Together We Mother: What My Mother Has Taught Me

May 18, 2017

As a mother, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Mother’s Day for yourself and fail to acknowledge the women in your life who have taught you the most about motherhood. This year I took some time to really reflect on both my own mother and mother in law and the positive influences they have been when it comes to motherhood. They have each taught, supported and rallied for me in ways I would have never anticipated when it comes to my own path, are truly the best grandmothers I could have ever dreamed up for Owen and when shit hit the fan with Zack and I a few years ago they both pushed for our relationship to survive. Since we are traveling and were unable to celebrate the holiday together, I thought I’d write a little something to express my gratitude (although words alone won’t do them justice).


Create a Beautiful, Easy Meal with These Paris Essentials

May 16, 2017

We arrived to Paris early in the morning on a Wednesday. The owner of our Airbnb was kind enough to meet us early, help us get settled, and even sent us an extra long list of local recommendations we might need during our stay. After a long nap we decided to venture out and pick up the essentials we would need for dinner that night. By accident, I think we started a tradition that we will carry on to each and every place we land because we loved it so much. In an effort to get to know our neighborhood, the local shops and practice the language a bit, we went to a handful of places to get what we needed. And by handful I mean pretty much one item a place. We found our local bakery, cheese shop, charcuterie meat shop, wine shop, produce market and a standard market for dry goods, milk for Owen and so on. We used to do this sort of thing in Brooklyn all the time, but for some reason in a new place it was just a whole other level of excitement. Over the course of the last week or two we’ve narrowed down our local essentials to a small list and thought we would share them with you. Keep in mind we are staying in the 18th arrondissement, we are a decent distance from the Eiffel Tour and all that jazz. It’s much more of a neighborhood feel and we are really enjoying it!


Here is the Truth About Travel: It’s More Affordable Than Living in NYC

May 15, 2017

We’ve received an overwhelming amount of questions from our friends, family, readers and followers about exactly how we’re able to travel the world. This post is intended to answer any of the questions we’ve received, provide the opportunity for you to ask additional questions and really shed light on exactly how we are making this all happen. Because, to be totally honest we are by no means filthy rich and believe that what we’re doing is something a good chunk of people can do with the right mindset.

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