10 Best Chlorine Water Filter

The tap water in our homes is often contaminated by a number of particles, one of which is chlorine. This local water supply can be harmful to you if these harmful contaminants are not removed.

In order to remove chlorine, we have a number of water filters that are available in the market. Purchasing a filtration system of this sort can prove extremely beneficial for you.

This article discusses the best chlorine filters you can get for your house and other relevant questions you might have about purchasing one.

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Our Top Pick


Home Master TMAFC

This Home Master filtration system works wonders for removing chlorine from your municipal water. This top pick of ours comes with a number of unique features that make it the best product on this list.

Best Chlorine Water Filters Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickComparing Home Master TMAFC Home Master TMAFCFilter Type: Reverse Osmosis
Contaminant removed: Chlorine, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, dissolved solids, chemicals, etc.
Flow rate: ‎1 Gallon Per Minute
Warranty: ‎5-year limited warranty – parts
Price: $$$
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Countertop PickComparing Big Berkey Water Filter Big Berkey Water FilterFilter Type: Gravity Filter
Contaminant removed: Nitrites, heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, VOCs, herbicides, organic solvents, trihalomethanes, and others.
Flow rate: 3.5 Gallons per hour
Warranty: Lifetime warranty
Price: $$$
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Pitcher PickComparing Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Filter type: Affinity Filtration Technology
Contaminants removed: Fluoride, Lead, BPA, Glyphosate, PFOAs, and others
Flow rate: n/a
Warranty: Lifetime guarantee
Price: $
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Budget PickComparing iSpring RCC7AK iSpring RCC7Filter Type: Reverse osmosis
Contaminant removed: Chlorine, lead, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and more.
Flow rate: 75 gallons per day
Warranty: 1-year
Price: $$
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RO PickComparing APEC ROES-50 APEC ROES-50Filter Type: Reverse Osmosis
Contaminant removed: Chlorine, taste, odor, VOCs, heavy metals, and other contaminants.
Flow rate: n/a
Warranty: 2-year extended manufacturer warranty
Price: $$
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Under sink PickComparing Clearly Filtered 3-Stage Clearly Filtered 3-StageFilter Type: Affinity Filtration Technology
Contaminant removed: 99.9% of 232+ contaminants
Flow rate: n/a
Warranty: Lifetime guarantee
Price: $$
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Whole House PickComparing Home Master HMF2SDGC Home Master HMF2SDGCFilter Type: 2-stage filtration
Contaminant removed: Sediment, chlorine, other harmful chemicals
Flow rate: 20 Gallons Per Minute
Warranty: ‎2-years manufacturer limited warranty – parts
Price: $$$
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Distiller PickComparing MegaHome Distiller​​ Megahome DistillerFilter type: Distillation
Contaminant removed: VOCs, chlorine, and other toxins
Flow rate: 1 gallon every 5.5 hours
Warranty: 1-year warranty
Price: $$
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Shower PickComparing Aquasana Shower Filter Aquasana Shower FilterFilter Type: Shower filter
Contaminant removed: Over 90% of chlorine
Flow rate: 2.5 gallons per minute
Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
Price: $
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Faucet PickComparing Engdenton Faucet Engdenton FaucetFilter Type: Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) filtration technology
Contaminant removed: Dirt, sand, chlorine, odor, other organic materials
Flow rate: 0.5 gallons per minute
Warranty: 1-year warranty
Price: $
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Best Chlorine Water Filtration Reviews

After going through the brief specifications, you must have a rough idea of what each of these chlorine water filters entails. The following section has detailed descriptions of them for you to understand them better.

1. Home Master TMAFC (Top pick)

review of Home Master TMAFC

This Home Master water filter turns your tap water into great-tasting drinking water. It comes with an innovative technology that solves most of your problems.

This chlorine filter is certified by the NSF, which means it meets all of its standards regarding the product.

It comes with larger fittings and tubings, which enable it to provide a faster flow rate as compared to other water filters. You do not have to replace the filter more than once a year, and when you do, the design is easy to upgrade or service.

The device also has catalytic carbon filtration, which works better than ordinary activated carbon filters; this really makes the filter stand out in front of other products.

