Alexapure Vs Berkey Water Filter

Berkey and Alexapure are some of the most popular brands in the water filtration industry.  They produce quality products that have become a favorite with households and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Water filters allow you, your buddies, and your family to enjoy safe drinking water regardless of the water source. They use different filtration processes to remove bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals, among other contaminants.

And this is what the Alexapure Pro and Big Berkey gravity water filters offer you.

In this article, we will compare their features, filter quality, filtration capacity, design, and other aspects. 

Alexapure vs Berkey

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Big Berkey

The Big Berkey is the best gravity water filter that offers exceptional water filtration. It is easy to assemble, use, and maintain and remove up to 99.99% of common water contaminants.

Alexapure and Berkey at a Glance

Berkey is one of the pioneer companies in the production of household water filtration products. 

Founded in the late 1990s, it started with the Big Berkey model and has since offered its customers other modern Berkey filters.

Fast forward to 2021, it has opened numerous warehouses across the country serving more customers.

On the other hand, Alexapure is a company known for producing Alexapure filters and air purifiers.  They are popular in most households and continues to draw a larger customer base.

Thanks to the quality of products these companies produce, most house owners, campers, and emergency groups prefer them to their competitors.

Also, their reasonable pricing, longevity, stainless steel construction, and add-ons tend to attract more customers.

Alexapure Vs Berkey Water Filter

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
WinneerBerkey Big BerkeyFilter Quality: 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, microplastics, volatile organic organisms
Filter lifespan:
6,000 gallons (23,000 liters)
Annual Replacement Cost:
Flow Rate:
3.5 GPH (gallons per hour)
Customer Review:
Number of Reviews:
Special features:
fluoride filters
Alexapure Alexpure ProFilter Quality: removes 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, radioactivity.
Filter lifespan:
5,000 gallons (20,000 liters)
Annual Replacement Cost:
Flow Rate:
7 GPH (gallons per hour)
Customer Review:
Number of Reviews:
1 Year
Special features:

Filter Quality

Both the Berkey and Alexapure filters use the gravity filter process, that is, the water flows to the water reservoir with the help of gravity.

 As such they do not require any source of power such as electricity or batteries.

 Furthermore, this feature alone makes them ideal for camping, disaster preparedness, and other outdoor activities.

Big Berkey:  it comes with two integrated filter elements that significantly bolster its filtration results. 

The filter has in fact been certified to remove more than 200 contaminants. As expected, it removes commonly found contaminants that include 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, harmful chemicals, and 99.8% of trihalomethanes. 

It also removes heavy metals such as lead, zinc, copper, and others.

It also does a stellar job in the removal of inorganic minerals such as chlorine. 

The size of its micropores in each filter element is less than 2nm making it an ideal filter to remove pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. 

Overall, this filter can be used even in heavily contaminated water sources unlike most of its competitors. 

Alexapure: it can remove more than 200 water impurities. It reduces lead, fluoride, chlorine, viruses, bacteria, pesticides by up to 99.999%. 

The best part, it can remove contaminants such as hormones and radioactivity which is not common with most water filters. 

And to improve filtration capacity and water flow, it has three certified filters that are easy to install and remove. 

Water filtration process

The water filtration system in Berkey and Alexapure water filters are identical.

The water passes through a cotton layer that makes the water gain a positive charge. This ensures that the negatively charged bacteria and colloidal are removed.

In the next stage, the water passes through a layer of activated carbon and polyethylene. Here, microorganisms and plastics are removed. 

Also, compounds such as chlorine, lead, and pesticides undergo changes making it easy to remove them. 

As we can see, both brands provide above-average results. For example, they can remove more than 200 contaminants. 

That said, Alexapure wins since it can also remove radioactivity and it comes with three filters for improved water flow. 

An Alexapure Pro Stainless Steel Water Filtration System beside a glass on the countertop

Designs and Models

Well, the design of these countertop water filters has a striking resemblance since both have a stainless steel exterior.

This makes it easier to clean them and also protects them from corrosion and other weather elements. 

Besides, since they are intended for outdoors, the stainless steel material protects the inner components from damage, shock, and impacts.

Their aesthetic aspect is however average since there is no appealing color combination in either. However, like other Berkey filters, the Big Berkey filter appears to be shinier. 

They also weigh 3.1 kg when empty and 12 kg when full. This means you can carry them around whether full or empty. 

When it comes to cleaning and replacing the filter elements, all you need to do is remove them carefully from their chambers and scrab the filter cartridge with a rough material. Avoid using soap.

Both come with a tap at the bottom so you can easily fill your glass or bottle with water. This also eliminates instances of having to lift them every time you want to enjoy clean drinking water.

And the spigots in both are made of BPA-free plastic meaning that you are at zero risks of exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.

To ensure the filters sit well on a surface, they come with a non-slip rubber base ring. This ensures that in case of impact, they will not fall spilling all the filtered water. 

Both water filters come in a compact and minimalistic design so you can easily store them in tight spaces when traveling. They also don’t take up much space in the kitchen. 

