Here is the Truth About Travel: It’s More Affordable Than Living in NYC

We’ve received an overwhelming amount of questions from our friends, family, readers and followers about exactly how we’re able to travel the world. This post is intended to answer any of the questions we’ve received, provide the opportunity for you to ask additional questions and really shed light on exactly how we are making this all happen. Because, to be totally honest we are by no means filthy rich and believe that what we’re doing is something a good chunk of people can do with the right mindset.

When Zack brought the idea of traveling to me originally I was hesitant to say the least, but it didn’t take me long to warm up. When we did the math, it was more affordable to travel the world than it was to live in NYC, Zack would have more time with our family if he left his corporate job, I would have the opportunity to actually focus on my work with Zack around more, and we could see the world. It felt like a no-brainer.

But let me back up just a second. I want to make it clear that Zack and I are both in fact working throughout our travels. Zack is a freelance writer and I run the site you’re reading plus my social media accounts. Granted, we control our hours and love what we do, but we are working each and every day to make this dream a reality. I think there’s the misconception that when you’re traveling, you’re on vacation. This is by no means a vacation for us. We are working, cooking at home and still dealing with the joys and stresses of what it’s like to have a little toddler boy running around. We’re just changing our setting each month in hopes of giving Owen the best life possible and exposing ourselves to different ways of living.

Now don’t get me wrong either. One of our big motivators to do this was to live a simpler life, one we could enjoy in the moment and one that would allow us to maybe have a smaller paycheck but generally speaking, a happier life. So we are absolutely doing our best to soak it up in between working, taking care of Owen and making the inevitable adjustments when you do something like this. That’s the whole point of being here.

We have exclusively sublet through Airbnb and plan to visit a new city each month. If you’ve been following along you know we are now in Paris, but at the beginning of June we will be heading to Berlin, then off to Hvar, Croatia and fingers crossed to Montreal before returning to the states for the holidays from where we will continue travel after the new year.

Each of our Airbnb’s have been anywhere from $500 – $1000 less than what we were paying in NYC monthly for rent alone. We reduced a lot of additional expenses by leaving the states as well. Our cell phone plan is actually much smaller now since we’re primarily relying on wifi, we are no longer monthly subway pass holders, we no longer pay utilities or internet since that is all inclusive with each place we’re subletting, groceries have proven to be far cheaper in Paris, going out to eat is more affordable as well, and we were able to pocket a good amount of cash when we sold all of our belongings.

To put it simply. We’re here and it’s going well. We didn’t save an exorbitant amount of money to do this. We honestly made this decision so damn quickly that we left with what we had – which was a decent chunk and decided we would figure it out. The worst thing that could happen, the absolute worst, is that we end up back with our families while we get back on our feet. And to us, that risk was worth it.


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