Five Ways to Support Women’s Rights and Healthcare

May 21, 2019

On Friday I shared a really informative article written by the girls at Cup of Jo about everything you need to know about Alabama’s abortion ban. If you still feel in the dark on what’s happening when it comes to women’s rights and healthcare in this country I highly recommend you give it a read. Below are five ways you can support women today.

1. Donate. The next Still We Rise auction is coming up. Learn more about how you can donate your services, products, time and platforms here. You can also donate directly to the YellowHammer Fund, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, The National Network of Abortion Funds and NARAL.

2. Speak out and fight back! NARAL is encouraging #StopTheBans gatherings and marches today (May 21st). Plan your action or find what’s already taking place in your neighborhood here.

3. Make a purchase. There are plenty of brands putting together admirable ways you can purchase the items you love while supporting women’s rights and healthcare. This candle is one simple way to start showing your support.

4. Volunteer. Planned parenthood is looking for help – from making calls in your living room to assisting with healthcare. Learn more here.

5. Share this information! Get an idea about what friends might need more resources, where you feel comfortable sharing online and do what you can to stop the bans!

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