7 Best Home Water Test Kit For 2020

With a reliable water test kit in hand, you will be able to determine if the water you’re drinking is safe for your family or if you need to take additional measures.

You can find out more about the top water test kits and pointers on how to identify them by reading through this article.

Let’s get started.

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Our Top Pick



+ Test Type: Laboratory Test
+ Suitable For: City water source
+ Benefits: Test over 170 contaminants including 85 VOC

For Well Water


Safe Ultimate

+ Test Type: Laboratory Test
+ Suitable For: City and well water source
+ Benefits: Test over 200 contaminants in EPA certified laboratories

Instant Test


Test Assured

+ Test Type: DIY Test Kit
+ Suitable For: City water source
+ Benefits: 10 tests includes lead, pesticide, bacteria and etc.

Water Test Kit Review

Bang For The Buck – Best Home Water Test Kit​

Being comprehensive is a good thing when it comes to water test kits. You want the ones that will check for as many contaminants as possible.

Covers 170 contaminants: The “Bang-for-the-Buck” Essential Indicators Water Test from Drinking Water Specialists test over 170 potential contaminants in the water supply. Chief among those contaminants sought out by this kit are eight types of pathogenic bacteria, including e-coli and total coliforms.

85 VOC Test : In addition to the bacteria, this kit will also look at 85 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and heavy metals.

EPA Approach: The manufacturers of this test kit make use of the EPA’s methodology to accurately determine if there are substances of concern floating around in your water supply.

Results in Six Business Days: After providing your samples, they should get back to you with your results in six business days.

+ Covers 170 contaminants including disease-causing bacteria such e-coli .
+ Checks for 85 VOCs and heavy metals.
+ EPA Methodology on testing.
Not able to get the immediate results.
Slightly expensive test.

SafeHome Ultimate – Best Water Test Kit For Well Water

Over 200 Contaminants: Similar to the kit detailed above, Safe Home’s Ultimate Drinking Water Test Kit tests for a wide variety of potential contaminants, over 200 contaminants that could be floating around in your home’s water supply.

Checked on Well Water Contaminants: It also targets different forms of bacteria including e-coli, but that’s not its only focus. You can also expect this testing kit to tell you if there are substances such as lead, chlorine, and aluminum in the water. The kit will also show you if there are heavy metals and VOCs present.

Tested in EPA Certified Laboratories: After you’re done collecting the samples, you can send them to the manufacturer so that they can be checked at their EPA-certified laboratories.

Wait Time: The only downside is that you will probably have to wait a while for the results to be provided. It will take around seven to 10 business days to process the samples and that does not even include the time that they will be in transit.

+ Over 200 contaminants .
+ Tests performed at EPA-certified laboratories.
+ Compatible for well water source.
Long turnaround time for the results.
Expensive but comprehensive test.

Test Assured – Best Instant City Water Test Kit

Some of the water testing kits that look for numerous contaminants tend to be quite expensive. They may not be the most sensible purchases if you have a tight budget already.

Affordable Price: What’s great about Test Assured’s Drinking Water Test Kit is that it enables you to inspect for some of the most common contaminants at a more reasonable price.

Test on most common contaminants: It checks for bacteria, pesticides, nitrates, nitrites, and also tells you how much chlorine is in your water. You can even find out the results within minutes of testing.

For those homeowners looking for a budget option, this water test kit is a good option to consider.

Be careful during the sample collecting process though as it’s easy to come up with false positives if you don’t follow the instructions exactly.

+ 10 tests includes bacteria, pesticides, and other common contaminants.
+ Provides results within minutes.
+ Affordable price.e
Not comprehensive test.
Might not cover all the contaminants in your house.

Health Metric – Best Instant Well Water Test Kit

In areas where wells are used as primary sources of water, this kit from Health Metric should prove to be a great purchase.

Manganese in Well Water: One of the most notable features of this testing kit is that it looks for manganese. Manganese in the water supply is not a concern from a health standpoint, but it is problematic in the sense that it can stain clothes. This testing kit can alert you to the possible problem of manganese in your water.

8 Test in Total:Furthermore, it also conducts 7 different tests which include the checks on bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, hydrogen sulfide and etc.

Since this a test kit that you’ll be using to inspect well water, it would be nice if it also identified heavy metals in the supply. That’s a glaring omission from an otherwise solid testing kit.

+ Checks for manganese, a substance that can stain clothes.
+ Affordable DIY test.
+ Compatible for well water source.
Not comprehensive test.
Only covers 8 tests.

KoolaMo pH Tester – Best pH Water Tester

Temperature Doesn’t Matter: It can be calibrated easily by just pressing a single button and you don’t even have to get the water’s temperature to a certain level before you start using this meter. The meter has a temperature compensation feature that will help you receive accurate results regardless of whether the water is hot or cold.

High Accuracy: It comes with a high sensitive electrode sensor which reads accurate pH level. It provides accurate and stable reading across multiple tests.

