10 Best Iron Filter For Well Water

If you happen to encounter a yellow tint or a faint metallic taste on your well water supply, then it is time to invest in an iron filter. Although iron is one of the many minerals that are quite beneficial to human health, it does pose some major drawbacks such as bad taste, plumbing issues, and poor skin. 

Now, the question is, what is the best iron filter for well water that you can get? There are many choices out there on the market and this amazing article will help you clear out which are the best.

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Our Top Pick


Iron Pro 2

Equipped with Fine mesh resin, it can filter iron up to 6 PPM and other hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium and replace it with sodium ions. Highly recommended.

How Does an Iron Filter Work?

Every iron filter in the market differs from one another in terms of its filtration process and designs. However, they function on the same principle of filtering iron and other contaminants from the water. A typical iron filter usually has a 3-stage filtration process. 

  1. Pre-Treatment Stage – The 1st stage is where the iron filter utilizes an oxidant (usually consists of air, ozone, chlorine, or hydrogen peroxide) to induce contaminants to precipitate. This stage can be referred to as the oxidation stage.
  2. Filtration Stage – Afterwards, the water is transferred into the filter bed (usually made of greensand or filox media) for the 2nd stage of the process. This filters iron and other contaminants such as manganese, sulfur and more. After the filtration stage, clean water is then channeled across your home. 
  3. Backwash Stage – The 3rd stage is known as the self-cleaning process or backwash where the filtration system initiates a forceful flush. This removes iron and other contaminants out of the filtration media, draining these particles down the drain in the process. 

Iron Filter For Well Water Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickComparing Iron Pro 2 Iron Pro 2Filtration Capability: removes iron up to 6 PPM, calcium, magnesium and others.
$$$$, $318 every 5 Years
5 Years
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Complete SystemComparing Pelican Pentair Pelican PentairFiltration Capability: removes iron & manganese up to 10 PPM, chlorine, dirt, debris and others.
$$$$$, $104 Yearly
10-15 Years (Filter Media), 6-9 Months (Sediment Filter), 6-12 Months (Chlorination System)
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Budget PickComparing SoftPro Iron Master SoftPro Iron MasterFiltration Capability: removes iron & manganese up to 10 PPM, chlorine, dirt, debris and others.
$$, $104 Yearly
10-15 Years (Filter Media), 6-9 Months (Sediment Filter), 6-12 Months (Chlorination System)
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Comparing Aquasana Filter Aquasana FilterFilterFiltration Capability: removes iron up to 3 PPM, and others.
$$$, $261 Yearly
100,000 Gallons or 1 Year
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Comparing SpringWell Filter SpringWell Filter Filtration Capability: removes iron up to 7 PPM, sulfur at 8 PPM and manganese up to 1 PPM
Cost: $$$$$, $0.00 Yearly
18-25 Years
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Comparing iSpring WGB32BM iSpring WGB32BMFiltration Capability: removes iron up to 3 PPM, manganese up to 1 PPM and others.
$$$$$, $221 Yearly
100,000 Gallons or 1 Year
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Comparing Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Filtration Capability: removes iron up to 3 PPM, and others.
$$$, $261 Yearly
100,000 Gallons or 1 Year
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Comparing ABCwaters Iron Filter ABCwaters Iron Filter Filtration Capability: removes iron and manganese up to 6 PPM, and others.
$$$$$, $0 Yearly
30 Years
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Comparing Air Injection Platinum 15 Air Injection Platinum 15Filtration Capability: removes iron up to 27 PPM, hydrogen sulfide up to 17 PPM, manganese up to 11 PPM and others.
$$$$, $55 Yearly
15-20 Years
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Comparing Express Water Express Water FilterFiltration Capability: removes heavy metals (iron & sulfur), chlorine, dirt, rust, VOCs and others. 
$$$$, $310 Yearly
12 Months
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Well Water Iron Filter Review

1. Iron Pro 2

review of Iron Pro 2

Starting off our list of the best iron filter for well water is the Iron Pro 2 that is packed in with incredible softening capabilities and unique control head. 

