9 Best Alkaline Water Pitcher For 2021

Over 60% of our body is covered with water, as shown in the report from USGS. Most of the food consumed in our body are acidic.

Hence, many experts talk about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water which helps to neutralize the pH of our system.

However, alkaline machines are often projected as a luxury product.

Not Anymore!

Today, we will show you how to spend less than $100 while still gets the alkaline water that you need from the top 9 best alkaline water pitcher in town.

To many, alkaline water is considered a luxurious item because of the huge price tag of the systems that generate it.

Big brands such as Kangen, Enagic that produced water ionizers put an expensive price tag ranging from $3000 to $6000. A huge portion of it goes to the commission of the dealer.

The product that we recommend below will not blow a hole in your wallet. In fact, they are affordable and effective.

DISCLOSURE: We may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

Our Top Pick


pH Restore

The pH Restore alkaline pitcher combines the power of filters – PH001 and PH002. At a filter replacement cost of $100/year, it is one of the most affordable and efficient alkaline pitchers on the market.

How To Pick An Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

It is not hard to identify one of the best alkaline water pitchers in the market. You just need to analyze the following 7 criteria below:

  1. pH Improvement
    You would want to get rid of those systems which provide low pH remineralization (8-8.5). As the filter runs longer, the pH level will deteriorate. Be sure to get an alkaline water filter pitcher which can produce a higher pH level.
  2. Pitcher Quality
    Beware of the poor quality pitcher which will leak and break. A great pitcher should be built with BPA free material and consists of ISO quality certification.
  3. Replacement Cost & Frequency
    Some products have low investment costs but unaffordable maintenance costs due to the low quality of the cartridge. Calculate the replacement cost before you buy the system.
  4. Remove Other Contaminants
    The systems should not just add in alkaline remineralization. It should be removing major contaminants such as chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals as well.
  5. Size and Capacity
    Depending on the size of your household, select the appropriate alkaline water pitcher to serve your family. Some alkaline water pitchers are great but the capacity is low which only suitable for single occupants.
  6. Well Established Brand
    It is important to look for a well-established brand to make sure that you won’t have trouble searching for filter replacement after 1 year of usage. Google the company and search for their website.
  7. Customer Reviews 
    Customer ratings are often the strongest signals whether an alkaline water filter pitcher is great or junk. Spend some time reading the reviews of the water filter jug to determine the quality.

With the use of 7 criteria, you will not pick the wrong alkaline water filter pitcher for your home.

Best Alkaline Water Pitchers Review

  1. pH Restore – Best Alkaline Water Pitcher
  2. EHM Ultra Premium – Popular Alkaline Water Pitcher
  3. Seychelle pH2O – Budget Alkaline Water Pitcher
  4. Santevia Pitcher – High pH Water Pitcher
  5. Hskyhan Pitcher – Trusted Alkaline Water Pitcher
  6. Dafi Pitcher – Modern Alkaline Water Pitcher​
  7. Lake Industries – High Capacity Alkaline Water Pitcher
  8. Dragonn Pitcher – Fast Flow Rate Alkaline Water Pitcher​
  9. Naples Pitcher – Stylish Alkaline Water Pitcher​

pH Restore – Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

Invigorated Water specialized in producing alkaline water filters at an affordable price. They have various products such as water pitchers, faucet filters, shower filters, and bottle filters.

pH Restore alkaline water pitcher is one of the best-selling products by Invigorated Water. Why is this water pitcher rated one of the best alkaline water pitchers?

Unique Filtration Cartridge: The pH Restore alkaline water pitcher cartridge comes with the usual pitcher cartridge, PH001, and an Ultrafiltration Membrane PH002 which is attached to PH001.

PH001 Cartridge: The PH001 filter cartridge comprises 2 micro-net stages, 2 filtration stages, and 1 stage of remineralization filter.

  • Stage 1 – Micro-Net Stages: Prevent huge and dangerous particles to get into the later stage of the filtration system. It allows beneficial minerals such as calcium to pass through.
  • Stage 2 – KDF Purifies Technology & Activated Carbon: It is a filtration media which reduce heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic that is dissolved in the water.
    In addition, it removes pollutants such as taste and odor from chlorine which contribute to the weird smell of the source water.
  • Stage 3 – Ceramic Ball & Stone Blend: The remineralization filter consists of 10 types of materials which mainly contribute to the increase of pH from the source water as well as the negative ORP.
    It includes beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and selenium to the drinking water. This media also prevents the growth of bacteria in the drinking water.

PH002 Ultrafiltration Cartridge: It is made up of a 0.01-micron membrane which enhanced the filtration quality by removing extra fine particles such as sand, dust, and rust from the drinking water.

