Ten Stress-Free & Healthy Summer Snacks for Picky Toddlers

June 18, 2018

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We’re in the midst of one of those tricky, picky eating phases with Owen. I try to avoid battles with food for a number of reasons, but mostly because I want Owen to have a healthy relationship with food that doesn’t include stress and anxiety.

We are constantly offering him new foods he has yet to try or fall in love with, but at the end of the day we lean heavily on a handful of healthy snacks that we know he will eat without fail. Maybe these are the same exact snacks your kids love and consume, but if not, I thought I would share our household staples when it comes to healthy summer snacks. These are all easy to prep and eat at home or grab when you’re on the go.

Brown Cow Yogurt has become a daily staple for us and we’ve been using it in everything, from snacks to baking to just eating on the go.  We’re always able to find just the right flavor that keeps Owen happy.

It takes a village and I thought maybe our experience could provide a helping hand. Would also love to know your kids favorites in the comments below!

1. Fresh blueberries. Owen has been on a blueberry kick ever since he started eating solid foods, honestly. We always have a pint of blueberries in the refrigerator and they’re such an easy snack (no slicing or prep required) to throw in a tupperware container and run out the door.

2. Brown Cow Yogurt. I have to admit that these yogurt cups are one of my favorite snacks these days too. Owen loves the vanilla or plain, I usually go with the maple, but they have 15 different flavors to love and choose from. One thing I really love about Brown Cow is their dedication to making sure that the cows making milk for their yogurts have adequate space and are properly handled and cared for. Plus the cups are the perfect portion that make my life so easy. 

3. Granola bars. I was the person that always had a couple granola bars stuffed in my purse before I was even a mom so you better believe I am always stocked up now. These are the perfect stroller snack when we’re out and about in the city and something I generally feel good about giving to Owen rather than chips or cracker like snacks.

4. Fresh strawberries. These require a little more prep (removing the stems and slicing into bite size pieces), but they’re in season and always a favorite for Owen. You can always find a container in our kitchen.

5. Apples & peanut butter. Even as a grown woman this is still one of my all time favorite snacks. We typically eat this at home unless we have a spare lemon around to help preserve the apple slices from turning brown when we’re on the go. So easy!  

6. Whole, real fruit or veggie popsicles. I’m not sure about your kids, but Owen runs warm, real warm. Whole, real fruit or veggie popsicles are the perfect treat on hot summer days when all the other kiddos are eating ice cream. We don’t have these all the time, but they’re the perfect treat to cool down with. You can even make your own like these or incorporate Brown Cow yogurt and make these.

7. Cucumber sticks with hummus. I love picking up baby cucumbers and slicing them into little sticks for Owen to dip into classic hummus. This used to be one of his absolute favorites as a little guy and I’m working on getting him to love them all over again now.

8. Kid approved trail mix. Owen loves raisins, dried cranberries, cereal, cashews and a handful of other trail mix like ingredients. I’m putting a batch together of all his favorites, divided into individual bags so we can take them with us on the go.

9. Healthy mini-muffins. These carrot-zucchini muffins are right up both mine and Owen’s alley. When I’m really ahead of my food planning game I love to make a batch like this for the first few days of the week so that breakfast is easy as can be.  

10. Celery boats. I shared this DIY / recipe awhile back which is such a nice easy snack, but also a fun activity for you and your little ones if it’s too hot to be out and about. There are both sweet and savory options.

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