AquaTru vs Berkey Water Filter

Water filters have become a staple in most households. This is because they help not only purify drinking water but improve its taste.

It is for this reason that the demand for quality water filters is growing year on year.

While there are hundreds if not thousands of brands in the market, few fit the bill. Among the few are AquaTru and Berkey water filters.

In this article, we will compare their lifespans, maintenance, features, and more.

Aquatru vs Berkey

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Aquatru System

AquaTru is a sought-after reverse osmosis countertop water filter. It comes with waste and filtered water tanks. It is also equipped with a four-stage filtration process for optimal contaminants removal.

Aquatru and Berkey Water Filter at a Glance

AquaTru is a company based in the US, focuses on its countertop reverse osmosis water filter. They primarily sell the filter and its accessories to its USA and Canadian customers.

However, if you are in Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, or the Netherlands, you can visit their distributors.

Founded in the late 1990s, Berkey is one of the oldest manufacturers of water filters. To date, Big Berkey continues to be one of its best-selling gravity filters.

It comes with different models such as Travel, Royal, Imperial, Crown, and Berkey Light water filters.

Customers prefer these countertop water filters thanks to their high standards of production. The filters are not only of high quality but also pass some of the most stringent safety tests.

And as expected, their prices are reasonable in most family settings.

AquaTru Vs Berkey Water Filter Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
WinnerAquaTru water filter AquaTru water filterFilter Quality: removes 99.99% of heavy metals, chlorine, organic materials, fluoride, copper, chromium.
Filter lifespan:
pre-carbon filter 6 months, R.O filter 2 years, carbon filter 1 year
Annual Replacement Cost:
Capacity /Flow Rate:
one gallon per 10 minutes
Customer Review:
Number of Reviews:
one year
Special features:
removable filtered water tank, LED display, R.O filter
Berkey BerkeyFilter Quality: removes 99.99% of lead, heavy metals, organic organisms, viruses, bacteria, microplastics
Filter lifespan: 6,000 gallons of water
Annual Replacement Cost: nil or upwards of $47.00
Capacity/Flow Rate: 3.5 gallons per hour
Customer Review: 4.5
Number of Reviews: 1,498
Warranty: lifetime
Special features: fluoride filters

Filter Quality

The AquaTru water filter uses the reverse osmosis filtration method while the Berkey water filter utilizes gravity to filter water.

AquaTru: the reverse osmosis filtration system of the AquaTru filter utilizes a four-stage filtration process.

The pre-filter is the first process where large sediments such s rocks and clay are removed. It also removes rust which can hamper the effectiveness of the filter membranes.In addition, cloudiness in the contaminated water is removed in this stage.

In the second stage, the activated carbon filter removes chlorine that affects the effectiveness of the RO membrane

While chlorine plays a crucial role in delivering safe drinking water, high doses can be fatal. Besides, it alters the taste and smell of the water.

After this, the reverse osmosis filter (R.O), which is the crucial component of the AquaTru water filter, removes harmful chemicals. This USA-made filter can remove contaminants such as iron, fluoride, lead, copper, chromium, and more.

In the final stage, the activated carbon filter removes contaminants such a drug residue, organic waste, PFAs, and the remaining contaminants.

Overall, this filter can remove 99.99% of all the above contaminants.

Big Berkey filter: it uses gravity to filter the contaminated water.

But do not be fooled, it too offers excellent results as we saw in the Berkey water filter.

It is equipped with two Black Berkey filters, significantly improving the filtration process of the device. Also, you can buy 2 separate fluoride filters to remove fluoride in your water.

These integrated Black Berkey filters have been certified to remove more than 200 harmful contaminants includes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, Chloramine, and pharmaceuticals.

In this section, the AquaTru water filter wins since it has a more elaborate filtration system compared to the Berkey filter.

Designs and Models

The design in the AquaTru and Berkey filters is exquisite.

AquaTru: it is more complicated compared to Berkey since it comes with digitally controlled components. Besides, you’ll need to connect it to a 120V AC power input, unlike Berkey that requires no electricity.

That said, the AquaTru filter features a compact design allowing you to store it on your kitchen top or in small spaces.

It comes with two transparent tanks – waste and purified water tanks. The wastewater tank is easy to remove.

Likewise, the filtered water tank just requires you to press the dispensing button to remove it. As such, you can store the filtered water in your refrigerator. With the integrated digital display, you can easily tell when you need to replace the filters.

The reverse osmosis filters are easy to remove once they expire. Just unplug them from their position and replace them with new ones.

The filter is lightweight, portable, and has an ergonomic handle that allows you to carry it around with ease.

Berkey filter: Well, this filter is not as feature-rich as the AquaTru.

In its basic design, it consists of the top chamber, base, lid, filters, and a spigot.