It is an optional filter that fits perfectly on the PH001.

Longest Filter Lifespan: PH001 filter has the longest lifespan of all. It can generate up to 96 Gallons or 360 liters of ionized water within one cartridge while most of them only lasted for 80 gallons.

Annual Cost for PH001: $100/year for 6 cartridges

On the other hand, the PH002 filter has a longer lifespan of producing 264 gallons or 1000 liters of ionized water. The longer lifespan is due to it is the last stage of the filtration process which didn’t expose to contaminated water.

Annual Cost for PH002: $50/year for 2 cartridges

Customer Rating: The pH Restore alkaline water pitcher has a whopping 1600 reviews from its existing customers. The average rating is 4.3 which is one of the highest ratings among all water pitchers available in the market.

Verdict: The pH Restore alkaline water pitcher is designed perfectly for users with the capability of filtering up to 0.01 micron of contaminants while providing ionized water.

+ Extra fine filter of 0.01 micron.
+ Longest lifespan of 96 gallons per single filter cartridge.
+ Digital timer to remind the user of filter replacement schedule.
+ BPA free material.
+ Certified by SGS, a world leading inspection and testing company.
Doesn’t have any certification from WQA or NSF.
The product is not made in the US.

Check out the pH Restore alkaline water pitcher review to learn more.

EHM Ultra Premium – Popular Alkaline Water Pitcher

The EHM ULTRA premium is one of the best alkaline water pitchers at an affordable price. It has some of the great features below which made it at number 2.

Excellent Filtration Cartridge: This water pitcher uses the Sureflow cartridge that was developed by EHM. It has a faster flow rate compared to its predecessors.

It was advertised as a 7 stage filtration cartridge, which uses 2 main filtration media and a remineralization media. 

  • Stage 1 – Nano-metal clusters media:  Remove heavy metals, ions, eliminate micro-organism growth, reduce organic pollutants and remove chlorine.
  • Stage 2 – Activated carbon core:  Remove bad taste and odors from the source water.
  • Stage 3 – Tourmaline ceramic filter: Remineralize the filtered water with negative ions as well as increasing the pH of the drinking water with beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and anti-oxidant.

Lifespan And Cost: EHM claims that their cartridge is able to last for 80 gallons or 300 liters of ionized water. This translates to approximately 2 months per cartridge with an average usage of 40 gallons.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $60 / Year for 6 Cartridges

It is still considered affordable looking at the capability of this water pitcher.

Customer Rating: With a review rating of 4.2 on Amazon, the EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline water pitcher was backed by 400 reviews as I write this article. Most of the customers love the taste of the filtered water and were amazed by its capability.

You can rest assured that you are getting a great quality alkaline pitcher without breaking the bank.

Verdict: Although there are some drawbacks of the filtration system, it doesn’t affect the quality of filtered water. Most customers give a thumbs up on this water pitcher.

+ Longer lifespan of the filter cartridge.
+ One of the affordable replacement cost for alkaline water pitcher.
+ Quality finishing, water taste excellent with the remineralization.
+ BPA free material.
Doesn’t have any certification from WQA or NSF.
The product is not made in the US.
Doesn’t have the time indicator for filter replacement.

Check out our EHM water pitcher review now to learn more.

Seychelle pH2O – Budget Alkaline Water Pitcher

Seychelle is one of the well-known brands for water treatment products. Just how good is the Seychelle pH2O alkaline water filter pitcher? Let’s find out. 

4 Separate Functionality Filters: The cartridge has 4 different functionality to tackle contaminants as well as remineralization stages. 

  • Stage 1 – Aesthetic contaminants: Removed odor and taste from traces of chlorine. 
  • Stage 2 – Chemical contaminants: Remove toxic chemicals such as trihalomethanes, detergents, pesticides and benzene
  • Stage 3 – Inorganic contaminants: Remove harmful inorganic elements such as asbestos, arsenic, fluoride, nitrites, lead and mercury
  • Stage 4 – Increase the pH: Remineralized the drinking water by increasing the pH up 9.5.

Lifespan And Replacement Cost: Each cartridge is able to last up to 200 gallons of filtered water, which translates to up to 6 months of usage for 2 people.

The pH2O is proudly made in the US and has been tested in over 51 independent laboratories. 

Annual Replacement Cost: $60/Year for 2 cartridges. 

Customer Review: The rating for the Seychelle pH2O water pitcher is 4.2 which is relatively higher than other systems out in the market. There isn’t any quality-related issue while it is just personal preference that draws the score lower.

Verdict: It is one of the best alkaline water pitchers to own given that it removes quite a number of contaminants and remineralized the filtered water. 

