My Top Ten Influencer Resources

July 9, 2018

Social media, blogging, working with brands and being an influencer in general often times feels like the wild west. There’s SO much information out there when it comes to what to post, when to post, what to talk about, what not to talk about and how to better curate your brand that I know I at least feel overwhelmed all the time.

I’ve always loved sharing my personal insights with you guys and the articles I find beneficial, but I figured I would put together ten of my all time favorite influencer resources. These are the podcasts, creators, methods and mentors that I look to when I personally need guidance on building my brand and thinking about the bigger picture when it comes to my business.

1. The Influencer Podcast. I have linked this one countless times over the last few months, but Julie Soloman’s podcast, The Influencer Podcast is jam packed with information to help you engage, persuade and grow your unique influence. She highlights the latest in influencer marketing and helps you navigate the ever-changing industry and trends. She always gives you a little something extra at the end of each episode like a free worksheet or call to action to help you put her advice to work!

2. Fohr. I really enjoy their weekly YouTube videos (which you can also listen to on their podcast). James Nord, the founder of Fohr, takes in three questions a week from influencers and answers them over a glass of whiskey. His videos always teach me a thing or two and make me laugh.

3. Follow @tylerjmccall on Instagram. I came across Tyler on an episode of The Influencer Podcast and loved his perspective and the advice he shared immediately. I started following along with him right after the episode ended and really appreciate the tips he shares for free via IGTV, stories and his posts. He also offers online courses and strategy consulting on his site,

4. The Goal Digger Podcast. Jenna Kutcher has created her dream career and lifestyle through social media influence and doesn’t hold back sharing her tips on exactly how she got there. Each week she shares productivity tips, social media strategies, business hacks, and inspirational stories. She takes it one step further by going even more in depth on her blog and also lets you in on the more personal side of her life too!

5. Chrissy Powers. This gal is probably my “best Instagram friend”, but I have a feeling we’d be real life buds if we lived closer. She’s in the process of putting together an e-class for all of you lovely folks that are interested in building your brand so keep an eye out for that, but I loved this article she wrote about slow growth. It’s not always about how many folks you can get to sign up for your brand in the shortest amount of time. It’s about building a community that will grow with you and stick around!

6. Join the Pinterest Creator Collective. You know I love me some Pinterest. If you’re trying to grow your brand I highly recommend building your presence on this platform. If you need more tips on how to do so I shared a blog post, a podcast and Aves Styles has a wonderful online course too!

7. Target your ideal client. Amy and I are going to dive deeper into this on our next episode of Building Household, but the other night we sat down and not only identified the problem we think most of our clients / audiences are looking to solve with our services, but we also asked ourselves a lot of questions. Some of which: Who are they? Where do they shop? What’s important to them? Knowing who you are talking to is tremendously important and crucial to the success of your business.

8. First We Eat Photography, Styling & Branding Course. I had the honor of meeting Eva, the author of First We Eat, in San Francisco this April when we were both teaching at Pinterest’s annual conference, Knit Con. Her course is something that has been on my list since and I love that she gives you the option to purchase the entire bundle, individual sections or a direct mentoring session.

9. I’m signed up for this newsletter a while back and get their weekly emails about blog posts regarding updates to Instagram’s platform and how you can best utilize the app. It’s super helpful to know about these things either before or just after they’ve been released!

10. The Raw Milk Podcast. Beth Kirby has achieved immense success through her blog and social channels and while her podcast is fairly new,  I’ve definitely enjoyed a handful of the episodes. One of my favorites is “What No One Tells You About Making it in Creative-Business”. Give it a listen!

What are some of your favorite blogging / social media resources? Would love to hear in the comments below!

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