Fine Mesh Resin: Iron Pro 2 uses a fine mesh resin which is made from conventional gel polystyrene sulfonate cation exchange resin. It is primarily made to remove ferrous iron up to 6 PPM. 

It is also capable of removing other hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium and replacing it with sodium ions thus softening the water. 

Digital 5600SXT Metered Control Head: One of the most prominent features that the Iron Pro 2 has is the inclusion of a simple yet efficient metered control head. 

The digital control measures water usage and automatically regenerates when needed. You can make some simple adjustments like capacity and salt usage here as well.

Round Brine Tank with Safety Float: Iron Pro 2 includes a brine tank that holds onto the salt used for regeneration. There is a safety float attached as well which is used to prevent accidental overfilling. 

Maintenance: Iron Pro 2’s Fine Mesh Resin has a reasonable lifespan of around 5 years before a replacement is needed. Each resin replacement cost $159.00 per 1 cubic foot. You do require 2 packages of resin replacement. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $318.00 every 5 years

+ Fine mesh resin softening performance.
+ Digital 5600SXT metered control head.
+ Round brine tank with safety float.
Expensive maintenance.
Not capable of removing ferric iron.

To learn more, check out our Iron Pro 2 review guide.

2. Pelican Iron & Manganese Water Filter

review of Pelican Iron & Manganese Water Filter

Pentair is another company known for producing products that are trusted by many. The Pelican WF4/ WF8 iron filter series is their answer to removing irons on source water. It is known for its great-tasting water and 4-stage oxidation system.  

4-Stage Oxidation System: Pelican WF4/WF8 iron & manganese water filter uses a 4-stage oxidation system that is capable of removing manganese and iron up to 10 PPM

  1. Pelican Sediment Filter – Most of Pentair’s water filters include a 5-micron sediment filter that is able to filter and remove dirt & debris from the water. 
  2. Pelican Chlorination System – Installed directly in the water supply line, it mixes a special chemical concentrate with the water. 
  3. Greensand Iron Removal – this stage is designed to trap and separate iron and manganese under a greensand bed which is then flushed out using a backwash system. 
  4. Carbon Filtration – Separated in a second tank is the premium carbon filtration system. It is the last stage that is designed to filter chlorine, chloramines and other contaminants. This also improves taste and odor. 

Certified Iron Filter: Pelican WF4/WF8 has been tested and certified to ensure great quality and experience when using the product itself. It has been certified in the following:

  • NSF/ANSI 42 certified for its Carbon Filtration Media and Sediment Filter. 
  • WQA/NSF 61 certified for the Greensand Iron Removal performance.

Maintenance: Pentair claims that the WF4 and WF8 does not require any maintenance on the filter media as it has a lifespan of around 10-15 years. However, that does not apply to the  Sediment Filter and Chlorination System. 

The Sediment filter has a lifespan of 6-9 months before a replacement is needed. Each filter cartridge cost $52.00. On the other hand, the Chlorination System can last for 6-12 months however replacement filters (Injector Pump Seal Kit – 3 O-Rings & Check Valve) can be purchased through a customer service representative. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $104.00

+ 4-Stage Oxidation System.
+ WQS Gold Certified NSF / ANSI standards.
+ Sediment filter included.

3. SoftPro Iron Master

review of SoftPro Iron Master

The SoftPro Iron Master is perceived as an affordable option for iron and contamination removal. It is one of the best water softener for well water with iron filter that equipped with an excellent AIO filtration system along with other unique features.

AIO Filtration System with Katalox Technology: Like the SpringWell’s WS1, SoftPro Iron Master uses their own AIO Technology Filtration System. It has up to 110,000 grain capacity and is capable of removing  organics contaminants over 7 PPM including manganese, zinc, copper, and hydrogen sulfide.

Iron Master also uses Katalox Technology that  provides ultimate water purification and removing iron up to 30 PPM. 