+ Longer lifespan of the filter cartridge.
+ Affordable on-going cost alkaline water pitchers.
+ Made in the US.
+ BPA free material.
Although it claims to be tested in 51 laboratory, it doesn’t have any certification from WQA or NSF.
No time indicator for filter replacement.

To learn more, please visit our Seychelle alkaline water pitcher review now.

Santevia Pitcher – High pH Alkaline Water Pitcher

Santevia water filtration system is built with style and provides alkaline remineralization. How is the performance of this water pitcher? Let’s find out. 

4 Stage Remineralization Filter: The cartridge is one of a kind 4 stages filter that comes with 1 filtration stage and 3 remineralization stages.

  • Stage 1 – Granulated Activated Carbon: Removes major contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals, chloramines, and many more.
  • Stage 2 – Pi Minerals: Anti-bacterial and deodorizing media which make the water slightly alkaline and giving a great taste to the clean water.
  • Stage 3 – Maifan Minerals: Adds beneficial minerals such as magnesium, selenium, and calcium to the drinking water.
  • Stage 4 – Calcium Minerals: Increase the level of calcium in the drinking water to be more alkaline which is beneficial to our body.

Lifespan And Replacement Cost: The lifespan of the cartridge stands at 80 gallons of filtered water per replacement, which translates to 2-3 months of usage for 2 people.

Santevia water filter pitcher comes with a digital timer that tracks the usage of the cartridge and reminds when replacement is needed.

Annual Replacement Cost: $80/Year for 6 cartridges. 

Customer Review: The rating for Santevia pitcher is 3.9 which is relatively lower than the two systems mentioned above. Those complaints are one-off issues that are not manufacturing flaws.

Most importantly it is not the filter quality issue. Hence, we still recommend this water pitcher to everyone.

Verdict: It is still a great water pitcher that produces excellent water quality especially the remineralization part although there are some defects that happen on the system.

+ Longer lifespan of the filter cartridge.
+ Low replacement cost for alkaline water pitchers.
+ Digital indicator for filter usage.
+ BPA free material.
Doesn’t have any certification from WQA or NSF.
Average customer rating and backed by 180 reviews.
Occasional quality defects, low impact.

Hskyhan Pitcher – Trusted Alkaline Water Pitcher

Hskyhan water filter pitcher is one of the least know brands for water treatment products. However, people that bought it love it. What’s so special about it? 

5 Layers Filtration + Remineralization Filter: The cartridge has 5 different layers to removes contaminants and increases the pH of the filtered water.

It is claimed by Hskyhan that the filtration system will remove city water contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine, lead, dirt, odor and etc. The pH value will be between 8 -10 after filtration.

Certification: Hskyhan claims that the water pitcher has passed the certification of NSF and SGS, but we couldn’t find any documentation to back it up.

Lifespan And Replacement Cost: Each replacement filter is able to generate 40 gallons of water, which is about 1-2 months for each cartridge. 

The good thing is replacement filters aren’t expensive. 2 filter cartridges cost roughly about $17. 

Annual Replacement Cost: $60/Year for 6 cartridges. 

Customer Review: The customer gave pretty high ratings for this water filter pitcher although they are not well-known. The rating is 4.6.

Verdict: Hskyhan is on our best alkaline water pitchers list due to its performance, inexpensive to maintain, and most importantly, it is trusted by a lot of customers although it is not a mainstream household brand. 

+ Affordable price on initial investment and on-going cost.
+ Remove city water contaminants and enhanced the pH.
+ BPA free material.
+ Easy to fill lid..
No certification provided from NSF & SGS.
The product is not made in the US.
Not having a time indicator for filter replacement.

Dafi Pitcher – Modern Alkaline Water Pitcher​

If you are looking for a simple and affordable way to alkaline up your body, which faces the onslaught of acidic food every single day then, Dafi Alkaline UP pH Water Pitcher might be the thing for you.

The pitcher comes in five different colors to choose from, and with five replaceable cartridges.

The innovative Alkaline UP pH filter raises the clean water pH level and also makes it rich in anti-oxidants.

5-Stage filtration: This water filter pitcher combines the power of mechanical, carbon block, and ceramic bed filters to deliver contaminant-free alkaline water.

  • Stage 1: Top cap of the cartridge blocks mechanical pollutants. It is designed to provide proper circulation of water filtration.
  • Stage 2: A special filtrating net fitted underneath the cap blocks suspension and sludge from tap water.
  • Stage 3: The ion exchange resin removes heavy metals from tap water and decreases water hardness. The activated carbon from coconut shells removes chlorine and organic compounds from tap water, thus, making the water taste and smell better.
  • Stage 4: The alkaline ceramic bed, present at the bottom of the filter, increases the pH and negative ORP potential of water.
  • Stage 5: The micro-porous cap at the bottom repeats mechanical filtration to provide you sparkling water.

