Where to Eat in Spain

April 17, 2017

Almost a week ago Zack and I returned from the most incredible trip to Spain (just the two of us). We spent four nights in Madrid, two in Barcelona and had arguably some of the best meals of our lives. When we begin our travels as a family we will be sharing far more information on each location we’re staying in and how we’re making it work as a family, but in all honesty this was a vacation for two exhausted parents. We spent lots of time catching up on sleep, reconnecting, eating and drinking and watching videos of Owen when we couldn’t sleep at night. We didn’t make a single checklist before leaving NYC and I’m grateful for it. Considering all the changes we have happening over here, try to look at this as a short, personal email I’m sending you with the places we stumbled across or were recommended to us in both Madrid and Barcelona that we MUST share. Enjoy!


Casa Gonzalez – Wine, Jamon & Manchego!
Casa Alberto – Vermouth!
Bodega De La Ardosa – Artichokes!
Mercado San Miguel – Particularly Paella y Ole!


El Xampanet – Cava & well, everything!
Cal Pep – Tell them what you like and let them lead the way from there!
Federal – Breakfast!
La Boqueria – Juices, meats, cheeses, fresh fruit!

Striped Sweater from Margaret Oleary.

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  • Ok so this has totally inspired me (as well as your upcoming stay in Paris) to have a one on one trip with my husband. My daughter is 14 months and I have yet to spend a night away from her. I have a big birthday coming up and the hubs and I are contemplating a 4 day trip to Paris in early June. I’m not sure how I’ll do away from her for that long- if anything I’ll be more sad than she will be. I think this post may have given me the little nudge I needed to say yes to getting away to Paris. Also, can’t wait to see posts from Paris for recommendations! Xo

    • Awh, happy almost birthday Shana! You totally deserve some time away and honestly it was so nice for my husband and I to get away and reconnect after all this time. We had done one night here or there, but never a week. A week felt a little long, although I’m glad we did it, I think four days will be perfect! Our son did great while we were away and I do believe it’s harder on the parents. 🙂 Something a lot of people told me that really helped was (and this depends who’s going to watch your daughter) that because we were leaving him with the grandparents that not only are we getting the chance to go away, but the grandparents get a chance to bond and that’s so important to them. Looking back in my own childhood I always enjoyed weekends with my grandparents and getting spoiled rotten! Enjoy Paris!!

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