Promising Myself to Drop these Selected “Mom Guilts”

June 12, 2017

I woke up tired, but grateful today. After a full five days of company we are working our way back into our nomadic routine. As much as we thoroughly enjoyed taking a bit of a break from everything with some familiar faces we’re genuinely excited to get back into the swing of things this morning. I always find this sort of thing encouraging when you’re trying something new in life – you know when you’re coming home from a vacation and it just feels good? That’s exactly how we’re feeling. All of which gives me butterflies to type out, because it feels like we’ve found home despite our lack there of.


Ten Things for the Second Weekend of June

June 9, 2017

I’ve always been a fan of Friday links posts and figured I would start them up. They’re such a great way to share what you’ve enjoyed each week and often times given the political climate, what you’re particularly disgusted or moved by. I promise these will mostly be light hearted, and really just a recap of the bits and pieces that influenced my week. Hope you enjoy!


Our Helpful Secrets to Booking an Airbnb with a Toddler

June 8, 2017

We’ve taken Owen with us on almost every vacation we’ve taken since he was born. He’s been to the west coast in the US, to Mexico, Costa Rica, France and now Germany. When we’ve traveled west we’ve always stayed with family, but on every other trip (which is clearly now part of our daily lives) we’ve stayed in an Airbnb or something like it, never hotels. There are many reasons for this, most of which I shared here, but ultimately it has been what works for our family no matter how short or long the stay is. I figured since we’re kinda, sorta becoming well rounded in this area I would share with you guys what we look for and our secrets when we’re booking an Airbnb. As always, I would love any tips you guys have too, because like anything in life, it’s a work in progress over here!


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