Next Generation Upflow Technology: One of SoftPro Iron Master’s most unique features is the inclusion of an Upflow Technology that drives hardness minerals through the depleted resin and into the drain. Salt and water waste are reduced by up to 75% and 64% respectively. 

Maintenance: SoftPro’s filter media has a lifespan of 8-10 years before a replacement is needed. It does require about 2-3 bags of salt refills a month although SoftPro has features such as smart clean and salt water recharge. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $600.00 

+ AIO filtration system.
+ Katalox Technology with advanced MnO2 coating.
+ Next generation upflow technology.
Expensive maintenance cost.
Maintenance extensive.

4. Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST

review of Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST

If you are looking for a complete package for water filtration and softening, the Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST is a salt-free iron filter that may be worth considering. It has dual water tank design UV technology that is capable of providing great tasting water. 

Filtration Technology: The Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST comprises several filtration systems that are capable of filtering and reducing 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, chlorine, and resistant cysts. 

  • Sediment Pre-Filter – The first stage capable of filtering dirt, sand, rust and other sediment particles. Its 20” sized filter helps prevent clogging and loss of water pressure. 
  • SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Conditioner – utilizes SCM technology which changes the structure of the minerals like iron, lead and manganese into crystal structures thus softening the water. 
  • Activated Carbon Filter – Designed for well use, it reduces herbicides, pesticides and other contaminants. It also removes up to 97% of chlorine to improve taste and odor. 
  • Aquasana Post-Filter – Considered a polishing agent, this reduces any last remaining sediment and organic particles. 

Unique Upflow Technology: Its dual tank filter design is equipped with an upflow technology that prevents clogging and increasing contact time between the water and the media. 

UV Water Purification Technology: The 5th stage of the filtration process that utilizes a UV light. It can remove up to 99.99% of microbial contaminants such as viruses and bacteria without using chemicals. 

Maintenance: In terms of maintenance, each component of the Aquasana features its own filtration capacity before a replacement is needed in order to maintain optimal performance. 

  • Sediment Pre-Filter –  Lifespan of 6-Months and cost $70.00 yearly ($35.00 each)
  • SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Conditioner – Lifespan of 5-Years and cost $670.00
  • Activated Carbon Filter – Lifespan of 5-Years and cost $549.00
  • Aquasana Post-Filter – Lifespan of 6-Months and cost $60.00 yearly ($30.00 each)

Annual Maintenance Cost: $130.00 ($1,349 every 5 years)

+ Excellent filtration performance.
+ Unique upflow technology.
+ UV water purification technology.
Poor customer service.
Short filter media lifespan.

Visit our Aquasana whole house water filter review to learn more about this filter.

5. SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter

review of SpringWell ULTRA Whole House Well Water Filter

Coming from a known company in the water filtration market for its no-drop water pressure and UV Technology, SpringWell introduces their line of Iron Filters as well with the WS1 (which we are going to take a look at) and WS4.

SpringWell Air Injection Oxidizing (AIO) Filter System: WS1 uses a single tank 4-stage filter system. It is capable of removing iron up to 7 PPM, hydrogen sulfide up to 8 PPM and manganese up to 1 PPM. 

  1. First stage where water flows through a pocket of air located on the top of the tank which therefore oxidizes iron, sulfur and manganese present. It adds oxygen to the water. 
  2. Sulfur gas is then trapped in the bed of green sand fusion. 
  3. Using an Empress Vortech Tank for faster cleaning, the AIO System will backwash the contaminants away from the bed of green sand fusion into the drains. This also replenishes the pockets of the air used in the first stage
  4. Clean water is released and spread across your home. 

Bluetooth Head Technology: This is the feature that sets the WS1 apart from the other SpringWell products. Developed by Nelsen Corporation, it gives you the ability to program and control your iron filter through your mobile phone. Simply download the app and connect via Bluetooth.

Through the app, you can adjust several filter settings such as air draw, backwash cycles, timing and more. 

