Ten Things for the Weekend

1. This week’s mantra: “The most loving thing we can do for someone is to accept them. The most unloving thing we can do is try to change them. When you try to change someone, you’re effectively saying that you know what is best for them. Your unsolicited “help” is a way of controlling and judging them. People may not show up the way you want them to, but when you accept them the way they are, you can let go, forgive and release… Accepting someone where they are is not only the kindest thing you can do for them, it’s also the kindest thing you can do for yourself.” – Gabrielle Bernstein

2. If you haven’t given it a listen, make sure to check out Arm Chair Expert with Dax Shepard. His episode with Kristen Bell made me laugh out loud.

3. Want to learn more about influencer marketing? This article was an interesting read.

4. I’ve been putting everything bagel seasoning on everything. How good do these look?

5. Owen’s vocabulary is exploding and I’m doing my best to keep up. I loved reading this article on Cup of Jo about audio books for kids. There were so many great suggestions in the comments. What are some of your little ones favorites?

6. This woman tucked her cell phone away for a week and committed to no social media. Read what she learned.

7. Loved this article on roughhousing benefits with your kids.

8. I went to a spring event for Old Navy last night and I’m loving all their new arrivals.

9. Our apartment is just about complete. We’re working on Owen’s room and just need one final piece to complete the space. Do you like this or a wall filled with these?

10. Fellow bloggers and Influencers – Fohr Card has just released a Drink with James Search Engine. SO helpful!

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  1. TravelJI
    March 12, 2018 / 3:52 am

    kudos to this amazing post dear.! The information is really helpful to plan a great weekend ahead. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hailey
      March 12, 2018 / 3:18 pm

      Of course! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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