Ten Things for the Weekend

July 16, 2017

1. This week’s mantra: “There are at least a million ways to be a great mother, and not one of them hinges on breastfeeding or any of the other hot-button issues. Great mothers know that they are worthy of love and belonging, and as a result they raise children who know they are worthy of the same things. Shaming other mothers is not one of the million ways to be a great mom.” -Brene Brown

2. I’ve been listening to this podcast on my runs each morning and it’s been the best way to start the day! Depending on the length of your run make sure to download a couple (or few), they’re just about 10-15 minutes long.

3. Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton are coming out with a new album and just released a single. This is super exciting for Zack and I cause we used to listen to the only other album of theirs when we were just kids!

4. I’ve thought about starting a Household book club since I tend to get a lot of questions about whatever I’m reading, but I’ve noticed larger sites like Solly Baby and Homesong Blog are doing the same. Is this something you guys would be interested in?

5. One of my favorite photographers just released a new line of presets for anyone who’s interested!

6. My good pal, @rachdesztich, just started to take a new approach with her Instagram and I’m LOVING it. She’s sharing rhythms + essentials for a whole, well-lived life + family.

7. We’re beginning to make travel plans for after the first of the year! I’d love to hear some of your favorite warm weather locations. We have a shorter trip planned to Sayulita with my family in January and are thinking about heading out from there!

8. Doesn’t this grilled zucchini caprese look incredible?!

9. I feel like we’ve always messed up when it comes to purchasing the right couch in the past. This one looks adorable, but would it be comfy? Has anyone bought a couch that they love?

10. Can I pull of a baseball hat? I’m thinking when we’re back in the states I need to order one of these from Gigi Pip!

What have you guys been into this week? What are you listening to? Reading? Loving?

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  • Yes book club!!
    Favorite reads so far this year All the light we cannot see & Cloud Atlas.
    Buying the right couch is hard! I still haven’t figured that one out.

    • Checking these books out now! And why is finding a couch the hardest haaha!

  • Hi, Hailey!
    I enjoy reading your ten things for the weekend! I wanted to recommend the podcast Death, Sex, and Money. It’s my favorite! Real life stories by real life common people. I also enjoy listening to your and your husband’s podcast!
    This is Jasmine from @jazspiegeler I have DM you before 🙂

    • Hi Jasmine!! Thanks so much for commenting and sharing a new podcast with me. I’m always after new ones so this is excellent. And thank you for listening to ours!! ❤️

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