Fast Water Pressure: SpringWell takes pride in its products to ensure no drop in water pressure. A SpringWell 1-4 bathroom configuration unit gives you 12 GPM compared to 7 GPM from its competitors

Maintenance: SpringWell claims that their iron filters do not require maintenance and the filter media has a long lifespan of around 18 to 25 years. Because of this, Springwell does not offer any replacement media. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $0.00

+ 4-Stage SpringWell Air Injection Oxidizing. (AIO) filter system.
+ Bluetooth head technology.
+ No drop in water pressure.
+ No Maintenance.

6. iSpring WGB32BM 3-Stage Water Filtration System

review of iSpring WGB32BM 3-Stage Water Filtration System

iSpring’s whole house water filter systems are always met with positive reviews from its satisfied customers for good quality, water flow rate, and easy installation. The iSpring WGB32BM focuses on reducing manganese and iron. 

3-Stage Filtration System: Similar to other iSpring whole house filtration systems, the WGB32BM features an NSF/ANSI tested 3-stage filtration system designed to remove up to 95% contaminants. It consists of the following stages:

  • FP25B PP Sediment Filter – the first stage removes sediments such as dirt and debris down to 5 microns. It is made from high-capacity multi-layer polypropylene which allows for fewer clogs and minimal pressure loss.
  • FC25B CTO Carbon Block – uses high-quality coconut shell carbon for maximum filtration efficiency. It is able to filter contaminants such as chlorine, lead, VOCs, chloramines, chemicals, heavy metals, and more. 
  • FM25B IM Iron Manganese Filter – specially designed for iron and manganese removal, it is capable of reducing up to 3 PPM and 1 PPM respectively. 

High Water Flow Rate: The WGB32BM comes with 3 large 20-inch capacity filters that have a peak flow rate of up to 15 GPM. 

Maintenance: In terms of maintenance, iSpring claims that both the FP25B and FC25B have a capacity of around 100,000 gallons or 12 months before a replacement is needed. The FP25B costs $26.00 per filter while the FC25B costs $35.00.

On the other hand, the FM25B IM Iron Manganese Filter claims to have a shorter capacity of 50,000 gallons and replacement cartridges cost around $80.00 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $221.00

+ 3-stage filtration system.
+ High water flow rate.
+ Affordable maintenance cost.
Leaks might occur.
Build quality.

Visit our iSpring WGB32B review guide to learn more about this filter.

7. Home Master HMF3SDGFEC

review of Home Master HMF3SDGFEC

Highly recommended by many satisfied customers, the Home Master HMF3SDGFEC is a great iron filter that provides an excellent 3-stage filtration system without reducing water pressure. 

3-Stage Filtration System: Similar to the WGB32BM, the Home Master features a 3 stage filtration system that is capable of reducing up to 95% of sediments, VOCs, TOCS, chemicals, and other types of contaminants.

  • Multi-Gradient Depth Polypropylene Sediment Filter – utilizes a multi-layer of 25, 5 and 1 micron of sediment filters. It is designed to trap sediments such as dirt and other bacterias. 
  • Radial Flow Iron Reduction Filter – Specializing in iron reduction, this stage effectively reduces sulfur and iron in water up to 3 PPM with minimal pressure drop. 
  • Radial Flow Granular Activated Carbon Filter – the last stage consists of a high-grade 20 micron coconut shell carbon filter that is capable of reducing chlorine (for taste and odor), and other chemicals. 

Oversized Parts: The Home Master filters, housings, and fittings are much bigger than usual. This is actually beneficial as its larger housing ensures water pressure never drops and also less maintenance is needed.

Maintenance: For maintenance, Home Master claims that all three filter cartridges can deliver up to 100,000 gallons of water before a replacement is needed. The Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, and Iron Reduction Filter cartridges cost around $36.00, $100.00, and $125.00 respectively. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $261.00

+ Excellent 3-stage filtration system.
+ Oversized parts for less water pressure drops and maintenance.
+ Affordable maintenance cost.
Some customers reported brown water after prolonged use.
Hard to install.

To learn more, please visit our Home Master whole house water filter review now.

