Berkey vs. Propur – Which One is Better?

When it comes to drinking water, no one ever thinks to drink contaminated water consciously. The water filter industry is the most wanted of all industries that ensure a healthy lifestyle for humans of any age. 

With so many products available and the best filters available in the market, you may confuse yourself by looking after them. Among them, the hot and demanding comparison is always between Berkey and Propur water filters. 

You may also wonder, Berkey vs. Propur, which is better? If yes, then this guide is for you. 

Big berkey and Propur water filters compared in a frame

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Our Top Pick


Big Berkey

Big Berkey comes with a stainless steel housing and 2 Black Berkey Filter elements. It can generate 2.25 gallons of purified water that is enough for 4 to 16 people. The lifespan of 3000 gallons for each filter makes Big Berkey a star among different high-end filters.


Who Are Berkey and Propur?

Berkey and Propur are well-known water filtration brands, and they are the top-ranked filters among the gravity water filters. Both of them have many identical features and functions, yet several features in one brand make it stand out from the competition. 

Big Berkey belongs to the Berkey brand that comes with 2 Black Berkey Elements and  Fluoride additional filter that helps remove fluoride. Big Berkey is made from stainless steel, holding about 8.5 liters of water, and it gives you ease in your water filtration process. 

In contrast, ProOne Big+ Gravity Water Filter is manufactured by Propur, which is now rebranded to ProOne. It has so many great features and advantages as it works by employing reverse osmosis. The features it has, make it a good choice for your water filtration needs.

Propur vs. Berkey Comparison 

In order to decide which one of these systems is the winner, we need to compare their features and attributes. In the guide below, not only have we reviewed Propur filters, but we also have a detailed Berkey filter review for you.

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickBig Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water FilterFilter Quality: It can remove 99% of Pollutants, including chlorine, bacteria, pesticides, inorganic and organic substances, etc.
Filter Lifespan: 6000 gallons for approximately 36 months or three years
Annual Replacement Cost: $240

Flow Rate : 3.5 gallons per hour
Certification : NFS certified for standard 53
Warranty: 2 years for the filter and 1 year for the system
Special Features: 2 Black Berkey Elements and 2 Fluoride Filters
ProOne Big+ Gravity Water Filter ProOne Big+ Gravity Water FilterFilter Quality: It can eliminate up to 95% of viruses, bacterias, chlorine, and fluoride.
Filter Lifespan: Variable and dependent on the size of the filter
Annual Replacement Cost: Cost depends on the individual filter elements and may cost around $200 on average

Flow Rate: It takes 6-7 hours for 3 gallons of water
Certification: Not Certified but tested independently
Warranty: 1 year for the filter and 2 for the system
Special Features: 304 stainless steel spigot

1. Gravity Water Filters

The comparison of these two renowned brands of tap water filtration is incomplete without introducing gravity water filtration systems. Both of them work on the same principle. 

Gravity water filters are those filters that are aided by gravity in their work. The principle is simple yet effective. The filter is made of two chambers where one is stacked upon the other, and between them is fitted with a filter. It uses the gravity pull, and the water is pulled down from the top chamber to the lower chamber, passing from a filter. 

The gravity filters comprise small holes where the water passes through, blocking the sediments and pollutants, making it clean and suitable water to drink.

There are so many best gravity water filters; Berkey and Propur filters are among them. Here is a detailed comparison of their features and their perks. 

2. What Contaminants Do They Remove?

When it comes to filtration demonstration, we need to understand the filter’s effectiveness in removing contaminants from water. What are those contaminants that they remove? So, here we go:

With a wide range of contaminants and pollutants found in natural water, both Berkey and Propur water filters come in handy in their removal. 


Big Berkey removes viruses up to a great extent. It is also effective in the removal of pathogenic bacteria and surrogates about 100%. These pathogenic bacteria include Raoultella Terrigena, Bacillus Atrophaeus, Salmonella Enterica, etc. 

Berkey gravity filters are effective against the removal of inorganic minerals and heavy metals to a greater extent. These inorganic minerals are chloramines and free chlorine. 

Berkey filters will not disappoint you in the removal of pesticides and volatile organic compounds such as tetrachloroethane, alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, benzenes, chloroform, dicamba, disulfoton, halo acidic acid (HAA5), and a long list of organic compounds that are not suitable for your body. 

Apart from that, you will have a reduced quantity or number of other harmful substances in your drinking water. They are Arsenic, E. Coli bacteria, Halogens, mineral spirits, rust, sediments, etc. 


Propur water filter is also quite effective in removing various types of contaminants and dirt from your drinking water, proving to be a great water filter out there in the market. Propur filter elements are more effective in fluoride removal.

Propur removes dirt and heavy metals from your drinking water, ranging from inorganic minerals, heavy metal ions, organic compounds to pesticides, viruses, and bacteria. It is equally effective and powerful when it comes to the removal of these pollutants. 

