Ten Things for the Weekend

July 21, 2017

1. This week’s mantra: I came across this post on Instagram and it proved to be such a helpful reminder for me. “Creation is messy. In life, in art. I forget that sometimes. I get upset with myself because I forget that our path is not always linear. Creativity does not live in a neat little box. It’s something you express not something you own. Be kind to yourself my fellow creators. No matter what someone’s life looks like on the outside we’re all just spinning in circles trying to find our way.”

2. I just listened to my good pal Chrissy on Today’s Eden Podcast and loved every minute of it.

3. It’s a bit random, but I started a playlist here in Hvar and I thought I’d share it with you. I’ll keep adding songs as we’re here (less than two weeks left)!

4. Zack and I watched the first episode of the new Netflix series, The Standups, and we’re crying we were laughing so hard. Nate Bargatze crushes it.

5. What do you guys think about how much work everyone is having to put into their engagement on Instagram these days? Frankly, I’m not subscribing to any of it. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the countless loop giveaways, people joining engagement groups and people buying likes and followers and what not to get ahead. My friend, Ana, wrote a post about it all and I’m so curious what all your thoughts are on it!

6. I know it’s the cool thing to do Follow Friday’s with a group, but I thought I’d share ten of my favorite moms to follow on Instagram here that I don’t think I’ve mentioned here before. Make sure to check out @rudyjude, @nickisebastian, @edibleliving, @skbrawner3, @notatallsarcastic, @smithandjunie, @paigechristensen, @adailysomething, @avestyles & @sylviatribel!

7. We leave for Iceland in just under two weeks! I’d love to hear any kid friendly tips for exploring. We are there for just five days and will be moving around each night, but we are so excited and can’t wait to see this beautiful place!

8. Do you guys have any healthy recipes I should try? I feel like traveling is really starting to catch up with me in terms of eating habits. Hence why even my healthy recipe has mozzarella in it. 😉

9. I’ve been daydreaming a lot about our future home when we end our travels. What are your favorite places to shop for home decor and furniture?

10. The Tiyya Foundation (www.tiyya.org) is hosting its 7th annual backpack drive for school-age refugee children. Their goal is to gather at least 300 backpacks! They are accepting donations and assembling backpacks through August 1st. Click the link here to help out.

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  • Anne-Laure

    Hey ! I wanted to answer two of your questions :

    7) Regarding Iceland…go to the Blue Lagoon !!! It’s so great and even if I think it will surely be different from the place I visited during Christmas, it is still a great place to destress and just enjoy a family moment ! Else… do not always follow tourist things, try and find the same but less frequented ! As for the black sand beaches, I remember my parents saying we couldn’t go there because it was too far, but we actually found one near our place ! So… sometimes can be cooler without all the crowds and stuff !

    8) A great easy and healthy recipe WITH mozarella which can be taken either as an appetizer or as a course (it depends on the amount of food you make):
    cut slices of tomatoes, slices of mozarella, alternate both in your dish, add olive oil on the whole thing and add salt and pepper. Put in the fridge and take it out just before serving. Enjoy !

    Thank you for everything you do, you are very motivating and inspiring !

    • Hey there Anne!

      Thanks so much for such thoughtful comments back here. We are most definitely planning on visiting the Blue Lagoon (so beautiful, ahh!) and I will have to look for a black sand beach close to wherever we’re staying! Thanks so much for the tips.

      And yum to that recipe! I need to start cutting out some of the bread I’ve been eating! 😉 hah!

      Thank you again, have a great weekend!

  • Hi there! I have been to Iceland and it was the most beautiful place I have ever been. Truly, nothing compares. I was only in Reykavik, Golden CIrcle and South Coast, but I absolutely loved each spot. Can’t recommend it enough and am hoping to return again someday! These were some of the best spots I found in Reykavik:

    Haust Restaurant
    Stofan Cafe ehf
    Bryggjan brugghus
    Skuli Craft Bar
    Babalu ehf
    Svarta Kaffidm

    Definitely go to the Blue Lagoon. We also went to a less tourist spa which was really great, for more of a local vibe. Also, if you have the time and want to splurge on an AMAZING tour definitely book one with Moonwalker. Pricey, but SO worth it. I went on the South Coast tour – a must see!

    Have the best time there! Can’t wait to see all your pictures and feel reminisce!

    • Oh my gosh, this is SO helpful! I’ve heard that the food isn’t the best so this is great to have a list to go off of. We are so excited!

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