10 Best Hot Water Recirculating Pump in 2021

Are you also someone who hates waiting for hot water in the morning? The faucets we have always spill out cold water as soon as they are turned on.

This causes a lot of water waste and wastes your time as well. But there is a solution to this problem.

Hot water recirculation pumps are what you need.

By recirculating hot water, the pump ensures that you get instant hot water.

This list of the best hot water recirculating pump and answers to other questions regarding these hot water recirculation pumps are what you will find below.

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Our Top Pick


Grundfos GRU-595916

The Grundfos water pump is designed specifically for heaters. It circulates hot water in taps as well as the liquid in cooling systems. This multi-purpose recirculation pick is our top pick for a good reason.

Best Hot Water Recirculating Pumps Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickComparing Grundfos GRU-595916 Grundfos GRU-595916Price: $$$
Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches
Build Material: Bronze, Stainless Steel
Horsepower: 1/25 hp
Maximum Flow: 9 Gallons Per Minute
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Budget PickComparing Grundfos 59896155 Grundfos 59896155Price: $
5.25 x 4.19 x 6.5 inches
Build Material:
Cast iron
1/25 hp
Maximum Flow:
15.5 Gallons Per Minute
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Trusted PickComparing Watts Premier Instant Hot Water Watts Premier Instant Hot WaterPrice: $
Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.6 x 8.3 inches
Build Material: Aluminum
Horsepower: n/a
Maximum Flow: n/a
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Comparing APCOM UT1 APCOM UT1Price: $$$
Dimensions: 9.7 x 9.4 x 8.9 inches
Build Material: Stainless steel
Horsepower: n/a
Maximum Flow: n/a
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Comparing Taco TacoPrice: $$$
Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 7 inches
Build Material: Bronze
Horsepower: n/a
Maximum Flow: 10 Gallons Per Minute
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Comparing Laing LHB08100092 Laing LHB08100092Price: $$$
Dimensions: ‎0.1 x 5 x 7.5 inches
Build Material: n/a
Horsepower: 0.018 hp
Maximum Flow: n/a
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Comparing Grundfos UPS15-58FC Grundfos UPS15-58FCPrice: $$$
Dimensions: ‎8 x 8 x 8 inches
Build Material: Cast iron
Horsepower: 1/25 hp
Maximum Flow: 17 Gallons Per Minute
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Comparing Grundfos 99452459 Grundfos 99452459Price: $$$$
Dimensions: ‎‎8.7 x 7.83 x 7.6 inches
Build Material: Stainless Steel
Horsepower: 1/25 hp
Maximum Flow: 6.5 Gallons Per Minute
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Dimensions: ‎‎5.12 x 5.12 x 4.92 inches
Build Material: Iron
Horsepower: ‎0.13 hp
Maximum Flow: 8 Gallons Per Minute
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Comparing Grundfos 59896341 Grundfos 59896341Price: $
Dimensions: ‎‎5.25 x 4.19 x 6.5 inches
Build Material: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron
Horsepower: ‎1 hp
Maximum Flow: 17Gallons Per Minute
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10 Best Hot Water Recirculating Pumps Reviews

1. Grundfos GRU-595916 (Best Pick)

review of Grundfos GRU-595916

Grundfos water pumps are some of the best ones in the market. Their instant hot water system promises to bring comfort right to the doors of your home.

The recirculation pump comes in a package complete with a 10-foot power cord and a timer. You can install the circulating pump directly on your water heater.

These hot water recirculators also work for circulating the liquid in air conditioners or other cooling systems.

This recirculation pump comes with a stainless steel rotor. The flow range goes up to 9 gallons per minute. The pump housing is brass.

It also comes with a comfort valve that undergoes under-sink installation, far from the water heater. The system is built to use the existing cold water line to return the hot water to the water heater.

It is designed in a way that prevents any corrosion that the water might cause.

This hot water pump has low energy consumption and is quiet-running and maintenance-free.

The motor is a single-phase, and the voltage is around 115 volts. You do not require any additional wiring for it.

