Mom and Dad Made a Podcast – Episode 13

April 5, 2017


The grandparents are manning the fort while we’re in Spain this week, but before we took off we all recorded our next episode of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast! Listen as we dig into current events in the parenting realm, chat with my parents about embarrassing moments in my childhood (and marriage) and really dive into how amazing it is to be a grandparent! Download, listen and subscribe on here.


How to Build an Easter Basket for Toddlers (with just five items!)

April 2, 2017


Growing up my favorite part of Easter was waking up in the morning, running into the kitchen and seeing what the Easter Bunny (a.k.a. my mom) had put in mine and my brother’s baskets. There was always a book, treats, eggs and some sort of Easter themed goodie or toy. This tradition was always fun and since Owen was born I’ve been excited to get it started in our household. Last year he was still a bit too young, but this year he seems to be interested in getting his hands on just about everything so we thought we’d give it a try. We didn’t go too crazy on his basket this year, but I had so much fun sharing it with him, giving him a taste of the Lindt Chocolate Bunny and letting him play with the rest of the goodies in his basket. Since he just hit the 18 month mark I thought I would share how I put his basket together with you guys. Today I’m partnering with The FeedFeed and Lindt Chocolate to give you some ideas on how to incorporate younger toddlers into the Easter basket tradition with just five items.


Together We Mother: Parenthood Changes Marriage

March 23, 2017


I remember when Zack and I got engaged the first time (if you have no idea what I’m talking about read more on our story here) and after doing so friends and family asked me if I was nervous. If I thought marriage would make things would be different. I naively stated that I didn’t see how things would change – we we’re already living together, spoiler alert – we had already been having sex for years, and it seemed like we knew each other better than we knew ourselves. Well, like any other married couple can tell you, things are different after you tie the knot and like any parents can tell you, things change even more after welcoming your bundle of joy. At least they did for us.


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