10 Best Fluoride Water Filters

Most of us know fluoride from the description from your toothpaste. Did you know that fluoride has been used in municipal water for decades? Just like you, we weren ’t aware of that until now.

We aresure that this issue has been bothering you much. Which is why you have come across to this page.

There are many water filter systems out on the market that claims that they are capable of removing fluoride from the water source.

After a thorough research, we brought to you the best fluoride water filter system in each category which is capable of removing fluoride.

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Our Top Pick


Home Master TMAFC

An RO with fluoride removal technology, modular filter design, filter life at twice that of competitions’, and a simple DIY installation make Home Master TMAFC, our top-pick among fluoride removing RO filter.

How To Pick The Best Fluoride Water Filter

There are many considerations that you may need to do before choosing the right fluoride filters for your household.

1. Know Your Water Supply

You must know the source of your water supply which can be either a private well or a municipal water supply. Usually, if you live in an urban situation, municipal water is the most common one. The next step is to check what kind of contaminants your water contains. This can be done by a professional water specialist or DIY water test kits.

2. Know Your Water Flow Rate

Flow rate is defined as the volume of fluid that flows through the dispensers each minute. It is usually measured in Gallons Per Minute (GPM). When buying water filters, always check the product’s flow rate is higher or equal to your household’s flow rate at its peak performance.

3. Installation and Maintenance

It is important to understand the installation process and its maintenance cost in the long run. Water filters such as Whole House or Reverse Osmosis require installation which can be done either by yourself or through a professional.

For maintenance, this should be simple in terms of replacing cartridges as most of the replacement filters are easy accessibility. Check out the estimated annual maintenance cost of cartridge replacement and see if it fits your budget in the long term.

Best Fluoride Water Filter Reviews

  1. Home Master TMAFC – Best Fluoride Water Filter
  2. Big Berkey Filter – Fluoride Gravity Fed Filter
  3. Aquagear Pitcher – Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher
  4. Waterdrop G3 – Fluoride Reverse Osmosis System
  5. Home Master TMJRF2 – Best Countertop Fluoride Filter
  6. MegaHome Distiller – Best Fluoride Distiller
  7. Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC – Under Sink Fluoride Filter
  8. iSpring RCS5T – Whole House Fluoride Filter
  9. Propur ProMax Filter – Best Fluoride Shower Filter
  10. Seychelle Bottle – Best Fluoride Water Bottle

Home Master TMAFC – Best Fluoride Water Filter

review of Home Master TMAFC

Reverse osmosis technology, in my opinion, is one of the best filtration technology available in the market. It is definitely capable of remove most of the fluoride in the water.

Water contamination has become more complex and worst in recent days. One way to handle it is to remove all the minerals/contaminants leaving the clean water.

One of the best reverse osmosis filters that remove fluoride is Home Master TMAFC. Why is it so great?

Filtration Quality: This filtration system is an enhancement of the traditional reverse osmosis system. Home Master puts a lot of effort to make the following 4 changes.

  1. New All-In-One Filter Canister: Home Master get rid of the old school canister system and combined the housing and water filter together. This will prevent cracks, leaks, and bacteria from gathering in the canister.
  2. The Fast Flow RO! Kit: They change all the tubing and fitting to be larger than the traditional filtration system. This has increased the flow rate by 2X.
  3. Push-in Tubing: With the new canister, Home Master modified the inlet and outlet of the filter with a push-in connector. You can easily make the replacement without a wrench.
  4. Full Contact Technology: Home Master developed the patented Full Contact Technology which will remineralize before the water enters the storage tank and before it went to the faucet.

Alkaline Remineralization: Home Master TMAFC comes with an alkaline remineralization water filter. It uses naturally crushed marbles to introduce calcium and magnesium to the drinking water.

Calcium and magnesium will increase the taste of the drinking water and also slightly increase the pH of the filtered water.

Long Lifespan Filter: Great technology water filter can be seen in the lifespan of each filtration cartridge. All the Home Master cartridges can last for at least 1 year before a replacement is needed to maintain the quality of the drinking water.

Replacement Cost: The replacement cost of the TMAFC is considered reasonable for the value that it provides.