Boosts Health: The increased pH and lowering of ORP reduce the chances of cancer. The Dafi water filter pitcher is not only provide great health benefits but also an interesting alternative to bottled water.

Quality Aspects: The quality aspects of the filtration system are as remarkable as the technical details. It is manufactured in Europe as per the ISO:9001 standards and adheres to lab tests performed at the manufacturing level to ensure that any defects are weeded out.

Filter Lifespan: Each filter cartridge filters up to 40 gallons of water. This can mean different durations for different families depending upon the consumption.

Annual Cost: Each filter purchase comes with a pack of three cartridges. So, you are all set to filter up to 120 gallons of water, after which you will need no more than 12 replacement filters for the year.

That makes the annual replacement cost $150 which is far less than what you would shell out for bottled water. And not to mention the reduction in your carbon footprint!

Customer Rating: Those who purchased this alkaline water filter pitcher have not stopped talking about it. This is why it has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. Pretty high among alkaline filters!

Our Verdict: Overall, Dafi is one of the best alkaline water pitchers that meets the quality and technical standards expected from this class of filters.

+ Effective against chlorine.
+ Increases the pH up to 9.5
+ Each purchase includes 5 filters.
+ Meets high technical and quality specs.
+ Easy to fill lid.
Filtration capacity per filter is relatively low.
The filter can clog if the water is too silty.

Lake Industries – High Capacity Alkaline Water Pitcher

Coming from the venerated homeware brand – Lake Industries, the alkaline water filter pitcher with a capacity of 3.5 liters, comes with a free filter.

7-stage Filtration: Powered by a 7-stage filtration process that includes an ion exchange resin, tourmaline, alkaline mineral balls, and activated carbon, the filter keeps out chlorine, odors, and most heavy metals from the source.

Improves Taste: It effectively removes 90% of all zinc, copper, lead, and other pollutants and alkalizes water for that great refreshing taste.

High Negative ORP: This filtration system’s powerful antioxidants and high negative ORP equip it against the free radicals that are responsible for early signs of aging and degeneration. Having them out of your water ensures that you look young for a longer time.

All this makes the pitcher an ideal companion for you and your family’s good health and high energy levels.

Quality Aspects of Pitcher: The plastic filter body of the pitcher is made from high-quality, BPA-free material which makes it 100% safe for storing water.

Further, you will be an environment champion in a small way if you purchase the Lake alkaline pitcher. The pitcher is not only safe for human use but also recyclable. The ABS plastic ensures that the plastic body is recycled into something useful at the end of its life and does not just get dumped into the sea.

Design Aspects: The design of the alkaline water filter pitcher is as impressive as its technical details.

It fits neatly into your refrigerator and is also easy to handle. With the easy-to-fill lid, refilling the pitcher is much easier. The easy pour spout simplifies the pouring experience with no spillage.

Filter Lifespan: Each cartridge lasts up to 150 liters or nearly 40 gallons. This roughly lasts close to 40 days for single-person use and 10 days for an average family. However, it can vary depending on the usage and amount of water consumed.

Annual Cost: For a family of four, the annual cost of maintaining the filter adds up to $150, for an uninterrupted supply of alkaline water.

Customer Rating: The filter has received 242 customer ratings with an average rating of 4.1

Verdict: We putLake Industries as one of the best alkaline water pitchers due to its affordability and high capacity. Apart from increasing the pH of water, it also clears out contaminants and increases the anti-oxidant level.

+ 7-stage efficient filtration.
+ Space-saving design.
+ Easy to fill lid and easy pour sproutmakes pouring spill-free.
+ BPA free material..
The lid does not perfectly fit the pitcher.
The open spout can be a let down for some.

Dragonn Pitcher – Fast Flow Rate Alkaline Water Pitcher​

Reasonably priced, highly effective at filtering out contaminants, efficient at alkalizing water, and adding just the right amount of micro-minerals, are some of the features that make Dragonn Alkaline Water Pitcher exceptional at its price band.

7 stage filtration: Powered by its 7-stage filter cartridge, the water filter pitcher removes chlorine, odors, and heavy metals while removing 90% of all zinc, copper, lead, and other pollutants to afford pristine tasting water.

The tourmaline layer of the filter charges the water negatively with infrared energy, thus making the water softer and easier to absorb into the body.