8. ABCWaters 5600SXT

review of ABCwaters Iron Filter

The ABCWaters 5600SXT is another great iron filter that is quite similar to the Iron Pro 2 but with some unique features such as its own control head and improved fine mesh resin capabilities. 

Fine Mesh Resin: Similar to the Iron Pro 2, the ABCWaters 5600SXT uses a fine mesh resin as well and has a grain capacity of 48,000. The filtration system is capable of removing up to 6 PPM on manganese, ferrous and ferric iron. 

The system is also capable of removing other contaminants like sediment, sand and rust. 

Fleck 5600SXT Digital Control Head: Tested to last up to 27 years, the Fleck 5600SXT Control Head features a backlit display and touchpad controls which can be used to manage the filtration system. It also has a 48-hour internal power solution for emergency purposes. 

Pentair Scan and Service Application: On the side of the control head features a code that will take you to the Scan and Service App. This provides access to detailed configuration, documentation, spare parts, and troubleshooting manual. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $0.00

Maintenance: The ABCWaters 5600SXT has a long lifespan of around 30 years before a replacement is needed therefore it may require little to no maintenance. 

+ Fine mesh resin softening performance.
+ Fleck 5600SXT control head.
+ Scan and service head.
Customers reported brown water produced by the water softener.

9. Air Injection Platinum 15

review of Air Injection Platinum 15

The Air Injection Platinum 15 is an iron filter praised by many satisfied customers for improved tasting and odorless clean water produced. Although quite similar to the Iron Pro 2 for having a unique control head, its filtration performance differentiates it from the rest. 

Patented AIO Technology: Air Injection Platinum 15 has a patented AIO technology system that utilizes 1.5 cubic feet of high-grade manganese dioxide media or Filox that provides top of the line filtration performance. 

It is capable of filtering and removing iron up to 27 PPM, hydrogen sulfide up to 17 PPM and manganese up to 11 PPM. The Platinum Series 15 filtration system has a peak water flow rate of 12 GPM. 

Fleck Digital 2510SXT Control Head: Air Injection Platinum 15 uses a digital control head which is used to create pockets of air inside the tank when doing backwash cycle. 

This eliminates the need of a separate air tank. The control head also has a digital display that provides information on the filter system’s status. 

Almond Vortech Resin Tank: Made out of almond material, the vortech tank (located on the bottom of the tank) is a unique feature that ensures a more effective backwash and also prolongs the filter media life. 

Maintenance: In terms of maintenance, the Air Injection Platinum 15 utilizes around 1.5 cubic foot (or 3 half cubic foot bags) of filox media that has an impressive lifespan of 15-20 years. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $55.00 

+ Patented AIO Technology.
+ Fleck Digital 2510SXT control head.
+ Almond vortech resin tank.
+ Less maintenance required.
Hard to understand instructions for self-installation.
Poor customer support.

10. Express Water 3-Stage Water Filter System

review of Express Water 3-Stage Water Filter System

In our last review on our best iron filter for well water, the Express Water 3-stage filtration system is another great iron filter that features a great filtration system, easy to use and fast flow rate. 

3-Stage Heavy Metal Filtration System: Express Water utilizes a 3-stage filtration system that is capable of filtering and reducing sediments, heavy metals, viruses and other contaminants.

  1. Sediment Filter (SED) – made of 5 micron layered pure polypropylene microthread, the SED filter is capable of filtering  dirt, rust, sand, dust and other types of sediments.
  2. Kinetic Degradation Fluxion Filter (KDF) – designed for heavy metal filtration, the KDF filter primarily captures iron, lead chloramine, sulfur and other heavy metal contaminants. It is made from catalytic carbon, ionically charged copper and zinc granules that gives you maximum contaminant absorption. 
  3. Activated Carbon Block Filter (ACB) – the final stage comprises polypropylene shell, silicon ring and coconut husk carbon materials that maximizes filtration surface. It is capable of removing pesticides, VOCs,other industrial solvents and  improves taste & odor through chlorine removal. 