Annual Replacement Cost: $87

Highest Review Score: Home Master TMAFC is one of the water filter systems that receive the highest rating from its customers. This shows that the capability of the filtration system to perform as what is described by the company.

Warranty: It comes with a 5 years warranty on the TMAFC, one of the longest warranties available on reverse osmosis water systems.

This shows that Home Master is very confident and makes a tremendous effort to ensure that their quality is up to standard.

Suitable For: This filtration system is suitable for all water sources. However, for well water users, if viruses appear on your water source, you will probably need an additional UV sterilizer to kill the microorganism.

Home Master TMHP is one of the great water filtration systems which comes with a UV sterilizer.

Bottomline: This water filter is undoubtedly capable of remove fluoride from water sources. On top of that, it removes most of the contaminants and adds great minerals to the drinking water.

+ Removed 99% contaminants.
+ Long lifespan filters.
+ Remineralized twice on the filter.
+ 5 years warranty.
Expensive initial and maintenance cost.
Installation requires drilling.

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Big Berkey Filter – Fluoride Gravity Fed Filter

review of Big Berkey Water Filter

You might have heard of Big Berkey water filters being banned in California and Iowa. Why was it being banned in the two states? You can check out our detailed explanation of this review.

After we understand the situation, in our opinion, it is just a regulatory fulfillment request by the state government instead of the quality of the water filtration systems.

Let’s take a look at why it is one of the best gravity water filters that remove fluoride:

Filtration Quality: It comes with two types of filtration cartridges, Black Berkey, and fluoride filters.

The Black Berkey is a microporous filter, coupled with the fluoride filters, which is capable of filtering a long list of contaminations. Berkey is willing to show how well their water filter system is in filtering the top 20 main contaminants.

Berkey Contamination List

The Black Berkey is a cleanable filter. Frequently perform cleaning on the cartridge can prolong the lifespan of the filter to reduce the replacement cost.

They stand behind the high quality of the cartridge and is a sign of confidence by the company.

Pathogen Removal: Besides the chemical contaminants, their water filters also remove 100% of pathogenic bacteria. Generally, it is required to have a UV light sterilizer to remove the bacteria.

Certified NSF Standards: All Berkey products are certified by a couple of 3rd party EPA-approved laboratories against NSF/ANSI standards 53. This certification proves that the water filters are capable of remove contaminants.

Capacity And Size: Berkey comes in different sizes and capacities which will fit all different use cases. Berkey Go, which is the smallest Berkey is suitable for hiking and traveling, while the Crown Berkey can be used in small offices.

Berkey Water Filter Models and Size

You have the flexibility to add different types of water filters depending on the level of contamination of your source water.

Besides the flexibility, it is portable to move around after it is filled up with filtered water.

Replacement Cost: Due to the cleanable Black Berkey, it reduces the frequency of replacement. Berkey suggested the following lifespan of the cartridges.

Black Berkey: 6000 gallons of water per pair
Fluoride Filters: 1000 gallons of water or 2 years per pair.

Filter Replacement Cost: $80 per year

Lifetime Warranty: Big Berkey comes with a default 6 months warranty on all of its filtration systems. If you register your first Berkey, you will receive a Berkey Care Lifetime Warranty. (This applies to Travel, Royal, Big, Imperial, and Crown)

Suitable For: With different sizes and capacities, the Big Berkey covered almost all different use cases from traveling and hiking purposes to a huge household of up to 10 people.

It is best used on municipally treated source water.  It can be used for a well water source but it will require frequent cleaning on the cartridge.

Bottomline: The Big Berkey is impressive with a simple water filtration system that is capable of removing such a long list of contaminants. Although it was banned in 2 states due to regulatory guidelines, it is still a great filtration system to own.

+ No Installation required.
+ Portable and can be carry anywhere.
+ Remove 99% of contaminants.
+ Long Lifespan Filters.
Low flow rate as it is a gravity fed filter.
Pricy on the initial cost.

Aquagear Pitcher – Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher

review of Aquagear Pitcher

You might not have heard Aquagear water filter pitcher. They are the new joiner to the pitcher niche but significantly raised the bar of how a water filter pitcher should perform.

Below are the 3 reasons why this water filter pitcher is the best.

