How do you make time for yourself?

February 3, 2017


This may come off as a bit of a ramble, but I’ve been really struggling lately to take time just for myself. Zack and I have set up a really great schedule that allows each of us a couple nights a week to put bedtime on the other, get out of the house and do whatever we please. I’ve made a few decisions recently to be healthier – I’ve brought yoga back into the mix more consistently and I’m doing my best to eat clean. My “me” time usually involves taking the train to the studio, practicing, and coming home to shower and usually picking back up where I left off with work. While this is wonderful, and I would have given a limb for this flexibility a year ago, I’m finding that having evenings free typically means I’m spending that time alone. Which isn’t bad, but when I’m alone I have a hard time disconnecting from work or things that need to be done at home. Does this happen for any one else? Do you find it difficult to really make time for yourself?






When my mother in law was in town a couple weeks ago I was able to head out to brunch with two of my best pals on a Friday morning which was such a treat. We headed out to Greenpoint, ate at Five Leaves and walked around a bit in the cold before stopping for coffee at Butler. Coordinating time with a group always seems to be tricky and this day was just what I needed. It seems as though I have better luck with disconnecting from my never ending to do list when I’m surrounded by people I love and care about, but since friends aren’t always free I’ve got to find a way to disconnect despite it all. My point in writing this is to get your tips and tricks for creating that balance for yourself. How do find the time? Do you choose to spend your time with friends or do you like having the chance to be alone?




Photography by Amy Frances. Tee by Raggedy Threads.

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  • Sigh….yes. I think this is especially difficult when you work from home. And worse if you have no family around. The best I can do is date nights with my husband, or a workout class of some kind. In the summer, I’ll walk outside more, but even that is like preparing for a rocket launch Oh mama, I feel your pain!!

  • I’ve been dying to go to a movie the last few weeks and due to my girl having back to back colds, an unexpected visitor stay the weekend, and now I’m sick, it just isn’t happening! I agree that time for yourself is crucial but often times when I take off for an hour or so by myself I wonder hmm what to do? I usually get lunch or coffee and end up running errands. Pretty soon here I will be taking Pilates again thank goodness. I think time away from your little one, alone, is better than social time because my social time is usually spent with other friends who have kids. It is tough to strike a balance, especially while working. But it does get easier the further you get from babyhood. I don’t know how, but it just does. 🙂

    • So true! I often use my time for exercising or errands like you mentioned. It’s a true challenge to look within and find out what we enjoy as mamas and let ourselves indulge in that time!

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