Big berkey countertop water filter that shows 2 fluoride filters and the filtered elements

3. Design & Models

There are so many models and designs of these two water filters. They are:


  • Big Berkey Filter with a 2.25-gallon system
  • The Travel Berkey with a 1.5-gallon system
  • The Royal Berkey with a 3.25-gallon system
  • The Imperial Berkey with 4.5 gallons of water filtration
  • The Crown Berkey with 6 gallons
  • The Berkey Light with a 2.75-gallon system


Among the gravity filters, the Propur also has so many models, but out of them, the effective models are listed below:

  • The Propur Big with 2.75-gallon water filtration system
  • The Propur Traveler with 1.75 gallons of water filtration
  • The Propur Scout 2 with half gallon water

4. The Flow Rate or Capacity 

The Berkey filters have the Capacity to filter out an astounding number of 200 contaminants from water at an incredible pace. It filters out 3.5 gallons of water in an hour. 

The speed depends on the water level in the filter, and it means that the lower water level in the filter reduces the flow rate. To maintain it, you need to regulate the water level and keep it to the top.  

Both Propur and Berkey have the exact match in flow rate. As compared to Berkey, there is a slight delay in the filtration process of Propur, and its flow rate is a bit less than Berkey. It filters 3 gallons of water to make it clean in around 6 to 7 hours. 

Here, we can conclude that the Big Berkey water filter is the winner for the filtration flow rate. 

5. Certification 

These water filters are renowned brands in this aspect. Thus, they hold certifications that enhance their credibility. 

The Berkey water filter is NSF certified for standard 53. It is the certification that ensures that the product meets all the standards set to ensure public health. It also certifies that the POU system removes the harmful pollutants in water, making it suitable for drinking. 

Like the Berkey water filter, Propur is not NSF verified for standard 53. However, it is tested independently and has been proven effective in removing harmful contaminants from the water. But it is not considered credible and more authentic for water treatment. 

6. Filter Lifespan and Annual Maintenance Cost

The lifespan of a filter matters a lot because it tells you of its durability. No one wants to spend an enormous amount of money more often. Therefore, you may be mindful of finding out which one is more durable and costs fewer bucks on its maintenance. 


Buying a pack of 2 black Berkey Elements that you can fit to make a countertop gravity water filter system, you can relax your mind by thinking that it can last for filtering water up to approximately 6000 gallons before you can consider its replacement. 

Here, you can’t figure out the exact time frame for the replacement of filter elements because it solely depends on your water filter usage, and it means how much water you filter every day. 

We may say that the more you use it to filter water, the quicker you will need to replace it, and it will cost you money for its maintenance. 

If you consider replacing the element of your Berkey water filters, it may cost you a huge buck of about $120 for a pack of 2 elements. On average, it lasts up to 3 years or 36 months. 


Propur ProOne water filter is different in terms of maintenance and lifespan. You will need to buy them individually, and they come in different sizes with variable lifespans. 

The Propur filter system has three different sizes ranging from most petite (5 inches), medium (7 inches), and large filters (9 inches). The smallest filter costs around $70, the medium $75, and the 9-inch large filter comes with a price of nearly about $80. 

You can understand the simple fact that the larger the filter size is, the longer it will last. The average lifespan of these filters varies from small to large. The 7 inch lasts for six months with daily usage, and the 7 inch takes ten months to be replaced, while the larger 9-inch filter lasts up to a year. 

7. Warranty 

The warranty of a product determines its durability and quality, and it is the warranty that turns someone into a buyer of the product. A warranty ensures that your money will be worth the value. 

Both of them are best in terms of product warranty. Berkey filter offers you a warranty of 2 years for their filter and one year for their filter system, while Propur covers its filter for one year and the system for two years. 

This period is a reasonable time to consider because a filter is best if it lasts for a year. You must be mindful that you should not use soft water in your filter because it reduces the durability of your gravity water filter and shortens its lifespan. 

Man holding a glass to dispense water from Big Berkey countertop water filter system

Stand Out Features

In Berkey vs Propur, Berkey wins because Berkey filters stand out from the rest of the water filters. Here’s why:

  • Certification: Berkey has been certified for standard 53 by NSF. It enhances credibility and ensures the standard for the effective removal of pollutants and gives purified water. 
  • Flow Rate: Comparing Berkey with the Propur system, flow rate needs to be considered for getting clean water quicker. It has a higher flow rate of 3.5 gallons per hour. 

Which is Better? Berkey vs. Propur

Use Propur Filters if
+ You want it to be more durable because it has a stainless steel spigot.
+ You want fluoride and arsenic filters. 
Use Berkey Filters if
+ You want a quick filtration because the Berkey filter has a high flow rate.
+ You don’t want to spend more on maintenance. 

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