The 5-micron filter also ensures better water pressure and taste and prolongs the lifetime as well.

All in all, this water filter provides a number of features that make it an excellent product on this list and our top pick for this category.


  • Weight: 14.1 Pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎20 x 13 x 16 inches
  • Material: Plastic

Other features:

  • 3/8-inch adapter
  • 3.2 gallons storage tank
  • Patented remineralization system

Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

+ Modular design
+ Easy DIY change filters
+ Easy to install
+ Great water taste
Expensive maintenance

2. Big Berkey Water Filter (Countertop Pick)

review of Big Berkey Water Filter

This countertop water filter works great for up to 4 people. You can choose the number of filters included, and also the type of warranty you want to purchase it with.

You can use this filter with both treated and untreated water, and even in environments where you might not find electricity.

This countertop chlorine water filter works great in removing a number of total dissolved solids from your tap water. It can also remove food coloring from water in addition to other heavier metals, radon, and trihalomethanes.

There are different warranties available on the product as well, so you can purchase one that suits your needs and fits your budget perfectly.

This is a great option for removing chlorine and filtering drinking water in your home.


  • Height: 21 inches
  • Storage capacity: ‎2.1 gallons
  • Max filter capacity: 4 Black Berkeys (upper)

Other features:

  • Hardware and Stainless Chambers
  • Fluoride Removal
  • Reduces nitrites

Customer Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

+ Easy installation
+ Good water taste
+ Good value for money
Might be a little flimsy

3. Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher (Pitcher Pick)

review of ClearlyFiltered Water Pitcher

Usually, pitchers are not considered a serious option when it comes to filtering chlorinated drinking water, but this water filter pitcher changes the game.

It can be used to treat tap water and remove more than 360 chemicals and contaminants plaguing your water easily.

This water filter pitcher has been tested true to multiple NSF requirements, which really makes it stand out in between other products.

While removing the harmful parts, this water filter pitcher ensures that the necessary nutrients do not leave the water.

The average life for the filter in this is 100 gallons, which means you will have to replace it once every four months approximately.

Another benefit of this water filter pitcher is that it is made of BPA/BPS-free material, which ensures that it will not be adding any chemicals into your water.

The slim design gives it a sleek look, and the easy-grip, oversized handle makes it easy to handle the water filter.


  • Capacity: 80 Ounces
  • Water Basin: 64 ounces
  • 3-stage process

Other features:

  • 100% BPA/BPS-free
  • Built-In Water Dam
  • 7+ proprietary filtration materials

Customer Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

+ Easy to set up and use
+ Cheap
+ Filters out a huge number of toxins
+ High-quality
A little slow initially
Priming is hard

4. ispring RCC7 (Budget Pick)

review of iSpring RCC7AK

This is a reverse osmosis water filter that removes more than 1000 different contaminants by 99% from your tap water. Learn more about how this process works.

Reverse osmosis filters like these provide fresh, clean, and good-tasting water straight from your faucet.

This is an under-sink water filter that can easily be fit under a standard kitchen sink. This reverse osmosis system comes with three pre-filters that, apart from removing big contaminants, also protect the reverse osmosis membrane.

You can remove contaminants down to 0.0001 microns using the fine filter in this product.

You can easily set this filter up and running in a couple of hours and start getting that freshwater you need.

Maintaining your reverse osmosis filter properly is extremely essential; this one does not require a lot of hefty maintenance. The 1st-stage see through housing of the filter makes it easy to inspect for any problems.

Apart from that, you should replace the pre-filters every six months, the RO membrane after every 2-3 years, and the granular activated carbon filter after every 12 months. This will be more than enough to keep your water filter functioning optimally.


  • Weight: 20 Pounds
  • Material: ‎Plastic
  • Dimensions: 15 x 8 x 18 inches

Other features:

  • Granular activated carbon media
  • NSF Certified
  • 3.2-gallon holding capacity

Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

+ Great customer service
+ Easy installation
+ Lowers TDS (total dissolved solids) of tap water
Some customers faced leakages
Not extremely long-lasting

5. APEC ROES-50 (RO Pick)

review of APEC ROES-50

This APEC reverse osmosis filter provides water tasting better than even bottled water. The long-lasting, durable, premium filters ensure to remove 99% of harmful particles in the water, reducing the total count of dissolved solids.

