A Simple, Slow, Everyday Kind of Morning at Home

March 12, 2019

About a month ago I put out a series of polls and questions to you guys about what you were enjoying from Household and what you wanted to see more of. Like the absolute nerd I am I wrote down every last suggestion and put them all into a Google Sheet so I could keep coming back to them when writers block hit or when I simply needed some direction.

One of the recurring suggestions or bits of feedback I got was more every day life! Which in all honesty was funny to me because sometimes I feel like that’s all I’m sharing and I think to myself, who is actually reading this shit?! But here you are, so thank you. It means the world that you guys take an interest in the mundane moments in our lives because honestly, I think they’re the ones I’ll personally look back on when I’m an old lady and miss the most.

For as much as I like to pack my days, if I can have it my way, I’m a slow mover first thing in the morning. This of course has been especially true this pregnancy with my awful morning sickness (which has pretty much subsided, I think), but even before that my favorite way to start our days is to sit on the couch with a cup of coffee while Owen eats his breakfast, plays, sings songs and so on. It’s simple and slow and some might even say boring, but I notice that when we stick to this routine Owen and I both have better days.

These days before we make it to the couch it’s typically a quick snack in bed – this has helped tremendously with the morning sickness – even just a couple crackers does wonders. I’ll usually grab cereal for Owen, bring it to my bed and we cuddle until he’s really ready to get up. The snuggle session doesn’t usually last long, but I’m trying to soak up every bit of rest I can this pregnancy. It’s so wild just how different it is being pregnant with another baby is when you’re caring for a toddler – it’s a whole different kind of exhaustion than I remember the first time around.

When Owen is ready we move to the living room, I fix us a proper breakfast, make coffee and we get comfy on the couch. A lot of mornings I text Amy and ask her if she wants to have her coffee with us and I don’t usually get a text back, just a knock at the door, hence the pictures this particular morning. We always talk about how when the day comes that we don’t live in the same apartment building that we’re really going to miss this routine. It’s so special.

I do my best during this time to put my phone away and be really present with Owen. As much as I appreciate a slow morning, I think he really appreciates this one on one (plus Amy on occasion) time. I also notice that he’s much more likely to play independently after we’ve had an hour or two like this which allows me to get ready, work, clean, etc.

On these kind of mornings I also avoid screen time for Owen – what you’re seeing here is Spotify on our TV – no shows. We definitely are for healthy screen time, but I’ve realized that when I turn to it first thing (which absolutely happens every now and then – like today – the day I’m writing this) our day is really thrown off. So consider this our little hygge routine. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

How do you guys start your mornings?

Photography by Amy Frances.


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  • Love this! That looks like a similar reusable sticker book we got Fox from Bitte shop. I love his train set, we have the ikea tracks and trains but where are his other trains from?

    • Awh, yes it’s one of those reusable sticker books for sure! The other trains we’ve picked up here and there. He has a few NYC subway trains like this one and some Thomas ones too! They all fit with the Ikea tracks and trains too so that makes it super easy!

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