Ten Must-Haves You Should Add to Your Baby Registry Now

July 23, 2019

We definitely over did it the first time around with our baby registry and as much as we appreciate our generous friends and family who spoiled us with gifts, this time we really wanted to be more intentional about what we brought into our home. When it comes to baby gear, I’m sure every other New Yorker can relate – space is limited and we’ve really gotta cap it off at essentials. So we did just that! 

I know for a lot of families there’s honestly not much they need for their second child because they still have it all from their firstborn, but since we sold the majority of our belongings when we left NYC to travel a couple years ago, we’re really starting from scratch for our June girl. So needless to say, this registry could provide some insight whether you’re having your first baby or your fourth. Most of the baby gear you’ll find below are the items I can’t imagine motherhood without. They’re either the pieces we used tirelessly with Owen or the ones we heard so much about but didn’t have the opportunity to try. Spoiler, you can also win a handful of these items on my Instagram giveaway this week too! 

I kept most of the smaller items off this list because in my opinion that’s all up to you! I can’t tell you exactly how many onesies you’ll need, how many pacifiers (or what pacifier) your little one will take to and I’m certainly not going to guestimate what you’ll need for diapering. We’ve been super fortunate to snag a handful of hand me downs when it comes to basics, are really just picking up exactly what we need and in all honesty are realizing there might be some things we don’t have the moment June is born and that’s okay too. 

Here are our ten must-have registry items for our second baby! 

1. Cybex Lemo 4-in-1 High Chair. We utilized Owen’s high chair when he was a baby for far more than just meal time. We would move it around the apartment as a sort of seat for him, place toys and books on the tray once he could hold his head up and honestly loved having it. Our complaints with our first high chair were that it was hard to clean and had a lifespan that was limited. This chair from Cybex squashes both of those concerns since it’s super easy to clean and literally transforms into a chair for every step of the way of your child’s journey (even adulthood). 

2. Solly Baby Bring Home the Baby Bundle. My friends joked with me about how long I used my Solly Baby Wrap with Owen, but I couldn’t be bothered – this wrap was honestly magic for us both. It’s what I wore Owen in the first time we left the apartment and not only did he travel around in it, but it helped us through teething, sleepless nights and everything in between. Since our family is growing to four, I’m looking forward to wearing June while still having hands on time with Owen. And, now that they make swaddles and sleeper sets I’m just beyond excited to try the entire bundle! 

3. Storq Carryall Bag & Diaper Kit. If you’ve followed me through any chunk of this pregnancy you know I’m slightly obsessed with Storq and all they create. But this diaper bag and kit, you guys, Zack and I are both excited to sport them (which rarely happens). Their gender neutral accessories will be accompanying us on many outings! 

4. 4moms rockaRoo Compact Infant Swing. Owen loved the swing we had when he was a baby despite Zack and I not being the biggest fans (the one we had back then was cheaply made and we went through at least two of them). I’ve heard that the 4moms rockaRoo swing is magic and after babysitting my best friends boy these past couple weeks while she’s working, I have to admit that it’s true! Not only do I love the look so much more than most other swings on the market, but it’s quiet and he seems to really enjoy being in it. I can’t wait to try it with June! 

5. Beco Gemini Baby Carrier. Once we outgrew our Solly Baby Wrap our Beco was our ride or die carrier with Owen. We loved the ease of being able to face in or out and how comfortable this structured carrier was too (that hasn’t always been the case when I’ve tried others). It was also nice that it was super neutral so that Zack and I could both wear it comfortably. Had to get one this time around again! 

6. BabyZen YOYO+. Guys, we still use this stroller to this day! It was our only piece of baby gear we travelled with the eight months we were nomads and I honestly can’t imagine being able to trek Owen, any other stroller and this pregnant body up and down the subway stairs the way I do with our YOYO+. Since our frame is solid we’re just swapping out the insert ($50) for a fresh one since ours has got pretty worn out and stained over the years and we also picked up a board attachment for the back. Cannot rave about this stroller more! 

7. Puj Foldable Infant Tub. Can you believe we only had a shower for Owen’s first two years of life? I am so grateful that we have a bath tub for both Owen and June, but in those early days I know we’re going to need a little something to assist with the sink baths. Really excited to try the Puj Foldable Infant Tub and already love how little space it takes up!

8. Travel Bassinet. So I have to say that overall I’m pretty disappointed with the bassinet options out there. They are either not the most beautiful design wise or they are so insanely expensive, which I have a really hard time with since they’re typically for just the first six months. In this case we have gone for the practical, more affordable one I know worked for Owen, has worked for friends and will work for June too! 

9. A Simple, West Elm Crib. While this isn’t essential really until your little one is six months old we felt like it was better to get prepared now for a number of reasons. Since Owen and June will eventually be sharing a room when she’ s in her crib we felt this gave Owen more time to mentally prepare for that transition. It’s also so nice to have something in almost every room of the apartment that we can set her down in. The crib I linked is slightly different from ours. We were able to snag one of their mini cribs before it sold out, but the style is very similar to this one! 

10. A Dresser over a Changing Table. We got the full on changing table with Owen and I have to say, while we used it, it certainly wasn’t necessary. It’s just as easy to use a travel pad and change your little one on the bed or couch or to purchase a small changing set up and place on top of a dresser that can grow with your baby through their years. So we went the dresser route to make space for all her little things and we’re calling it a day! 

What baby gear have you found essential with your little ones? Anything we’re missing here?! Snag more links to our registry items below!

Photography by Amy Frances.

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  • My ring sling (WildBird) and diaper bag (freshly picked) were absolute essentials with each of my babies.

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