Drinking chlorinated water is not healthy for your body, so count on this water to purify this chlorinated water for you.

The noise-free system of this water filtration plant is another plus point as it saves you and the people around you from a lot of annoyance.

This is a faucet filter because it comes with a designer, 100% lead-free faucet as well. The fittings are also designed in a way to prevent leakages.

This reverse osmosis filter has a really good rating and is a must-consider product for everyone.


  • Weight: 25 Pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎‎16 x 5.25 x 17.5 inches
  • Safety rating: WQA certified

Other features:

  • Feedwater pressure: 40-85 psi
  • Max TDS: 2000 ppm
  • Pipe size: 1/4 inches

Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

+ Good water taste
+ Highly compact
+ Good value for money
+ Everything needed for installation included in the package (faucet installation might require extra items)
Uses more water
Installation requires efforts

6. Clearly Filtered 3-Stage  (Under sink Pick)

review of Clearly Filtered 3-Stage

Now you do not need to take extra steps to remove chlorine from your water; install this filter right under your sink and use your tap water every day without any worries about water filtration from chlorine and other contaminants.

You do not need to call a plumber or any other professional to work on this filter with you; you can easily do it yourself. Chlorine removal has never seemed easier.

This filtering system is compatible with your cold water line. The hot water line will be of no use with this chlorine removal system.

This filter also ensures the presence of essential nutrients in your water and only affects other contaminants that might be harmful to you.

The filters in this can easily be replaced without any hassle or tools being required; you should ideally do this once every 2000 gallons.

This would be the perfect option for people who do not want a permanent system for whatever reason because this filter has temporary installation; no drilling whatsoever anywhere.


  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Dimensions: 15 x 3.1  x 15.4 inches
  • Power required: No

Other features:

  • 10-minute installation time
  • 98.9% lead removed
  • 90.7% fluoride removed

Customer Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

+ Easy-to-install replacement filters
+ Convenient
+ Water tastes refreshing

7. Home Master HMF2SDGC (Whole House Pick)

review of Home Master HMF2SDGC

This is a whole house water filter that provides you with an extremely strong water pressure of up to 20 gallons per minute.

It comes with four sediment filters that finely filter down to 1 micron. This feature makes this water filter amazing for a whole house system.

Whole house water filters should have excellent purification abilities, which this whole house water filter does – it removes up to 95% of different chemicals and contaminants.

The filters are oversize and hence, do not need a lot of maintenance. Their size also improves the flow rate of the water.

The best thing about getting a whole house water filter is that you can connect them right into your main water line, and then get clean water through every faucet in your home. In this way, whole house water filters make the job easy for you.


  • Weight: 32.1 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 28 x 18 x 9 inches
  • Lower Temperature Rating: 40 degrees Fahrenheit

Other features:

  • Plastic and metal material
  • Two-stages water filtration system
  • Multi-gradient density replaceable sediment filters

Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

+ Easy to install
+ Good flow filters
+ Sturdy
+ Great tasting water
Filters can get a little heavy

8. Megahome Distiller (Distiller Pick)

review of MegaHome Distiller​

This product has been approved by UL, which is an essential safety rating to get because your safety comes first, no matter what.

This distiller flawlessly provides you with filtered water flawlessly; you could even use this on seawater due to its amazing characteristics. The interior, as well as the exterior, is stainless steel which makes this a great quality product for the purpose it is manufactured for.

This distiller distills water at 212 Fahrenheit, which is the perfect temperature for making sure your water filter system removes the contaminants.

The package also contains six charcoal water filters which are optional to use but can prove to be of great help. These filters approve best for chlorine and other similar toxins that can form a vapor. Hence, this proves to be a great chlorine filter.

The glass collection bottle and porcelain nozzle ensure the purity of your water.

The megahome distillers have offered exceptional service for 22 years and can be of great use to anyone who wishes to remove chlorine from their water.


