My Ten Hospital Bag Essentials for Labor and Delivery

August 27, 2019

I just did a search on my own site for “hospital bag” and found the post I wrote when I was pregnant with Owen. Isn’t it funny to look back and see how our writing has changed over the course of four years? Publishing a post like this wouldn’t likely happen these days, but regardless, the right stuff was mostly in the post and my hospital bag. There are definitely some updates I’m making this time around so I figured I would share. Here’s what I’m packing: 

1. A nursing bra. I picked up this two pack of nursing bras from Target a couple weeks ago and I have been living in them already. I definitely think one is enough for your hospital bag, especially if you’re planning on bringing breast pads and will more than likely be wearing a bra of some sort when you head to the hospital, but since it they don’t take up too much space packing two is great too! 

2. Washable nursing pads. These were the ones I wore and loved with Owen, but I have friends who swear by the disposable over the reusable, especially in those early days. 

3. A robe. I remember someone suggesting that I pick up a robe for delivery with Owen and this felt so fancy to me because I’m not a person who generally wears robes at home, but it was such a great tip! It made breastfeeding so easy and helped me feel more comfortable than hanging in a hospital gown the whole time. I love these ones from H&M. 

4. Lip balm & hard candies. Since eating and drinking is limited during labor, you better believe I’m bringing my two prized possessions from Owen’s birth: lip balm and hard candies. Really any will do, but these I went ahead and linked my favorites. Also, extra ice chips please! 

5. Comfy clothes. I’ve worn my Storq leggings this entire pregnancy and they will absolutely be packed in my hospital bag along with some big, comfy tees and pajama pants too! I imagine I’ll be wearing my leggings and robe most of the time, but having some other pieces might be helpful too. Plus, don’t forget about clothes for your partner too! 

6. Snacks. Obviously the hospital will feed you and so long as you’re not in the middle of nowhere you’ll likely have some shops close by to pick up what you need, but this time around I’m hoping to grab a handful of my favorite snacks for those initial moments after June is born and before you get your first meal in. Knowing me this will most likely be granola bars, trail mix and plantain chips. 

7. A phone charger. This will obviously be important once your baby is born, but may absolutely come in handy in the midst of your labor, especially for your spouse. There are lots of updates to send, playlists to play and so on. The last thing you’ll want to worry about is whether or not you guys have a charged phone! 

8. Toiletries. Whether it’s a vacation or giving birth, I’m a huge fan of packing your favorites from home. I did a little digging on my personal favorites and the travel sizes are so expensive for what you’re getting. If you have the time, pick up a pack like this, fill them up and tuck away in your bag for the big day. 

9. A take home outfit & swaddle for baby. There is plenty of everything you need for the baby at hospital, but it’s always fun to bring your own take home outfit for your little one and a swaddle for the ride home. 

10. A car seat. Since car seats are a necessity in NYC the way they are in most other places (but are oddly still required when you leave the hospital), our buds will be bringing their car seat to the hospital once June is born. They’ve really loved this Cybex one

Anything I missed? Anything I noted here that you wouldn’t bother bringing? Shop all my items below! 

Photography by Amy Frances. Hospital bag from Birdling

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