Filtration Quality: Aquagear claims that its pitcher solves the number 1 problem among water filter pitchers, ineffective filtration quality. It filters over 89 contaminants. 

Most water filter pitchers are unable to show how well they perform. Aquagear shows it all.

  • Fluoride (90.06%)
  • Chlorine (99.9%)
  • Chloramine (99.9%)
  • Chromium 6 (99.4%)
  • Lead (99.9%)
  • Mercury (97.8%)
  • Arsenic (99.8%)
  • Copper (99.7%)
  • Over 50 VOCs including trihalomethanes (99.0%)

They are transparent with the numbers above to show their confidence in the performance of their product. It is impressive to see such a breakthrough on water filter pitchers.

Fine Micro Ratings: Aquagear claims that it is capable of removing particles as small as 2 microns. It is 10 times smaller than the diameter of human hair.

This is an excellent achievement for a small system like the water filter pitcher.

NSF Certification: Aquagear water filter pitcher is tested in a third-party laboratory against the NSF International ANSI 42 and 53 standards.

On a separate occasion, Aquagear tested their pitcher on a real case scenario in filtering lead in Flint, Michigan. The result was astonishing. It was able to reduce the lead level from 4 times the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA’s limit to an undetectable level. Impressive right?

Long Lifespan Filter: Their filter cartridges are built with quality which is able to withstand up to 150 gallons of water per cartridge. That is approximate 4-6 months of usage.

The lifespan is 3 times longer than Brita and PUR water filter pitchers. What’s more,  it filters 2000% more contaminants than those two big brands out there.

Price And Cost: With the filter quality difference from the traditional pitcher, you might be expecting it to be priced at a higher price tag. However, with the high-quality filters that it provides, it is worth every penny that you spent.

Maintaining it isn’t going to cost you a lot. With just $80 annually, you will be sure to reduce most of the fluoride in your drinking water.

Annual Replacement Cost: $80. 

Lifetime Warranty: Afraid of the quality of the pitcher? You can rest assure that Aquagear is using high quality for their filtration system.

Aquagear water filter pitcher comes with a lifetime warranty on breaks and leaks. You don’t need to buy a second pitcher if it is broken.

Suitable For: Generally, a water pitcher is more suitable for filtering clean water of up to 2 people. Otherwise, the replacement cost will be expensive.

Besides, the portability is suitable for people which are renting an apartment or college students. No installation is required for this system. You can pack and go to a new spot if you happen to be moving out.

It is best used on municipally treated tap water.

Bottomline: It does remove fluoride from what we expected. On top of that, you will benefit from other filtration such as chlorine, mercury, lead, arsenic which are extremely dangerous to our body.

+ It can filter as small as 2 microns.
+ Covers 2000% more contaminations than other pitchers.
+ Lifetime warranty on breaks and leak of the pitcher.
+ Design and Manufacture in the US.
+ Portable and great design.
+ Certified by NSF against ANSI Standard 42 and 53.

Slightly expensive than conventional pitchers.
No time indicator for the replacement
Unable to filter microorganism.
Come with only 1 size.
Low flow rate compared to Brita.

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Waterdrop G3 – Fluoride Reverse Osmosis System

review of Waterdrop G3

Waterdrop G3 is one of the best reverse osmosis fluoride water systems and has received several positive reviews from its customers. It is highly praised for its filtration quality, smart features, and easy installation.

Filtration Quality – The Waterdrop G3 uses a 7-stage filtration system which is capable of filtering contaminants away from the drinking water. It consists of the PP Cotton, Carbon Block, another PP Cotton, 3-layer reverse osmosis membrane, and Post-Activated Carbon Block. These are stored in 3 cartridges namely CB filter, CF Filter, and reverse osmosis system. 

Utilizing these filters, the Waterdrop G3 is able to filter and remove contaminants such as chlorine, Carcinogens (chromium, cadmium ferric oxide), and heavy metals. It can also absorb inorganic and organic pollutants such as arsenic, fluoride, asbestos, benzene, formaldehyde, chlordane, and more.

In terms of flow rate, the Waterdrop G3 has an excellent flow rate of around 400GPD. That can fill up a glass of drinking water within 12 seconds. The overall quality of the drinking water produced by this system is great. It has improved taste, odor and lacks all the harmful contaminants.