Wide Usage: The pH tester can be used in various places such as pool, aquarium, drinking water spa and etc.

To be clear, this item is only for checking the pH level. If you need something that will detect contaminants, you will have to get a different kind of tester.

+ Easy to use.
+ Has an automatic temperature compensation feature.
+ Can be reused multiple times.
Limited to only checking the pH level of your water.

HM Digital TDS – EZ​ Best TDS Water Tester

Next up is the TDS-EZ Water Quality Tester from HM Digital. While this water tester doesn’t check for as many contaminants as the items listed previously, it can still play an important role in your home.

Dissolved Solid Tester: This water tester specializes in finding impurities in water which is also known as dissolved solids. It is a great way to test whether your water filter, particularly reverse osmosis system is working correctly.

Huge Measurement Range: The measurement range of 0-9990 ppm with an increment of 1ppm, ensures that you will get a good read on your water quality. The item itself is easy enough to use and the auto-off feature keeps you from wasting batteries.

You may have a tough time seeing what’s on the display though as it is on the smaller side.

+ Easy and conveninent TDS Tester.
+ High accuracy up to 1ppm.
+ Auto turn off features.
+ Afforable price.
Display is a bit hard to read because of its size.
Replace The Cons Here
Replace The Cons Here

Hach 2745250 – Best Water Hardness Test Strips

Hard water is a problem that can really sneak up on you. As the hardness level of your water increases, the amount of soap you need to use will similarly go up. You’ll essentially have to spend more on cleaning items such as soap because of hard water and that’s money that could be spent in other ways.

Easy To Use: With the Total Hardness Test Strips from Hach, you will be able to accurately tell if you have hard water in your home. The strips are remarkably easy to use and they will let you know immediately if there’s a problem that you have to address.

Multiple Tests: There are also 50 strips available for you to use, so you should feel free to perform inspections every now and then.

Instant Test Results: Compare the test strips to the results on the container, you can know how hard is your water source and start looking for water softeners systems.

Be sure to store the strips properly. Otherwise, they may expire sooner than expected.

+ Easily affordable water hardness testing strips.
+ Instant results.
+ 50 strips included for multiple tests.
Must be stored properly or else strips may expire too early.

4 Types Of Water Testing Kits

Testing kits can vary in terms of what they actually identify. In order to be sure that you get the best water test kit for your home, you must purchase the right variant.

For Contaminants

The kits that look for contaminants in the water are usually the more expensive ones. Still, they are items you should consider purchasing if you want to be certain that you are drinking safe drinking water.

These kits will usually check for bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and VOCs.


In the world of water testers, TDS stands for “total dissolved solids,” per Aquasana. Total dissolved solids account for salt and minerals that may be in your water.

TDS meters are not useful for the purpose of finding contaminants, but they should be helpful when you are trying to figure out if it’s time to change your water filters.

For pH

Devices that measure the pH level of your water will let you know how acidic or how alkaline it is. According to Healthline, water with a pH level lower than 6.5 can be considered unsafe to drink. On the other hand, alkaline water can have some positive effects on your body.

Use a pH tester to quickly see if the water you have at home is harmful or helpful.

For Water Hardness

Water hardness refers to the “amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water,” per the United States Geological Survey. If your water features a high hardness level, that likely means that you will have to use more soap to clean with it.

Hardness strips can be used to determine the hardness level of the water you’re using.

3 Ways To Perform Water Tests

Test Strips

Test strips are most often useful if you are examining characteristics of your water such as its hardness and pH levels. The strips can even provide you with the results within a short amount of time.

You will also be able to find other testing strips that can do more. They may even identify which contaminants are currently present in your home’s water supply.

Lab Testing

You won’t be the one conducting the lab tests if you use one of these kits. Instead, you will simply be tasked with collecting the samples as well as sending those to the manufacturers of the kit.

It can take anywhere between a week to three weeks before you receive the test results.

Digital Meters

These are often the most convenient items that can be used for testing water and they return results almost immediately. The only real downside to using digital testers is that they can only measure the pH level and/or the amount of TDS in the water.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Water Test Kit?

Water Characteristics

Water test kits are offered at wildly different price points. There are items available for less than $10 as well as kits that sell for hundreds of dollars.

So, which of those testing kits should you purchase?

If you’ve never tested the quality of water in your home, you may want to invest in the more elaborate lab testing kits. For homeowners who have previously checked their water quality before and are using filters, TDS meters and pH testers will do.

If you simply need to get a read on your water’s hardness level, the inexpensive testing strips are what you’ll need.

Water Source

Most of the water test kits available today are great for checking your tap water. However, you can also find some kits that are compatible with testing well water.

Wrap Up

The best water test kit can have a significant positive impact your quality of life. With the information you receive from the kit, you can find out if you’re drinking and/or using clean water. Invest in one if you want to ensure that you are only using the best kind of water at home.

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