Fast Water Flow Rate: Despite having a 3-stage filtration system, Express Water provides clean water without a drop in water flow. It can supply up to 0.25 gallons per second. 

Easy to Install: Express Water designed the water filter system to be easy to install.. These include a free standing frame (mounted or unmounted installation), standard 1” connections for easy adaptability and pressure gauges for system information. 

Maintenance: For maintenance, Express Water claims that all three filters have a lifespan of 6-12 months. The SED, KDF and ACB cartridges cost around $25.00, $90.00, $40.00 respectively. However, Express Water offers a filter replacement set for $150.00 which offers a slight discount compared to purchasing the filters individually. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $310.00

+ Excellent 3-stage filtration system.
+ Easy to Install and Manage.
+ Fast water flow rate.
Customers reported water leaking.

What is an Iron Filter for Well Water?

Although iron can be beneficial in small doses, high traces of iron can have adverse effects on your health and your appliances. This is where iron filters come in. Iron filters are types of water filtration systems that effectively mitigate and remove iron (sometimes also heavy metals such as manganese) from the water. 

Iron filter systems operate by oxidizing the iron and converting from a dissolved or soluble state to an undissolved state. Once converted, it is then precipitated on a filter bed and softens the water. 

Iron Filter Works to remove 97 percent of chlorine

How did Iron Get Into the Water?

Iron can get into the water in many ways. EPA stated that iron and other heavy metals usually mix with our water by corrosion or seepage. The water that seeps into the ground is typically from rain or melting snow. Water dissolves iron and manganese that are commonly found in soil and rocks. This can be applied if you are using well water.  

Iron can also be found through corroded pipes, which are mostly made out of iron. These pipes and casing are likely to corrode as time goes on, thus affecting your water as well. 

How Does Iron Affect our Human Body?

Iron is generally safe to consume for most people in small doses. Iron in water can be beneficial as it is capable of moving oxygen and producing red blood cells around the body. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), iron is considered an essential mineral and may obtain the benefits when consumed at around 10-50mg per day.  However, consuming iron at a lethal dose from 200 to 250mg/kg of body weight can cause adverse reactions to the human body.

Negative effects include hemorrhagic necrosis, hemochromatosis, and bad stomach lining. Water mixed with iron may also give you a metallic flavor and bad odor which is an unpleasant  experience. 

Iron can also affect your hair and skin.. Overtime, your hair may turn dry and brittle and can leave a bad odor too. Iron can damage your skin cells and clog pores which can lead to severe acne or eczema 

Using an iron filter not only benefits  your health, it also prevents staining and prolongs the life of your household’s appliances, fixtures and pipes.  

What are the Different Types of Iron Filters?

There are 3 different types of iron filters in the market. They can differ from size, styles, filtration process, and designs. We will discuss the most common and popular types of iron filters in the market right now. 

  • Stand-up tank iron filter: This type of iron filter is quite popular and accessible to many. They feature a digital interface for system adjustments and monitoring. Some iron filters feature softeners as well which require salt in order to work. The salt works by removing iron and other particles through ion exchange.
  • 2-in-1 iron filter systems: an iron filter that features both the softener and a filter cartridge (usually a sediment filter). This type of iron filter gives you more filtration capabilities as it can filter other particles and contaminants.
  • 3-stage iron filters: This is the most popular and highly recommended type of iron filter for most users. It gives you a broader range of iron and contaminant removal. It features 3-stage filter cartridges that are capable of removing particles such as heavy metals, VOCs, herbicides, solvents, pesticides, bacteria and more. 

Iron filters also have different types of filter media. Water softeners use salt that is effective at removing the hardness of the water. 

3-stage iron filters provide a much deeper iron and contaminant removal as they utilize a trio of filters which consists of a sediment filter, kinetic degradation fluxion (KDF), and carbon block filters.

The sediment filter is capable of removing small particles such as dirt, rust and more while the KDF filter removes 95% of the contaminants. The carbon block removes radon and chlorine thus improving taste and odor. 

Iron filter benefits to the whole family's health

How to Choose an Iron Filter?

