for our space, plus we have a bassinet in Zack and I’s room for those first six months. 

Intentional Decorations

We worked with Anewall Decor as well as Mouse in the House to prepare this room for both Owen and June and even picked out some new bedding from H&M for Owen. I really tried to let him pick exactly what he wanted to make this whole transition more exciting and I just love seeing his little mature style come through here. He chose both his wallpaper from Anewall and the bedding and we loved adding such special touches to make the room a little girlier from Mouse in the House

Under the Bed Storage

Why am I just getting hip to under the bed storage? It’s life changing! In order to keep this room and honestly, the rest of the apartment nice and organized we have so much stored under Owen’s bed. There are some bulkier items that fit perfectly underneath as they are, but we have also purchased storage containers and love being able to utilize the extra space. 

Move What’s Necessary

There were a few small, more decorative pieces we had to get rid of to make space for all the changes – an Ikea chair and doll house which we were able to hand down to a neighbor so they could get some use out of it! We thought we might have to get rid of Owen’s desk, but we ended up moving it into the living room and it’s been such a great addition to our space there. It’s helpful that Fully makes such beautiful designs, but regardless it’s been nice to break up our space like this and provide Owen with another surface to play with his cars, do crafts or this fall start his school work! 

Photography by Amy Frances.

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