There are multiple reasons for this being our top pick of the list; the pump has excellent reviews with customers and offers a lot of unique features.

Customer Rating – 4.5 out of 5 stars

+ Low energy consumption
+ Maintenance-free
+ Quiet-running
+ Easy to install
+ 2-year warranty
It cannot work without the comfort valve

2. Grundfos 59896155 (Budget Pick)

review of Grundfos 59896155

Grundfos has always outshone itself whenever it comes to hot water recirculating pumps.

This is a cast iron pump by Grundfos that is special because of its low price as compared to some of the other options by the same brand.

This hot water pump provides a fantastic value for its money and is one of the best ones you can find in this price range.

This recirculation pump has a sturdy build and a single-phase, 115 volts motor.

The max power input can be up to 85 watts with this hot water recirculating pump.

All Grundfos water pumps come with some common features: maintenance-free, quiet, easy to install, and low on consuming energy.

Another good thing about this hot water pump is that it senses the water temperature using a timer and aquastat, increasing savings.

The brand Grundfos has extensive experience in the production of hot water recirculating pumps. This is evident by the fact that so many of their products have made it onto this list.

This makes the brand a credible and trustworthy one. Grundfos hot water recirculation pumps are definitely a must-check item for all those looking to buy one for their own water heater.

Especially considering the number of recirculation pumps they have, one can find a wide variety of features as well as a water pump that exactly fits your needs.

Customer Rating – 4.5 out of 5 stars

+ Maintenance-free
+ Quiet-running
+ Sturdy
+ Reliable
+ Heavy duty
No purge outlet
Can rust in certain situations

3. Watts Premier Instant Hot Water (Trusted Pick)

review of Watts Premier Instant Hot Water

This is a 120 volts hot water recirculation pump. The package includes rubber washers, adapters, a 10-inch cord, sensor valve, supply lines, and mounting screws.

The recirculation pump also has a built-in timer that is 24-hours programmable and can automatically activate the pump. You can set it to three different positions.

This watts pump is your best friend if you want to eliminate your usual amount of wasted water by a considerable length.

This hot water recirculation pump provides you with instant hot water while also being good for the ecosystem – it saves up to 12,000 gallons of water per year.

There is a difference in the water pressure of the hot and cold water. This allows the cold water from the hot water supply line to pass into the cold water supply line at a lower volume.

This watts pump has a thermal by-pass technology, making it stand out as a trusted pick on our list.

Customer Rating – 4.6 out of 5 stars

+ Maintenance-free
+ Easy installation
+ Extremely quiet
+ No return line required
+ Convenient
Will not work with water heaters with heat traps
Not very durable


review of APCOM UT1

APCOM claims that this hot water recirculation pump is the most energy and cost-efficient one on the market.

The water pump has a fully automatic function. The built-in timer and thermostat automatically run the recirculation pump systems three to four times per hour.

This makes life very easy for customers as you will not have to get up again and again in quest of hot water.

All you need is one wrench to completely install this hot water recirculating pump from start to finish.

In addition to the stainless steel pump, the package includes two braided hoses, two tees, and all the required fittings needed for installation purposes.

This water recirculating pump works best with single pipe system homes as it is specifically designed for them.

The finish on this water pump is excellent.

The pump comes with a simple one-page instruction manual that anyone can easily work off of. Small things like this truly make a product more consumer-friendly.

Customer Rating – 4.4 out of 5 stars

+ Fully automatic operation
+ It comes without a dedicated return line
+ Energy and cost-efficient
+ Maintenance-free
+ Good value for money
Certain users faced issues with the proper working

5. Taco

review of Taco

This Taco pump has been designed specifically for the circulation of hot water in open or closed-loop applications. But that is not all; you can also use this as a recirculation pump for chilled fresh water.

The Taco circulator pump has a unique cartridge design that is replaceable. You just have to replace any of the moving parts that need replacement instead of removing the entire machine.

This compact design provides for efficiency in operation.

This Taco bronze circulator pump has a unique look because of its color, which gives it its own distinctive look.

Like all other products, you might think this is just a pump. But that is not the case; the standard high capacity output of this hot water recirculation pump makes it a special product.