Now that you know more about the iron filter, it is time to invest in one. Before investing in an iron filter, kindly take a look at a couple of things you need to consider before making a big leap in purchasing one.

Types of Filter

Its filtration capability is one of the most important things to consider as it determines the quality of your drinking water. It is recommended that you get at least a 2-in-1 iron filter system as it not only filters iron but also covers more contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. 

Depending on your needs, choose the water filter that has the potential to remove the right contaminants found in your current water supply. 

Filter’s Lifespan and Maintenance

Most iron filters are quite costly when it comes to maintenance as it specializes in deep removal of iron and other contaminants. They do have a long lifespan though. However, the longer the filter can last the less maintenance frequency required. 

In terms of maintenance, check if the replacement cartridges are within your annual budget. Furthermore, it is recommended to identify if you need to do other maintenance aside from replacing the filter cartridges. 

Build Quality

Next is build quality, this is also one of the most important factors for you to consider as iron filters are designed for long term use. Ensure the iron filter is made from high-quality materials that will not corrode or break down. 

Installation Process

Although most modern iron filters are quite easy to install, it is always recommended to choose the right one that is easy to install. Make sure that the right instructions and tools are included in order to make the installation process much easier. Otherwise, you also have the option to ask a professional for help. 

Extra Features 

What differentiates iron filters from each other is the extra features. Check other features that may be beneficial in improving your iron filter. Example of an extra feature is a water softener.  

Iron filters can improve the whole family's health

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Iron Filter?

Like every water filter solution, an iron filter has a fair share of its advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to look at these in order for you to assess if it meets your needs.


  • Remove Iron – Iron filters’ priority is to remove iron from your water supply. However, depending on the iron filter you get, some may also filter other contaminants and particles. 
  • No chemicals added – these types of filters are generally safe to use and the water produced are safe to drink as well. They do not require any chemicals needed in order to filter and remove contaminants. Iron filters with water softeners will add small amounts of salt into the water. 
  • Reduces and prevents stains and damages in your home – Iron filter prevents stains and clogging within the pipes therefore you can use the clean water for any other purposes. 
  • Low maintenance – Most iron filters have a built-in backwash feature which can be used to clean and restore its filter media without any human intervention needed. This makes an iron filter less reliant on maintenance. 


  • May target only iron – there are some iron filters that are built to function quite simply to just filter only iron and nothing else. Therefore some contaminants may still remain. If deep filtration is required, a 2-in-1 iron filter or the 3-stage iron filter will do the job better. 

FAQ for  Iron Filter for Well Water

How often will I have to maintain my iron filter?

Depending on your use cases and how contaminated your water is, maintaining your iron filter can either be frequent or seldom. Most manufacturers indicate a range for the lifespan of your product which you can use as a basis for how frequently you need to maintain it.

What removes iron from well water?

There are 3-types of iron that is commonly found in well water that your iron filter can remove. These are ferrous iron (“clear-water iron”), ferric iron (“red-water iron”), and organic iron. Ferrous iron and ferric iron usually comes out of the faucet first and its colors are clear and red respectively. 

On the other hand, organic iron is commonly found in shallow wells or wells that are affected by surface water. They are usually yellow or brown in color but it is also possible to be colorless. 

What is the difference between a water softener and an iron filter?

Water softeners and iron filters are different from one another primarily in its function. Iron filters focus on removing irons while water softeners remove calcium and magnesium. Water softeners are best to use when there are low levels of iron found in your water but otherwise, the iron filter is the right choice. 

What type of filter removes iron?

There are many types of filter on the market that is capable of removing iron from the water. Examples of these include water softeners, manganese greensand, filox media, birm, and kinetic degradation fluxion (KDF) filters. 


That’ll wrap up our product reviews and additional details for our best iron filter for well water. Our top pick which is the Iron Pro 2 is a great iron filter that excels greatly in iron removal so make sure to consider that. 

Hopefully, this article will help you out in choosing the right one for your household needs. Iron filters can be beneficial in turning your water more satisfying to drink and use. 

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