Smart RO System – One of the most unique features of this system is its smart features. These can be found in the included faucet which changes colors to indicate filter replacement and a TDS panel on the main filter system to display the quality of the water being produced. Smart features are really great to have nowadays since it provides ease of use when it comes to maintaining the system.

Automatic Flushing – Only a few water filters on the market that offers automatic flushing and Waterdrop G3 surprisingly has one. The filter system will automatically initiate it for up to 2 hours. It even included a “Holiday Mode ” when automatic flushing is initiated when there is no water is dispensed for 24hours.

Maintenance – Waterdrop G3’s triple water filters have varying lifespans from each other before a replacement is needed. The CF Filter has a lifespan of about 6-months, the carbon block Filter has 1-year and the RO Filter has a 2-years lifespan. Fortunately, some of these filters are affordable like the CF Filter and carbon block Filter which are priced at $25 and $27 respectively. On the other hand, RO Filters are quite expensive which cost around $80 but you only get one of these every 2 years.

Annual Replacement Cost – $77 ($157 with RO Filter Replacement)

Warranty – The Waterdrop G3 has an included 30-day warranty with a money-back guarantee.

Suitable For – The Waterdrop G3 can be used with any type of water supply.

Bottomline – Waterdrop G3 may look like the most advanced one on the best fluoride water filters in terms of features but it does have some of its shortcomings like the short warranty and a little bit on the expensive side. But overall, the Waterdrop G3 has strong points such as its 7-stage water filtration system and smart features.

+ 7-Stage Filtration System (0.8μm pore size).
+ Automatic flushing.
+ Affordable maintenance.
+ Tankless reverse osmosis system.
Expensive initial cost.
Short warranty.

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Home Master TMJRF2 – Best Countertop Fluoride Filter

review of Home Master TMJRF2

Apart from the countertop reverse osmosis filter, the Home Master TMJRF2 is the only filtration system that contains fluoride removal media.

How well does it remove fluoride? Let’s take a look at the advantages:

Compact Filter Design: It is a one canister filter that consists of 3 different filtration stages. This includes: 

  • Activated Alumina – The main filtration media which is used to remove toxic contaminants such as fluoride and arsenic.
  • Coconut Shell Carbon Filter – Often used to remove contaminants such as chlorine, VOC, pesticide, herbicide, taste, and odor from the tap water.
  • 5 Micron Compression Disk – Prevent particles such as sand, dust, and rust which are larger than 5 microns from appearing in your drinking water.

Claimed by Home Master, the filtration system is capable of removing up to 93% of fluoride from the tap water. It is considered a reasonable amount gave the compact size of the system.

Easy Installation: Generally, the installation is pretty simple for this type of filtration system compared to others.

All you need is to make sure that a standard faucet is been used in the sink. Just screw up the faucet adapter and let the system run for 10 minutes and you are done.

3 Years Warranty: The Home Master TMJRF2 comes with a 3-year limited warranty which is one of the longest among all countertop water filters. You can rest assured of the quality of the system.

Replacement Frequency: This system is required to replace the cartridge every 500 gallons of drinking water. With a small family of 4, you will probably be looking at replacing the cartridge every 3-4 months.

With that said, your replacement cost is approximately $80  per year. It is the same as the cost of an Aquagear pitcher but it can provide drinking water to a larger crowd.

Annual Replacement Cost: $80

Suitable For: With the fast flow rate and one canister system, it is suitable for a family of up to 4 people.

No complicated installation is required for this filter. With that said, it is suitable for people renting an apartment who is able to detach it quickly and relocate the system.

It is best used on municipally treated source water.

Bottomline: This system is one of the countertop filtration systems that remove up to 93% fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, and other contaminants leaving you with healthy drinking water.

+ Healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium are still in the drinking water.
+ Comes with a 3 years limited warranty.
Required filter replacement every 3 months.
Slightly pricy in maintenance cost.

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MegaHome Distiller – Best Fluoride Distiller

review of MegaHome Distiller​

When it comes to getting the best-filtered water only for drinking, the Mega Home’s countertop water distiller is a great choice. It has one of the highest ratings from customers who appreciate its filtration performance and water quality.