Once the water is clear of the contaminants, the mineral balls re-mineralize water to give it a dash of the missing micro-elements before it is finally rid of chlorine and its associated symptoms.

Increases pH: The filter excels at its core function of increasing the water pH. It alkalized water to a pH of 8.5-9.5, thus, bringing back the lost taste.

Negative ORP: And just like its peers, its high negative ORP eliminates free radicals and makes the water an elixir!

Quality Aspects: The filter body, made of BPA-free food-grade, AS and ABS materials, stands up to the quality of the filter cartridge to make it one of the safest filtered pitchers.

Filter Lifespan: The Dragonn filtered pitcher comes with three cartridge filters at the time of purchase. Its cartridge life is one of the longest among its competing brands in the market.

Each filter cartridge can filter up to a good ~80 gallons of water before it needs a replacement.

Annual Cost: A family of four would need five replacements over and above the initial purchase. This puts the annual maintenance cost of the pitcher at $80.

Customer Rating: All in all, Dragonn presents a budget-friendly yet, effective solution for an alkaline water source at home. This is why customers rate Dragonn at 3.8 out of 5.

Our Verdict: It’s a great buy considering the features and the cost.

+ 7-stage efficient filtration.
+ Large pitcher capacity at 1 gallon.
+ Sturdy Design.
+ BPA free material.
Filter will clogged at times.

Naples Pitcher – Stylish Alkaline Water Pitcher​

Well, everything else aside, this brand spoils you for choices. Naples Naturals 108×1 alkaline water filter pitcher is among the superlative alternative for alkaline water at home.

Six-Step filtration: The six-stage filtration process removes commonly found tap water contaminants and raises the pH of the water to 9.5. The most striking feature of this pitcher is its ability to remove fluoride – a nasty contaminant that is known to have potential threats to various bodily functions.

Besides this, the Calgon activated carbon filter absorbs chlorine and other toxic substances.

The pitcher improves the quality of water on many counts. It firstly does so by adding certain elements that not only enhance the taste of water but also promote general well-being.

Negative ORP of Water: The filter claims to lower the ORP of drinking water by 200—400 points and thus improves anti-oxidant content, and reduces free-radical circulation in the bloodstream.

Design Features: Apart from the technical merits, the aesthetics make it one of the highly-sought alkaline water pitchers on the shelves.

The sleek looks and ergonomic design allow it to fit into tiny apartment kitchens, or refrigerator doors while enriching the space around.

Filter Lifespan: The filter life is also supportive of its other great features. Each filter lasts up to ~80 gallons or 300 liters of water.

Annual Cost: This translates into a filter requirement of 8 per year which amounts to $90.

Customer Rating: Customers rate this Naples alkaline pitcher at 3.9 out of five owing to its superior filtration power.

Our Verdict: On the whole, this is a buy that won’t disappoint you and will add vibrant colors to your kitchen counter. The in-built timer will alert you when it’s time to replace filters so you don’t have to hassle yourself with remembering the dates.

+ Effective against fluoride in water.
+ Sleek design and BPA free material.
+ Technically robust.
Leaky design.

FAQ For Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Are alkaline water pitchers safe?

Before we give you a simple yes or no answer to the question, here are some studies conducted to test the health benefits of alkaline water.

According to a study, drinking high pH, ionized water may benefit people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Another study that included 100 subjects found a significant difference in blood viscosity after consuming high-pH water compared to regular water after a strenuous workout.

Decreased viscosity causes blood to flow more efficiently with increased efficiency in oxygen delivery.

Alkaline water is also indicated to be beneficial in treating acid reflux as the high pH deactivated enzyme pepsin which is responsible for the reflux.

With those trusted scientific sources and many others underway, alkaline pitchers are proven to be safe for human health.

Is it safe to consume alkaline water during pregnancy?

One of the purposes of consuming alkaline water is to restore the pH balance of the body. Pregnancy is associated with increased levels of acidity. Alkaline water can help neutralize the acid and thus prevent its absorption by the fetus.

Can young children drink alkaline water?

Yes. Unless the children are suffering from any medical problems, drinking alkaline water is considered safe. It helps build immunity and supports the growth process by limiting free radicals.

Under what circumstances is it not advisable to drink alkaline water?

As yet there are not too many medical conditions that disallow a person from drinking alkaline water.

Unless a person is detected with alkalosis, one can continue to consume alkaline water.

Wrap Up

Start protecting your family with one of the 6 best alkaline water pitchers that we recommend. Those alkaline water pitchers will dramatically improve the taste of your water. Get the pH Restore alkaline water pitcher today! 

Leave a comment below if you have any doubts about the alkaline water pitcher that we talked about. We will respond to your queries at our soonest.

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