Both brands offer you, different models. 

For example, Berkey has Travel Berkey (1.5 Gal), Imperial Berkey (4.5 Gal), Royal Berkey (3.25 Gal), Berkey Light (2.75 Gal), and Crown Berkey (6 Gal).

On the other hand, Alexapure produces Alexapure Go Water Filtration Bottle, Survival Spring Personal Water Filter, and Alexapure Home Under Counter Water Filtration System.

In this Alexapure vs Berkey water filter comparison, we can see that both water filters come in almost similar stainless steel designs. 

We can therefore conclude that it is a tie between the two. 

Flow rate/capacity

The flow rate in the Alexapure filter is faster compared to the Berkey water filter. This is because the former comes with three filter elements while the latter has only two.

The capped purification speed of the Alexapure Pro filter is 7 GPH (gallons per hour) while the Big Berkey water filter can only manage 3.5 GPH. 

Both models have a filtered water capacity of 2.25 gallons or 8.5 liters. This makes them ideal options for small to medium-sized families. 

The contamination levels of a water source also affect the water flow speed. Therefore, if your tap water is heavily contaminated, you might experience a slower flow rate.

And should the rate gradually decrease, consider cleaning the filters or replacing them if they are past their lifespan. 

From this comparison, the Alexapure water filter takes the lead thanks to its 7 GPH flow rate. 


Both countertop water filters are certified by relevant bodies and also meet international certification requirements such as ISO. 

That said, the Big Berkey water filtration system has undergone tests from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state laboratories to ensure that it removes contaminants it claims to.

This has seen it become NSF and ANSI certified. In fact, the company claims that it exceeds these standards. 

On the other hand, the Alexapure Pro filter has also met ANSI and NSF certification requirements. the filter has been tested by leading and certified laboratories such as Envirotek. 

Furthermore, it uses FDA and NSF-approved materials such as BPA-free plastic and stainless steel exterior. 

So, which brand wins? Alexapure.

While Berkey water filter claims to be NSF certified, it does not make public its claims, unlike Alexapure. 

As such, it is difficult to conclude how genuine their claims are. 

Filter Lifespan & Annual Maintenance Cost

Well, the filter life in the Alexapure and Big Berkey water filters has a subtle difference. 

The Alexapure comes with a lifespan of 5,000 gallons or approximately 20,000 liters. This is enough to last you for more than 5 years. Particularly in areas where water contamination is low.

For the Big Berkey, you are presented with a lifespan of 6,000 gallons or 23,000 liters. As such, the Berkey offers better results compared to the Alexapure. 

So, what’s the annual maintenance cost? 

The Big Berkey has several optional add-ons you can purchase. If you choose to buy the extra filters, you’ll shell out $47.00 for two or $104.00 for four. 

Keep in mind that each pair has a lifespan of 100 gallons. 

Besides, you can buy a travel spigot for $42.75, a stainless steel stand for $35.15, and a more robust spigot for $21.85. As you can see, these are add-ons that you can do without so they don’t count in the annual maintenance costs.

As such, the Big Berkey water filter takes the lead since it has a longer filter lifespan. 


We all want products that come with comprehensive warranties. And this is what both countertop water filters give you. 

The Big Berkey comes with a lifetime warranty which applies to most Berkey water filters. However, you should note that the warranty only covers defects in workmanship or material on the water filter system. It does not cover damage due to unintended use, carelessness, or accidents. 

On the other hand, Alexapure has a 30-day money-back guarantee for unopened products.  So, if you purchase one and realize you don’t need it, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. Besides, they have a one-year warranty that covers material and manufacture defects. 

In both, you’ll have to present proof of purchase. 

Stand out features 

As we have seen, the Alexapure and Berkey filters come with their set of unique features, let’s look at them.

  • Fluoride filters: the Berkey comes allows you to buy additional filters that can remove up to 97% of fluoride. Fluoride is known to alter the bone structure of a person.
  • Travel spigot: if you want to fill numerous bottles with ease, you can use the optional travel spigot that comes with the Berkey model. It allows you to extended the outlet tap.
  • Stand: when camping, you may not have a table to place a filter. This is where the stand that is ideal for countertop water filtration comes in. it elevates the tank by 6 inches allowing for hassle-free filling of water in bottles. 

Which Water Filter Is Better? Alexapure Vs Berkey?

Let’s, face it, the Big Berkey and Alexapure gravity filters are high-capacity filters. They offer just the right filtration results. 

But each is well-suited for certain situations. Let’s look at them

Use Alexapure Pro if:
+ You want a water filter with a shorter lifespan.
+ You want one with three integrated filters.
+ You want a fast flow rate.
+ You want an easy-to-carry and store filter.
+ You want a stainless steel model.
Use Berkey if:
+ You want a model with a slower flow rate.
+ You want a model with add-ons for a better water filtration system.
+ You want a model with a lifetime warranty.
+ You want a high-capacity water filter.
+ You don’t want to buy water filter replacements often.
+ You want a model that is easy to maintain.
+ You want a model that is certified and uses certified parts.

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