You can use it for many purposes, but some of them are as follows: domestic hot water recirculation, usage in potable water systems, water source heat pumps, etc.

The maximum fluid temperature that this pump can go up to is 220F. The maximum working pressure is 125 psi. These are pretty good values for a hot water recirculating pump, so you can relax once you have invested in this product.

Customer Rating – 4.4 out of 5 stars

+ Replaceable cartridge design with movable parts
+ Low power consumption
+ Good value for money
The pump may get too hot to touch after it has been running for a while

6. Laing LHB08100092

review of Laing LHB08100092

Use this Laing hot water recirculation pump to save money for your family by saving almost 17,000 gallons of water per year.

It uses only 14 watts of power to work, which is a value you rarely find on hot water recirculating pumps.

The noise level is less than 30 dB, so you can work quietly in your house without hearing the constant noise of the hot water recirculating pump.

Temperature sensors always make a lot of things easier. The same is the case with this specific pump; it comes with a temperature sensor that automatically turns on the pump when it finds temperature drops in the hot water line below 85F.

It also turns the pump off when the water in the hot water line goes up to 95F.

An automatic system like this saves work on the part of the customer and makes things easy for them.

The auto closure device prevents hot and cold water from mixing in either of the water supply lines.

Sometimes immediate hot water can also be a problem for some people as they only prefer lukewarm water. This hot water recirculating pump is also helpful in providing lukewarm water.

Get your desired temperature with this product.

Customer Rating – 4.2 out of 5 stars

+ Single bearing design
+ Great for saving money, water, and energy
+ Silent operation
+ Power-saving
+ No return line required
Sometimes ships with a broken impeller

7. Grundfos UPS15-58FC

review of Grundfos UPS15-58FC

Another Grundfos product makes it to this list. That is pure evidence of how well they work when it comes to hot water recirculation pumps.

The minimum fluid temperature in this water recirculating pump can be 36F, and the maximum water temperature can be 230F. The maximum system pressure is 145 psi. It comes with one check valve.

Another significant factor about this hot water recirculating pump is that it is UL/CSA limited.

Another essential thing to note is that this is not necessarily a recirculating pump for domestic hot water systems. Instead, it is a cast iron pump that one should use for closed-loop radiant systems. It might not work with potable water.

This is the reason why the package does not include fittings for supply lines.

With correct installation, this is a reasonably quiet pump.

Considering the many five-star ratings it has, we can correctly assume that this hot water circulation pump is one of the best recirculating pumps in the market.

Customer Rating – 4.7 out of 5 stars

+ Clear installation instructions
+ Quiet pump
+ Low-power, high-performance pump
+ Smooth running
Not very reliable

8. Grundfos 99452459

review of Grundfos 99452459

Grundfos hot water recirculation pumps are some of the best ones for your water heaters.

You install this hot water recirculating pump directly onto your water heater’s hot water discharge line.

You can easily program the timer, and the water recirculating pump uses less energy than a 25-watt bulb would use. This makes it an efficient product for your households.

This is one of the best recirculation pumps that you can use with your hot water heater to ensure that a hot water faucet never becomes a  problem for you.

To keep your water hot, Grundfos pumps are an excellent choice. They save thousands of gallons of water a year, are trustworthy, have thermal by-pass technologies, a built-in timer, and include many other exciting features as well.

Use his pump any day to get instant hot water.

Customer Rating – 4.7 out of 5 stars

+ No return line required
+ No electricity needed under the sink
+ Saves 16,000 gallons of energy per year
+ Built-in timer and line cord
Bad customer service


review of KOLERFLO

With this KOLERFLO easy-installation hot water recirculating pump, all you need is a wrench to connect the pump with the water supply line, and you get instant hot water in 15 seconds.

This is one of the best hot water recirculation pumps for cold areas. If you live in a freezing area and hate a cold faucet, this might be the right product for you.

If your pipes go under your floors, by installing this on your tankless water heater, your floor will become warm too.

The pump housing is aluminum, and the impeller is corrosion-resistant. The maximum pressure is 145 psi, and the flow range goes up to 8 gallons per minute.