Filtration Quality – In terms of its filtration process, the Mega Home uses a distillation process and can process up to 1 gallon of drinking water in 5.5 hours. In the first stage, the water will be first heated up to 212 Degrees Fahrenheit (boiling point). This will separate and kill bacteria and other contaminants from the drinking water.

The steam then rises up and enters the second stage which is the cooling system. These are lined with coils that help cool down the steam and condensed it into drinking water. Finally, the water then passes through the activated carbon filter which improves taste and odor.

The filtered water is then dispensed into a storage tank. In the case of the stainless steel version, it comes with a glass storage tank.

Underwriters Laboratory Approved – Mega Home Water Distiller is UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved. UL is the trusted independent global safety science company for US products. The product has passed through several safety standards from UL. This really ensures that each Mega Home is of high quality.

Maintenance – When it comes to maintenance, the Mega Home is relatively easy to do so. Using the included Active Residue Cleaner, simply boil it inside the distiller and the chemical will do its job. In terms of filters, the included 6 charcoal sachets can last for up to 6 months (1 per month) before replacing. Fortunately, these kinds of filters are affordable with a 12-sachet pack (1 year supply) priced at around $30-40.

Annual Replacement Cost – $40

Warranty – Each Mega Home Water Distiller comes in with a 1-Year warranty.

Suitable For – The Mega Home Water Distiller can only be used with either City or Well Water.

Bottomline – The Mega Home Water Distiller is a great home water filter that is capable of filtering water for drinking. Despite its low capacity and slow filtration process, the Mega Home Water Distiller makes up for its high-quality filtered water, low-cost maintenance, and build quality.

+ Unique Filtration Process.
+ Affordable Maintenance Cost.
+ Underwriters Laboratory Approved.
Low Capacity.
Slow Filtration Process.
Required electricity.

Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC – Under Sink Fluoride Filter

review of Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC

If you are looking for clean water that is mainly used for cleaning and cooking, then an under-sink water filter is your best choice. It can filter tap water before dispensing it through the faucet.

Woder offers a handful of under-sink and refrigerator filters but the one we are going to look at is the Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC.

Filtration Quality – The WD-FRM-8K-DC consists of a dual-stage filtration system. The first stage (WD-S-8K-R) focuses on filtering and removing fluoride out of the drinking water.

Next is the second stage (WD-S-5K-R) which does most of the filtration work which removes lead, heavy metals, chlorine, and contaminants found in the water. It also reduces bad odors and taste.

It has a decent flow rate of around 1.32GPM although some claimed that water flow may be slightly reduced. In terms of water quality, most customers praised it for its refreshing taste and no chlorine smell.

Fluoride-Free Water – Woder claims that its filtration system is capable of easily removing 95% of fluoride. Some customers have noticed the reduction of fluoride in their water testing.

Selective Filtration Performance – Unlike most water filters, the WD-FRM-8K-DC uses a selective filtration style to which it only filters unwanted contaminants on the drinking water but leaves healthy minerals that may be beneficial to you. Woder claims that these minerals left are essential to be essential to the body.

Examples of these essential minerals are calcium (for strong bones and teeth), potassium (maintains the heart), and sodium (stimulates nerve and muscle function).

Maintenance – In terms of installation, Woder claims that it is easy to install which comes in as a complete assembled kit. In terms of maintenance, The WD-S-8K-R (first stage) can filter drinking water for 3-years or 8,000 gallons.

On the other hand, the WD-S-5K-R (second stage) is a little shorter which can last for around 3-years or 5,000 gallons of water. These can last reasonably well for small to medium-size households or small eatery. Each filter costs at around $50.

Annual Replacement Cost – $100 every 3 years

Warranty – Woder does not state any warranty but provides a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Suitable For – The WD-FRM-8K-DC can only be used with municipal-treated city water only and may not work well with well water. It cannot be used with salty or softened water as well.

Bottomline – The Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC is great under-sink water filter that reduces fluoride and other contaminants but retains the essential minerals that are beneficial. If you prefer cleaner water with no leftover minerals, then this may not be for you. But if you believe in the benefits of Selective Filtration, then it is a great choice.