This means that installation and maintenance are easy. Unlike the AquaTru that comes in a BPA-free plastic construction, it is made of sturdy stainless steel. It is therefore resistant to drops, dings, and impacts that would otherwise make the AquaTru break.

However, it does not have an ergonomic handle, making carrying it around a hassle.

The downside, you cannot see the volume of water in the base tank. That said, its design and construction make it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping and backyard parties.

Its aesthetic aspect is not appealing, which is a common feature with most gravity water filters.

As you can see, AquaTru wins since its design is appealing to the eye and offers more convenience.

Erin Brockovich endorsing AquaTru water filter

Flow rate/capacity

The flow rate in the AquaTru is slow, keeping in mind that the tank can hold 1 gallon of water. It will take the filter 10 minutes to fill the purified water tank.

Like other reverse osmosis filtration systems, the AquaTru comes with waste water that the system couldn’t filter. It claims to wastes 25% of the total water.

The Berkey filter, on the other hand filters up to 3.5 gallons per hour.

This is a reasonable flow rate in most family and outdoor settings.

It can hold up to 2.25 gallons of water, making it an ideal option for small to medium-sized families.

From this AquaTru vs Berkey comparison, we can see that the Berkey filter takes the lead thanks to its faster flow rate and higher storage capacity.


Both filters are certified by relevant bodies such as the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). This is to ensure that they can remove common contaminants.

The Black Berkey filters also meet the NSF and ANSI certification standards. This means they have passed some of the most stringent requirements in water treatment.

Also, the filter consists of BPA-free plastic that makes the spigot and the filter encasing.

Likewise, the AquaTru is NSF certified. Besides, its patented Reverse Osmosis Technology is IAPMO-certified. As such, the filter is equipped with a technology that meets industry-standard professionalism.

In this comparison, we can conclude that AquaTru wins since its patented technology meets global standards. 

Filter Lifespan & Annual Maintenance Cost

The lifespan and maintenance cost is arguably one of the most important aspects you need to consider before settling either.

The Black Berkey filters have a lifespan of 6,000 gallons since each has a filter life of 3,000 gallons, while the optional fluoride filter has 1000 gallons of water lifespan.

The annual maintenance cost of the Berkey is around $80.00.

The AquaTru on the other hand is quite expensive to maintain since you’ll need replacement filters every 6 months.

Besides, the filter life in each is different. 

  • Pre-carbon filter: 600 gallons or 1 year
  • R.O membrane filter: 1200 gallons or 2 years
  • Post carbon filter: 600 gallons 1 year

Two packs of the pre-carbon filter will cost you $39.9 while the R.O filter will cost you $49.95.

Since you’ll need one carbon filter per year, you’ll shell out $29.95.

The total cost is $119.8 for all replacement filters.

In this AquaTru vs Berkey section, the Berkey filter wins. There’s minimal maintenance cost if any, and the lifespan is longer.

Baby boy holding a glass of water filtered using Aquatru


For peace of mind, the two brands offer you different warranties.

The Berkey comes with a lifetime warranty. This means you can claim a replacement should you experience defects years after purchase. While generous with their warranty, it does not cater to accidents and mishandling of the filter.

The AquaTru company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee should you find the device wanting. If you continue using the filter, you’ll enjoy a one-year warranty that again covers workmanship and material defects.

Berkey takes the lead since it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Stand out features

Both AquaTru and Berkey filters boast unique features. Let’s have a look.

  • LED display: the AquaTru water filter comes with an LED display alerting you when the filters need replacement.
  • Wastewater tank: AquaTru is equipped with a wastewater tank to store 25% of the filtered water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter: AquaTru comes with one of the most efficient R.O filters. It removes chemicals, harmful metals, and other contaminants.
  • Detachable water tank: AquaTru allows you to remove the water tank and store it in your desired location.
  • Fluoride filters: the Berkey filter allows you to buy fluoride filters for improved removal of fluoride.
  • Spigot: Berkey has a spigot through which you can easily pour water in a water bottle. This eliminates instances where you have to lift the water filter.

Which Product Is Better? Aquatru or Berkey?

We can conclude that AquaTru and Berkey filters are ideal for basic home use. However, thanks to their unique features, each is well-suited for specific scenarios.

Use AquaTru if
+ You want a filter that has a more rigorous filtration process.
+ You want reverse osmosis filtration.
+ You want one that comes preinstalled.
+ You want a water filter that allows you to store water in your fridge.
+ You can afford expensive filters.
+ You are a small family or group.
Use Berkey if
+ You want a water filter for outdoor activities.
+ You don’t want to use electricity.
+ You don’t want to buy replacement filters.
+ You want one with a faster flow rate.
+ You want a robust filter that does not break easily.

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