  • Weight: 7 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.84 x 9.84 x 14.57 inches
  • Capacity: 4 liters

Other features:

  • Distillation purification method
  • Glass collection
  • Doctor recommended

Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

+ Well-built
+ Unique device
+ Good value for money
Not highly durable

9. Aquasana Shower Filter (Shower Pick)

review of Aquasana Shower Filter

This is a shower chlorine water filter that makes sure you have softer skin and hair by removing chlorine. Harsh chemicals like these, especially from chlorine gas, can damage your skin and hair, which is what shower filters are here for.

With this water filter system, you can also improve the steam in your shower as well as the effect of your shower products because both of these get affected by the quality of water.

This house chlorine water filter goes directly into your shower as a showerhead and filters the water coming through it. You can quickly attach it to your shower with an easy installation process.

The design is also made as such that it prevents clogging and retains water pressure. This chlorine water filter filters out almost 90% of the chlorine from your water.

With Aquasana, make sure your skin and hair are never exposed to harsh chemicals again.


  • Daily Production Rate: 13.32 Gallons
  • Max operating temperature: ‎115°F
  • Operating pressure range: 30-80 psi

Other features:

  • Replacement filter cartridge to be put in after every six months (6-month filter life)
  • 90-day guarantee
  • Eco-friendly

Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

+ Easy to clean
+ Good water flow
+ Improves taste
+ One of the best shower faucet water filter
Not durable
Slows over time

10. Engdenton Faucet (Faucet Pick)

review of Engdenton Faucet

This filter comes with activated carbon technology and stainless steel housing, which makes it durable. The carbon filtration in this removes dirt, rust, organics, sand, but not TDS.

The speedy water flow instantly provides you with clean drinking water. However, unlike some other faucet filters, this water filter system is only suitable for a standard faucet, so please check your faucet design before purchasing this.

You do not need any extra tools either to install this filter; you can easily do it on your own.

It also has a 360-degree swivel which provides the device greater usability and flexibility.

There are many features that put this filter above other filters; use it today to filter water from your faucet directly and get better-tasting drinking water.


  • Weight: 1.59 pounds
  • Dimensions:‎ 3 x 5.5 x 5 inches
  • Upper-temperature rating: 40 degrees celsius

Other features:

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Speedy water flow
  • Six months maximum life

Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

+ Good value for money
+ Easy installation
+ Good customer service
+ Good pressure
Some complaints of it not complying with filter tests

What Is a Chlorine Water Filter?

A chlorine filter, as the name suggests, specifically works to remove chlorine from your water, especially drinking water. This is because if you do not remove chlorine, the water can be harmful to you in a number of ways.

A chlorine filter usually comes with carbon filters, and each of these carbon filters contains activated carbon and charcoal inside them. This is the substance that absorbs chlorine from your water.

A chlorine filter is usually present within a water softener. This arrangement ensures that you do not consume chlorine through drinking water or have it impact you in other ways.

Types of Chlorine Water Filters

There are different filtration methods, and they all work in their own ways; let’s take a look at some of them that have the NSF certification.

Reverse osmosis

This system uses a semi-permeable membrane, but that is not sufficient for removing chlorine. This part is done by the activated carbon filter that is usually present in these filters.

Without this carbon filter, the semi-permeable membrane of the system has a chance of getting damaged. So, the extra filter also prevents that from happening.

Filter pitcher

Some water filter pitchers come with carbon filters that work on chlorine removal. But some will only have simple sediment filters, which will not be effective for removing chlorine from your drinking water.

Hence, before making any purchase, it is necessary that you check the details of your pitcher and its certification as well. This is important to know before investing in any product.

Chlorine pitcher filter used to fill glass with water

Distillation Systems

This system works on a distillation process: the water is heated to evaporate and then cooled down to recapture. Why does this work? Because the bacteria and heavy metals do not evaporate with the water.

Again, this process is not effective on the chlorine within the water because the boiling point of chlorine is lower than water.

There can be two solutions to this. The rarer one is having two separate gas vents, one of which will catch the chlorine gas vapors.

However, the more common one is using a carbon filter after this process of distillation. That is a known way of chlorine removal and works effectively.

Gravity-based systems

Some of these filters do use carbon in them, which we have established is great for reducing chlorine. Yet, there are others that do not use carbon and are also not open about what they use. Hence, for these companies, it is essential that you do your research and learn before purchasing.