+ Great filtration performance.
+ Easy installation.
+ Long lasting filter.
+ Affordable system on initial and ongoing maintenance.
No warranty.

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iSpring RCS5T – Whole House Fluoride Water Filter

review of iSpring RCS5T

When it comes to household filtration needs, a whole house fluoride water filter may be a great choice. It is basically filtering water directly from the water supply intake then distributes around the house through dispensers such as faucet, shower, and bath.

One of the best whole house filters is the iSpring RCS5T which received lots of positive reviews from its customers for its excellent filtration quality and durability.

Filtration Quality – The iSpring RCS5T features a 5-stage filtration system to which the water flows through the following layers and its detailed features:

  1. PP Sediment Filter – Removes large particles like rust, sand and dirt.
  2. Granular Activated Carbon Filter – Absorbs and Filters chlorine, humus, and byproducts. This also improves smell and fixes discoloration.
  3. Carbon Block Filter – Removes any remaining chlorine and further improves taste and odors.
  4. Dual-Flow RO Membrane – Deep cleaning stage. This stage removes bacteria, fluoride, viruses, heavy metals and other harmful substances.
  5. Post Carbon Filter – Final stage where the filtered water is further cleaned before dispensing throughout the house. The Post Carbon Filter functions the same as the 3rd stage which removes chlorine and further improves taste and odors.

Many customers praised the RCS5T for its filtration quality and the water it produces. Some have enjoyed the water for its refreshing taste.

Tankless System – One of the most unique features of the RCS5T is the Tankless system. By combining components like its Booster Pump and Dual-Flow Membrane, iSpring claims it will produce reverse osmosis water on demand and eliminates the need for a storage tank. It is rated up to 500GPD.

However, some customers find the flow rate to be reduced after installing the product. Fortunately, its solution was to include a pressurized tank which returns the water flow back to normal and working properly.

Optional Pressurized Tank – Although the RCS5T is a tankless system if you do require a storage tank for cases where water delays happen, investing in iSpring’s optional pressurized tanks can be great as it ensures constant water supply when delays occur. You can choose from either a small tank (0.5-3 gallon capacity) for home use to a large tank (3-10 gallon capacity) for small-sized restaurants.

Maintenance – The iSpring RCS5T has easy and affordable maintenance. The 3 pre-filters will last around 6 months while the post filter’s lifespan is about a year. Reverse osmosis membrane filters normally have a lifespan of 2-3 years. A 2 years maintenance package could set you back about $260.

Annual Replacement Cost – $130

Warranty – iSpring RCS5T includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty and lifetime customer support.

Suitable For – The iSpring RCS5T can be used with either City or Well Water.

Bottomline – The iSpring RCS5T is one of the top-rated whole house water filters that remove fluoride. It does have many strengths such as its filtration quality and its optional but excellent pressurized tank. However, it falls short on water flow but overall, it performs well.

+ 5-Stage filtration system removed 99% of contaminants.
+ Optional Pressurized Tank.
+ Provide filtered water for whole home.
Slightly expensive on maintenance cost.
Replace The Cons Here
Replace The Cons Here

Propur ProMax Filter – Best Fluoride Shower Filter

review of Propur ProMax Filter

There are some shower water filters that are capable of producing great quality water that is safe for your skin and hair. One of those is the Propur shower water filters. Here, we are going to take a look at the Propur ProMax Chrome Plus Shower Filter which is one of the best shower filters that removes fluoride.

Filtration Quality – Propur ProMax Chrome Plus features a multi-stage filtration technology. The filtration process filters and eliminates around 200 contaminants such as VOC, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, and more. Despite having a multi-stage filtration process, its flow rate is still reasonably fast which is 2.0GPM.

In terms of filtration quality, many customers were pleased with the water produced by the water filter. Most of them praised it for being gentle on the skin especially people who have sensitive skin or allergies.

ProMax Filter Technology – The main feature of the Propur ProMax Chrome Plus is its filtration technology. ProMax Filter Technology comprises filters tested to NSF/ANSI-42 and 53 standards. This ensures that each filter is capable of filtering contaminants and producing clean water.

Another interesting feature of ProMax Filter Technology is that it does not require cleaning to maintain flow rate and contaminant reduction.

