Simple, Practical Routines to Make Berlin Home

June 6, 2017

Maybe it’s the fact that Owen’s getting used to switching up our location each month, that he’s over being sick, that he’s growing up a little or that he is just more of a Berlin guy, but it’s safe to say that Owen has been even happier since we walked through these doors. It’s crazy how quickly kids adapt and how they adjust to their new routine. It didn’t take more than two mornings of waking up here for him to know where breakfast was, where we should sit and that he needed me to get it for him. His ability to go with the flow is the best reassurance that we are in fact doing the right thing by traveling with him. He’s slept great and seems to have just shifted from one place to the other without any issues at all.

Oddly enough, I’m finding that it takes me at least a few days to really get into a rhythm with each destination. The quicker I familiarize myself with the local spots, stock our pantry and get in to a good work routine I feel tremendously better, but it was a slower start here in Berlin. This was mostly because we got in early evening on Saturday and opted to go out for dinner because we were exhausted (big mistake). Sunday was Whit Sunday which we were unaware of and it is also celebrated Monday (Whit Monday) so lots of businesses were closed both days. This put a little delay in getting our essentials in the timely fashion I had hoped for. To top it off Zack had quite a bit of work to get started on immediately so I felt slightly behind on workflow.

I don’t know what it is about me, but having my kitchen set is HUGE for my overall feeling of home. It makes sense considering I LOVED Sundays in Brooklyn. That’s typically when our apartment was the cleanest, our kitchen was packed with groceries and a lot of Sundays I even did cooking for the week so I was prepared for the weekdays when I was alone with Owen. There’s really something about that routine that speaks to me and makes me feel at home. While meal planning that far in advance isn’t necessary, there’s something to be said for having the essentials in your own kitchen.

Obviously, in order to achieve this when you’re traveling is actually finding the spots to pick up your local essentials. I plan to share those soon here as they’re still developing, but so far we’ve found a super market around the corner with Costco like pricing, a cafe that’s even closer with espresso for a euro and a huge beer garden in the neighborhood we are all about. We’re still working on finding the perfect farmers market for fresh veggies and what not and would love your tips if you have any. We’ve heard there’s an incredible one on Thursday nights in our neighborhood so we’re excited to check that out, but more on all of this soon.

Workflow is particularly tricky when you’re freelance, traveling the world with your husband and have no one else around to help out with childcare. To say we have a perfect system in place would be a lie. Zack and I have really been trying to ebb and flow with each others schedules so that one of us can spend more time with Owen when the other has deadlines to meet or a heavier workload, but we’re still finding our way with it all. Communication has been key to our whole arrangement working out. We both have to be very vocal about what we’re working on and what we need from a time standpoint. Before we left NYC we imagined that we would each have four uninterrupted hours of work each day which is hilarious to think about now. It’s pretty much impossible to get uninterrupted time, but we’re working on it! I think I can speak for both of us when saying that being in a good place with our workflow is key to our overall comfort in a new place. It’s simple things like being caught up on emails, knowing we will actually make deadlines in a timely fashion and knowing even if we don’t have the time right then and there that we will get to it that day at some point. In other words there has to be LOTS of flexibility.

What aspects of your current routine do you feel like you would have to take with you in order to do something like we are? What would you need to feel at home?

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  • Hi! No wonder your little one loves Berlin! It’s a very child-friendly city. He’ll be even more thrilled once you discover all the great parks, the easy bike riding and the heavenly (and cheap!) ice cream.

    There is an organic market @ Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer every Thursday and Saturday. On Saturdays there is a farmers market at Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain. There is also a Turkish market on Maybachufer in Kreuzberg on a Friday. Also in Kreuzberg and a good place to get produce / cheese / bread is the Marheineke Market hall (on Bergmann strasse). And if you’re in that neighbourhood and your little guy is old enough for a taste of ice cream, there is an amazing ice cream shop called Vanilla & Marille on Hagelberger Str. And around the corner from there, at the corner of Kreuzberg Str and Grossbeeren str is Viktoria Park – a beautiful park with a waterfall and a fun little “trail” to hike up. Other fun food related thing to check out is Markethalle Neun (also in Kreuzberg but a different area) – on a Thursday they have a Street Food market!

    Enjoy your

    • Hey there Leigh! Thank you so much for your comment and for all of your tips. 🙂 Can’t wait to check these places out. We are already loving all of the parks and what not. So much fun! And the weather looks beautiful this weekend. So excited!!

  • Stocking up the fridge is a must for me. And unpacking as soon as I get in. If you are unaware with any german stuff, just let me know. I live here (Hamburg) and can help you out. Supermarktes closed on sundays and Holidays can be super annoying! For good Restaurants visit A local craft beer brewery in Berlin is BRLO! Have Fun!!!

    • Yes! Unpacking is huge for me too. Thank you for sharing that link! Checking that out now. 🙂

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