Faucet-mounted systems

Most of these use both chemical and mechanical filtration to remove chlorine and provide you with clean drinking water.

The only concern here is that sometimes the carbon filter is combined with other components, so some of these filters will not be good at reducing chlorine.

Hence, check the certification of the product before you invest in it. Most of these faucet-mounted filters are certified, but checking and ensuring is best.

All these different types of filters usually have one thing in common – carbon. This is because this one ingredient has proven itself effective as a chlorine filter.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Chlorine Water Filter

There are a number of factors you have to look into before your purchase a filter to make sure you’re making the best purchase.

Some of the factors you should consider are as follows:


First, you have the cost of purchasing the system. You have cheap filters available for a few dollars and also those that cost hundreds of dollars.

Next is the price of installation. If you require professional help, it will cost more than installing it yourself.

One factor that many people fail to consider is the maintenance cost. This cost will go to processes such as filter replacement, cleaning, and other factors.

After you have calculated all of these costs, then you should decide which of these water filters actually falls in your budget range.

Type of contaminants removed

Read the labels on the filter you purchase, test them against independent tests and sources, and also visit the NSF database to see what the product is certified to remove.

Read the fine print on the labels to make sure you are checking information for yourself and not just falling into claims by salespeople because they can often be misleading as well.

Double-check the labels against your needs, and then decide which filter you will buy. Do not just assume that a filter will remove all contaminants. If you are specifically for a filter that removes chlorine, remember that not all filters are equipped enough for this process.

There are certain components that help a filter in reducing the amounts of chlorine during water filtration, and you need to ensure that your filter has those parts.

Your need for filtered water

Each filter has its own capacity for filtering water, as well as speed. Check your needs first to see which filter would suit you best.

If it is just for your personal use, you might not need a filter that filters the water very fast. If you live with a big family, you might need a high-speed and higher-capacity filter.

Healthy family using one of the chlorine filters for their home

The type of the filter itself

As discussed previously, there is a wide variety of filters that exist in the market. Each of them functions in a different manner, attaches to a different spot, and works to remove different types of contaminants.

The important thing to do is briefly evaluate all of the filter types available in the market to see which one suits your needs the most.

Each of them has its own pro and con as well; let us look at the main ones:

Pitcher filters are inexpensive but slow.

Refrigerator filters improve water taste, but they must be replaced regularly.

Faucet-mounted filters are relatively inexpensive, but they do not work with all faucets.

Under-the-sink filters filter water in large quantities but are usually expensive.

Whole house systems seem like a great option because they filter water throughout your house, but they have other issues. They are often expensive to maintain and install, require professional plumbing, and may cause germs to grow in pipes as well.

Weighing the pros and cons of each system before you make a decision is important as well.

FAQs on Chlorine Water Filter

Why does our tap water contain chlorine?

Municipal authorities usually add chlorine to our water to disinfect it and prevent waterborne diseases. The problem arises when we are exposed to chlorine for a long-term period because that is when it starts affecting us negatively.
This is why it becomes essential to then filter chlorine out of water especially drinking water in our homes.

Can chlorine in drinking water cause harm to our bodies?

A 4 ppm level of chlorine is safe; after that, it does cause harm to us. The byproducts that are formed have certain risks, lesser than the benefits, but they still exist.
They may risk cancer, affect pregnancies, and cause your hair and skin to dry out, but these are all weak points right now that need further stronger evidence.

Does boiling water remove chlorine?

Yes, you can actually boil chlorine out of water. But you will not actually need to boil the water; only heat it up for a few minutes, and the chlorine will be evaporated because it evaporates at a much lower rate!

Is chlorine volatile? How long does it take to evaporate?

It will only take 10-20 minutes to evaporate, or even lower, based on its concentration in water.

Can you remove chlorine without filters?

You can only reduce the chlorine amount through filters; without them, the process will not be effective.

Can water softeners remove chlorine?

Normal water softeners can not; only those can which have activated carbon added into them!


If you have ever worried about how to remove chlorine from tap water, this article will serve as the perfect guide for you!

Each of the filters on this list will help you in a different way; get one of these today to get healthier and better-tasting water right in the comfort of your homes!

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