Flexible Configuration – You can choose how long the hose will be before purchasing. Choices ranging from 4’ to 6’ Stainless Steel Flex Hose which is nice to have.

Maintenance – Propur ProMax Chrome Plus Shower Filter can last for around 6 months before a replacement is needed. The filters are quite cheap which is priced at around $40. After installing the new replacement filter, it requires 15 seconds of continuous flush before it is ready to use.

Annual Replacement Cost – $80

Warranty – The Propur ProMax Chrome Plus Shower Filter unfortunately does not indicate any manufacturer warranty.

Suitable For – It can be used with either City or Well Water.

Bottomline – Overall, the Propur ProMax Chrome Plus Shower Filter is a great water filter solution for skin and hair care and improvement. It has excellent filtration quality and lasts long. However, it does have some shortcomings like the lack of warranty but otherwise, a great water filter.

+ Remove 200 contaminants such as chlorine and fluoride.
+ Certified by NSF/ANSI-42 and 53 Standards.
+ High flow rate.
Expensive on maintenance cost.
Bulky item.

Seychelle Bottle – Best Fluoride Water Bottle

review of Seychelle Bottle

One of the top-rated fluoride water bottle filters out there is Seychelle water bottle. This is the one we are going to take a look at right now. It received tons of reviews from satisfied customers for its excellent filtration performance.

Filtration Quality – The Seychelle water bottle uses a great filtration unit that is capable of filtering and removing 99.99% of contaminants found in the water. It can filter contaminants such as chlorine, chemical VOC’s, lead, aluminum, and more. The filter can also remove around 90% of fluoride and 99% pathogens such as giardia and cryptosporidium which is a big plus.

Many customers have appreciated the water that the filter is producing although there are some who have complained about minor leaks when squeezing the bottle.

Highly Efficient 0.2-micron Filtration – One of the most interesting features of Seychelle’s filtration system is its efficient 0.2-micron filtration technology. This really filters around 99.9% of contaminants from the water while maintaining an efficient water flow.

EPA & FDA Approved – The Seychelle water bottle is also EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Agency) approved. This ensures great quality by meeting the high standards given by the EPA and FDA. It has zero traces of BPA, phthalate and lead.

Maintenance – Seychelle Water Bottle Filters can last for around 100 gallons of water before a replacement is needed. This is more than enough for one person. Each replacement filter is fairly affordable and costs around $30.

Annual Replacement Cost – $30

Warranty – The Seychelle Water Bottle unfortunately does not indicate any manufacturer warranty.

Suitable For – It can be used with any type of water supply including stream water.

Bottomline – The Seychelle Water Bottle is a great portable water filter that you can bring everywhere. It falls short on some issues such as the lack of warranty and leaks. But overall, it does make up for its excellent features such as its filtration performance, affordable maintenance cost, and excellent flow rate.

+ Deep 0.2-micron Filtration Performance.
+ Affordable Maintenance Cost.
+ Portability.
+ EPA & FDA Approved.
Initial cost is slightly higher.
No Warranty Included.
Leaks may occur.

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Fundamental Of Water Fluoridation


Water fluoridation is a process that was carried out by water treatment plants that add fluoride to the treated water.

Why Do We Need Fluoride?

We often see fluoride as part of the ingredients of toothpaste. Fluoride is used to prevent tooth decay and reduce the cavity in our teeth. This helps us to strengthen our teeth.

As we do not swallow or consume toothpaste while brushing our teeth, fluoride will not be entering our bodies.

Water treatment plants add in fluoride as part of their treatment plans for the same purpose, to reduce tooth decay.

Although it doesn’t pose an immediate impact on our body if it is under the safety level, fluoride shouldn’t consume internally as it has doesn’t help.

What Is The Impact Of Fluoride Intoxication?

Studies show that more than 40% of American is overexposed to fluoride.

According to the Water Quality Association (WQA), the safety level of fluoride to be consumed is around 0.5mg to 1.5mg per liter of water. Beyond 1.5mg is consider fluoride intoxication.

One of the obvious effects of fluoride intoxication is dental fluorosis. It will have an inverse effect on overexposed of fluoride.

