Three Bras, Three Uniforms

March 1, 2017


These days I feel like I rotate between three outfits (or something very similar): low-rise jeans and a button down, high-waisted jeans and a tee and high-waisted wide-leg pants and crop sweaters. Honestly, it’s this on repeat, but I’m not mad about it. These are three outfits I feel comfortable, fashionable and physically able to chase Owen around in. That being said, I think every woman has experienced what it’s like to not have the right bra for the right outfit. Whether it’s an embellished bra with a fitted tee, no underwire when underwire is necessary, straps when you need strapless or a dark color when you’re looking for something closer to your skin tone to pair with a light top we’ve all been there. Undergarments, especially for moms on the go, make a huge difference in the way clothes look and fit, and more importantly, they make a huge difference in how you feel in what you’re wearing. By starting your day with dressing yourself in something you feel confident in you’re setting yourself for other small acts of self-care and I’m not sure about you guys, but every little bit helps over here. I’ve found that having options when it comes to bras has been key. Learn more about how Thirdlove‘s vast selection of bras has helped me feel confident from the inside out.

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More about the bras you see here:

The 24/7 Lace T-shirt Bra. While this lace is extra delicate and can be worn with your favorite t-shirt without looking too rigid, it’s my favorite to pair with my most tomboy styled tops. I find that wearing something like this helps me feel ultra feminine despite the looser fitting style you see here and the inevitable toddler spills.

The 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra. This is my go to for fitted or loose tees. This bra has a comfortable underwire and provides the perfect shape with minimal padding. While I wear it with any style tee, I’ve found it especially helpful for tighter fitting tops.

The 24/7 Classic Wireless Bra. Guys, this one is my favorite. I’m very small chested, which I’m learning to embrace more and more, so I don’t need quite as much padding and push-up action happening. I’m learning to love what I have, which is hard after growing, birthing and feeding a human for 17 months, but I’m making it happen. Since this bra arrived I’ve been wearing it more than any other. So unbelievably comfortable!

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I’ve shared a bit about Thirdlove‘s process in the past, but in case you missed that post I’ll walk you through it briefly again. Thirdlove‘s site helps you determine your bra size without having to make your way to an actual store. Through their series of questions they help you land on the right bra size and style based on your needs and issues with your current bras. They even let you keep your bras for 30 days before they charge your card so that you can be sure you’ve made the right choice and that everything fits exactly how you want it to. I’ve place two orders with Thirdlove and have never had to return anything, but I love having the option. Their bras were designed with real women in mind. They focus on breast shape, not just numbered sizing and have even invented half-cup sizing to create the perfect fit for everyone.

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Moms, what bras are your favorites? Has your size and shape changed much after having your little ones? Is there a bra for you that goes with almost any outfit?

Photography by Amy Frances.

This post was sponsored by Thirdlove.

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