This pump reduces cold water waste by providing higher efficiency at a lower consumption level.

These KOLERFLO recirculation pumps can be used in suburban villas, houses, and city buildings.

You can use them for hot water recirculating, solar circulating water, circulation in air conditions, and so on.

The KOLERFLO pump is specialized for environmental protection and has built-in electronic sensors with three-speed control.

Customer Rating – 4.3 out of 5 stars

+ Corrosion-resistant
+ Three-speed control
+ Works excellent with tankless heaters
+ Saves water
+ Quiet
The non-stainless version can rust

10. Grundfos 59896341

review of Grundfos 59896341

This hot water recirculation pump comes with a ceramic shaft and radical bearings. It has a corrosion-resistant impeller and cast iron pump housing.

It is small and portable and has a super brute circulator and a built-in, removable check valve.

This Grundfos model is very versatile and is extremely popular with the customers in the market.

The three-speed settings allow you to set the program as per your preference. The wet rotor design allows for a silent operation when the motor is running.

You can use this pump for central and district heating systems. They are suitable for application in commercial heating, domestic heating, and commercial hot water recirculation.

It can perform well in almost all traditional applications that you would require heating in.

Grundfos is one of the most reputable brands in the industry, as previously mentioned, so any model by them is worth looking into. 

Customer Rating – 4.6 out of 5 stars

+ Good value for money
+ Good dependability
+ Great for in-floor heating
+ Reliable
+ Well-made
Some people complained of receiving broken parts

What is a Hot Water Recirculation Pump?

We always get cold water first from the faucets because when the hot water stays in the cold water line, it becomes cold. The hot water takes a lot of time to travel from the water heater to the cold tap.

This is why we have to wait so long for hot water, not only does it waste our time but also a lot of water.

This is where a hot water recirculation pump comes in.

A hot water recirculation pump is installed on your water heater. A hot water recirculating pump takes hot water to the tap and returns it back to the water heater after the faucet is turned off.

To put it in a nutshell, a hot water recirculation pump provides you hot water whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

You can think of it as an on-demand system solution for hot water. Just place it on your tankless water heater and enjoy instant hot water.

One of the best hot water recirculating pump features in a picture frame

Types of Recirculation Pumps

There are many types of recirculation pumps that you can install on a water heater. The three main types of them are as follows:

Time-activated pump

As the name suggests, this pump comes with a built-in timer that you can program to a specific time. You can set a time for the recirculation pump to start and a time for it to stop.

This comes in really handy for people who have busy schedules or just forget to turn on the pumps installed on their tankless water heaters.

Another good thing about them is that they are energy-efficient.

However, a con is that if you need hot water outside of the times, you have set on the pump, it is hard to predict whether you will get it.

Always-on pump

This is one of the first types of recirculation pumps that companies have ever produced. They are manual and cheap. They do not turn off until you go and do it by hand.

Most of these pumps are maintenance-free, so you never have to worry about that. You also never have to wait for hot water because the pump is always on, so it reduces water waste.

A con is that they are less efficient and more prone to corrosion. Because they always have water flowing through them, they probably will not last as long as other pumps would.

Temperature-activated pump

A temperature-activated pump works by maintaining the temperature of the water within a specific limit.

When the temperature drops below a certain point, the pump turns on. When the temperature rises above a certain point, the pump automatically turns off. It uses a temperature sensor to check this.

This is a very popular kind of pump to use with your water heaters.

It saves energy, does not let the water get too heated up, and does not require any manual work.

Some people do complain that sometimes hot and cold water can get mixed, but it depends on the pump model.

Why use a Recirculation Pump?

You should use a recirculation pump because it makes your water heater more efficient by providing you with hot water anytime you need it—no more worrying about cold water.

It is environmentally friendly and provides convenience.

It decreases the electric bill as well as the water bill by saving thousands of gallons of cold water.

In short, a recirculation pump makes life easy for you by reducing your water bill and ensuring that your water lines are not always just filled with cold water.

