4 Best Kraus Kitchen Faucets

Are you tired of facing the leakage and problems that are coming with the taps of your home? Do you want a perfect solution that will set you free from such extra efforts? Look nowhere, here we have covered you with the reviews of the best Kraus Kitchen Faucets.

The challenge is choosing a product that covers all your needs and is a perfect match. Our Kraus faucet reviews will help you narrow the list of the best Kraus kitchen Faucets and choose one that covers your requirements with high performance.

Let’s dive deeper into the review of the top four Kraus Kitchen Faucet.

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Our Top Pick


Kraus Bolden

The Kraus KPF-1601SS Bolden kitchen fixture wins the heart of every individual due to its ultra-modern design and gooseneck style. Also, it features a 20″ hose alongside pre-attached mounting hardware and waterlines, suitable for a wide range of kitchen operations.

Introduction of Kraus Faucets

Kraus is a prominent and leading kitchen and bath fixtures manufacturer. They are committed to providing products of the highest quality with affordable designs. Their products are stunning and versatile in their appearance and structure to fit your lifestyle without challenging your budget.

Kraus has always strived to create a strong bond with their customers, and it is evident that a large group of consumers have high expectations in the bath and kitchen industry, such as kitchen sink, bathroom faucets, etc.

This bond is because Kraus has always tried to educate their consumers about the importance and benefits of using high-quality and durable materials that make their products long-lasting and sustainable.

If you are out there in search of a top-rated kitchen faucet, consider Kraus. You will get the value worth your investment.

Benefits Of Using Kraus Faucet

Choosing the right fixture adds charm to your household and depicts an individual’s taste. In this regard, Kraus has taken the world by storm due to providing plenty of benefits. To have a look at them, scroll down and read on our Kraus Kitchen faucet reviews:

Ceramic Cartridge

No wonder Kraus products never fail to amaze their customers by introducing breath-taking kitchen faucets based on modern technologies. Nearly all their faucets are equipped with top-quality ceramic cartridges, making their products highly durable & long-lasting.

Aside from that, they examine their cartridges to ensure they are free from any leaks or drips. By integrating Kraus faucets, you don’t need to worry about its maintenance as they’re approximately close to maintenance-free.

Eye-catching Colors

Kraus faucets leave no stone unturned to impress their customers. They manufacture their products with eye-catching colors and beautiful finishes.

You may find a wide range of colors in most faucets, from matte black to chrome or stainless steel to oil-rubbed bronze and matte gold, suitable for everyone’s style.

Kraus KPF-2620SFS Oletto Kitchen Faucet extended hose feature

Beautiful Finishes

What makes them stand out from the crowd is that they provide excellent value to money by producing high-quality, versatile faucets.

Thanks to their robust and sturdy construction, the faucet won’t corrode or tarnish over time. 

Single Handles

Another essential benefit of purchasing Kraus kitchen faucets is that they’re fortified with single handles, making the cleaning or washing easier.

With one handle feature, you don’t need to worry about picking and choosing between cold and hot water taps making it a perfect choice for bathroom sinks.

Easy to Install

One of the distinctive features that make Kraus faucets highly demanding is their easy installation. Yes, with the Kraus faucets, neither you have to learn any plumbing expertise nor watch long videos to install them because they come with a quick dock mounting assembly.

The faucet Kraus offers comes with an instruction manual that would assist you in setting up the faucet hassle-free. Moreover, a Kraus kitchen faucet comes with QuickConnect water lines, which can also be attached quickly without needing any tools to tighten them.

Kraus Kitchen Faucet Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
WinnerKraus Bolden Kraus Bolden Material: Brass and Stainless Steel finish
Type: Deck mounts with components including mounting hardware, faucet, water supply lines.
Features: 18-inch commercial Kitchen faucet made of stainless steel. It’s a Pull-down spray head with dual functions.
Water Flow Rate: 1.8 GPM
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Kraus Oletto Kraus OlettoMaterial: Brass and spot free stainless steel
Type: Deck mounting installation
Features: Upgraded style, spot-free All-Brite brushed satin nickel finish, dual-function sprayer, and reach pull-down technology.
Water Flow Rate: 1.75 GPM
Read Full Review
Kraus Artec Kraus ArtecMaterial: Brass with a Brushed finish
Type: Deck mounting installation
Features: Spot-free finish, 2-Function faucet-pot filler, magnetic docking, durable all-metal construction, and pull-down commercial style kitchen faucet.
Water Flow Rate: 1.8 GPM
Read Full Review
Kraus Sellette Kraus SelletteMaterial: Brass and spot free stainless steel
Type: Deck Mount installation and the faucet has water lines, all mounting hardware needed, and an optional deck plate.
Features: Dual-function and pull-down sprayer with a spot-free stainless steel finish.
Water Flow Rate: 1.8 GPM
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Top 4 Kraus Faucet Reviews:

Here is our review of the top four Kraus Faucets for you that will help you choose the right faucet of the Kraus brand. Let’s have a look:

1. Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden (Winner)

Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden

The Kraus kitchen faucet is one of the most appealing types on the market, and therefore, it is on the top of our commercial kitchen faucet reviews. The stainless metallic surface is blemish and simple to clean.