Quoted By Mercola:

There have been over 34 human studies and 100 animal studies linking fluoride to brain damage, including lower IQ in children, and studies have shown that fluoride toxicity can lead to a wide variety of health problems.

Who Should Be Worried About Fluoride Intoxication?

Everyone should be worried about fluoride intoxication.

However, kids are at a high chance to be impacted as they have a weaker immune system. Their brains start developing and fluoride will impact their learning skill.

We shouldn’t take it lightly on consuming water that consists of fluoride.

Best Practices To Reduce Fluoride Exposure

There are many ways to reduce fluoride exposure if you happen to be searching the internet.  I have summarized and give you my 4 best practices that you should follow to avoid fluoride intoxication.

  1. Switch to a Non-Flouride Toothpaste: Most big brands areusing fluoride in their toothpaste. Google to find some of the organic fluoride-free toothpaste and start using it now.
  2. Avoid Swallowing Toothpaste: Kids wasn’t aware of the consequences of swallowing toothpaste when they are brushing their teeth. Parents need to caution them regarding the danger of fluoride.
  3. Drink Filtered Water Source: Stop drinking tap water which contains fluoride. Use a water filter that gets rid of fluoride for you and your family’s health.
  4. Cut Down on Processed Food: Go for fresh foods instead of processed food. The factory might be using water that contains fluoride during the process. Fluoride will absorb into the food.

Those 4 items have the most impact on overexposure to fluoride. It should be avoided.

Which Water Filter Removes Fluoride?

Choosing the right fluoride filter largely depends on you and your household needs. If you require water filtration for drinking or cooking only, under sink water filters, water distiller, and pitch water filters are great choices. On the other hand, if you find your water to be negatively affecting your skin or hair, then a shower filter might be a good choice.

However, if you do require filtered water all throughout, then investing in a whole house water filter is the right choice. Although most whole house water filters are expensive, they are worth it in the long run.

FAQ For Fluoride Water Filters

Is Fluoride Home Water Filtration System Worth It?

It is worth investing in a fluoride filter since most municipal waters are mixed in with fluoride.

Fluoride is usually added to the municipal water supply to prevent tooth decay and prevent oral diseases but this can have negative effects when ingested. This is the reason why a home water filtration system that specializes in removing fluoride exist.

It is worth noting that it is great to do some water testing on your water supply first before investing in either an ordinary water filter system or a fluoride-specialized water filtration system. If it does contain high amounts of fluoride, then choosing the best water filters that remove fluoride for your home.

Can Fluoride Kill You?

Too much fluoride may kill you. However, this is untrue if one person drinks too much water with fluoride. It is not OK to drink water with fluoride, there are some negative effects on the body. One of the most common ones is dental fluorosis which leaves white streaks on the teeth. Other negative effects of fluoride are skeletal fluorosismental issues, and hyperparathyroidism.

Will Fluoride Reverse Tooth Decay?

Although fluoride is the best solution for keeping your teeth clean, it does not reverse tooth decay and other oral diseases. Fluoride, however, prevents tooth decay which is the reason why many toothpaste has fluoride mixed in.

Can Fluoride Cause Brain Damage?

In most cases, fluoride can cause brain damage in both children and adults when consumed too much. You may read more about this particular topic here.

Brita, PUR, LifeStraw – Do They Remove Fluoride?

PUR and Brita are some of the most well-known water filters however, they do not filter fluoride from the water. The same goes with LifeStraw which only filters and removes bacteria and other viruses as the water passes through its water filtration system.

On the other hand, Zero Water filter pitchers do have the capability to remove 99% of fluoride from the water.

Can You Boil Fluoride Out of the Water?

Boiling water does not remove fluoride from the water as it does not evaporate easily. There is another solution that is similar to this and that is steam distillation. This involves separating the water from its harmful contaminants including fluoride. An example of a steam distiller is Mega Home Water Distiller and you can see one of our reviews here.

Do Water Softeners Remove Fluoride?

From the name itself, water softeners can only soften water. This means that it does not remove fluoride from the water.

Wrap Up

Start invest in one of the four best fluoride water filters that we recommend today. Your family’s health is your top priority and fluoride intoxication shouldn’t be taken lightly. Don’t you think so?

Comment in the section below if you have any doubt about our recommendation.

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