One of the best hot water recirculating pump used in a household's bathroom

How Does a Water Recirculation Pump Work?

Usually, a water heater heats up the water in the tank and then sends it through the water lines. This usually takes some time.

A hot water recirculating pump is attached to the water heater; it provides hot water instantly by circulating hot water through the pipes to the faucet as soon as it is turned on.

It also brings the hot water back to the water heater. Depending on what type of pump you have, it will be determined where you install your pump along the line.

How to Pick a Hot Water Recirculation Pump?

The Basics

There are certain factors you should keep in mind before you purchase any recirculation pump. Some of them are basic such as price. There are other factors that we should discuss in more detail:

Noise Level

Water pumps can often have a loud and disturbing noise. This will annoy all people in your house and neighbors if they live in close vicinity.

This is why it is essential for you to check the noise levels before purchasing any pump. A lot of modern-day pumps (many on this list) now run quieter.

This is a huge plus point when it comes to deciding which pump you will buy.


It is essential to find a pump in a durable material. The pump will be used a lot and often. It will also always be in touch with water.

You do not want it to be of a flimsy material that breaks apart after a short time.

Nobody likes to invest money into buying pumps again and again. So get a good material the first time that stays rust and corrosion-free.

You should only invest in a reliable pump. This will save you from the hassle again and again.

Type of water heater

Since a hot water pump works with a water heater, its type needs to be taken into consideration. You need to check for compatibility between your water heater and pump before you purchase it.

For example, if you have a tankless heater, some models of the circulating pump will not work with it.

For tankless water heaters, you need a pump with more power. Most of the hot water recirculating pumps will not work well with a tankless water heater. Make sure to check your pump for this beforehand.


Your pump size should be compatible with the space you have. You do not necessarily need to buy a huge pump, just for the sake of it.

Flow Rate

You also need to check the flow rate and ensure that it is well enough for your need. If your flow rate is good, the water pressure will be good as well.

Type of circulation pump

Based on the types of circulation pumps we mentioned above, you should choose one that aligns with your needs the most.

How can you choose between them? Think about whether you want a built-in timer for specific time periods? Or if you would rather it be temperature-controlled?

A sensor valve and a timer are both great items to have; pick which one you want. You can also keep both by buying a timer yourself and attaching it with the pump.

Pump Housing Material

Cast iron pumps do not work with potable water because that causes rust. For potable water, you need to find an aluminum pump housing material.

This is why it is crucial to know beforehand what you are going to use your pump for, and hence, buy a relevant one.


Some pumps have to be primed because they cannot run with any air in the lines. Yet, there are other pumps that do not have to be primed because they can work even with some air in the lines.

You need to be aware of this factor before you purchase a pump.

Full recirculating system vs. a comfort control system

These are two types of pump systems that you need to choose between.

A full recirculating system will cost a little more, but it will provide more benefits. It also will not warm up your cold water lines. A comfort system will be cheaper and will also save time during installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a hot water recirculating pump take a lot of space?

It can if you buy a huge size. But the market has a lot of good options in a smaller size.
You usually install them near the water heater or under your sink. So you do not have to worry about the space.

How to avoid and prevent corrosion in a hot water recirculating pump?

A pump can get easily corroded or rusted because of the amount of water always in contact with it.
You can prevent this by buying a lower capacity hot water recirculating pump or by reducing any abrupt changes in the pipe flow directions in your home system.

How can I tell if my circulator pump is working?

Do not go through the hassle of removing your pump to check if it is working or not. You can easily check by touching the pump.
If the pump and the pipes are hot, that means it is working. However, ideally, the pump should not be a lot hotter as compared to the lines.
You will also hear a slight vibration of the impeller.
You can check valve as well.

How long do these recirculation pumps last?

This is determined by a lot of factors such as build quality, material, your usage, the type of water flowing through the pump.
If you get a good-quality hot water recirculating pump, it can even last up to fifteen years.


This article discussed a hot water recirculating pump, some good buying options, and other relevant questions. It also touched upon the factors you should consider when buying a pump.

We hope that this aids you in making a decision. Happy shopping!

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