The pull-down spraying is an excellent innovation, with a detachable hose for optimum efficiency and space savings. It is also built to last, and it includes mounting gear and 22 pre-attached waterlines.

The Kraus Bolden KPF-1610SS faucet has an 18-inch spout that is designed to fit under many cupboards. With the push of a trigger, you may switch between two modes: spraying and washing.

The Kraus Bolden KPF-1610SS faucet is made of solid brass and stainless steel finishes. This faucet is an excellent choice because brass and stainless steel do not dent or corrode quickly due to their rust-resistant finish, even for houses with hard water.

These materials are likely to survive bumps and scrapes that arise with repeated use due to their durability.

The 18-inch gooseneck allows you to quickly fill big bowls and pots without spilling a drop. When doing chores or cooking, the gooseneck spins 180 degrees, allowing for optimum fury.

It features an aerated water stream to save water while maintaining a robust and constant flow in terms of energy efficiency.

Despite its massive 18-inch neck, the Kraus KPF Bolden faucet model can fit in even the smallest of places. To adjust on sinks with backsplashes, the on/off/temperature handle turns just 90 degrees.

The faucet’s range of motion removes the need for a second attachment, such as a sprayer nozzle combined with a rinse faucet.

The Kraus KPF kitchen faucet is available in various finishes, including matte black, brushed gold, and chrome. Matte black and chrome are less expensive than the other two options for kitchen faucets.

Kraus gives customers everything they need to install the Kraus KPF Bolden faucet on their own. The new faucet includes a pre-attached 22-inch waterline as well as the installation hardware.

The Kraus KPF kitchen faucet requires only one hole to be installed. However, a second hole is required if you want to use a matching soap station.

+ Adjustable water flow, ideal for a variety of culinary activities.
+ Slim, contemporary design
+ The gooseneck design allows for easy side-to-side movement.
+ Detachable nozzle with a range of up to 2 feet
Head hangs very low.
The sprayer head is constructed of plastic components.

2. Kraus KPF-2620SFS Oletto

Kraus KPF-2620SFS Oletto

Kraus Oletto faucet provides an excellent choice for those who consider versatility, function, performance, and power important for purchasing. 

Have a look at its outstanding features:

The Kraus faucet comes with two spraying functions to choose from. You can go for either the aerated spray or the powerful spray.

The aerated spray offers a broader spray that can be used with large cleaning utensils or to get an even coat of water on any utensil.

While the powerful spray focuses on precision and power, you can point the faucet on power mode and go to town if you are in a sticky situation. The flow rate and pressure are very friendly; you really can feel the pressure quality in the power mode.

The hose is 14″ and is flexible, so maneuvering is effortless, making the use very convenient. This can help with easy cleanups and essentially pairs very well with the dual spraying function, especially power.

The ability to pivot is also helpful for bulk cleanups, an option you don’t see at this price range very often.

The build quality is fantastic, and the material is brushed nickel. Kraus faucet’s material is non-corrosive and can also prevent water spots. The color is also pretty well made; it doesn’t fade quickly and is not prone to flake off as well.

Faucets are an essential part of a kitchen, and they should be able to test the sands of time, and Kraus does not leave any room for error with this one.

The faucet is available in several colors ranging from brushed oil-rubbed bronze to matte black. The colors accommodate the texture of the faucet beautifully, which makes it stand out.

You can match it with your furniture, cabinets, or wall color; whatever color scheme you have, there is an option that will fit right in.

While the faucet is the main product, there are different combos of it as well, and a few options are also available. The combo options are very well priced considering the quality and the products, and it is built for the people who would like to get a complete set for their kitchen.

There is also the option for purchasing accessories along with the kitchen faucet, so make sure to check it out and contact Kraus.

+ Durable material
+ Flexible hose
+ Multiple colors
+ Dual spraying option
Drain-line is omitted
Moderately priced

3. Kraus KPF-1603SFSMB Artec Pro

Kraus KPF-1603SFSMB Artec Pro

This Kraus Artec faucet is the ideal choice if you’re searching for a high-quality, ultra-modern design.

The design is similar to a commercial faucet brand. The matte black coloring adds a distinctive and personal touch, making it the perfect fit for a bright, stylish kitchen finish that shows the finest of modern interior design.

This faucet is not only smooth and sleek in appearance, but it is also built to last. The faucet comprises a highly durable brass body and a rust-resistant finish, one of its top attributes.

Not only does this give the faucet a more modern and incredibly stylish appearance, but it also extends its lifetime and durability. Kraus Artec Pro is a kitchen faucet designed to survive and withstand the passage of time, no matter how hard you use it.

The high price market of this kitchen faucet demands this feature. – this is a model on the top end of the pricing scale – but the superb quality of the materials used helps make it a good purchase.

The dual-functioning kitchen faucet, which allows you to select between a full spray or a steady stream of water at the push of a button, will also impress its users.

You can make anything from washing dishes to filling a bottle a smooth, simple job, no matter whichever home chore you’re tackling.

The telescopic hose has a good reach, giving you complete access to every region of the sink and surrounding, and due to a sturdy magnet dock mechanism, it will lock back into position cleanly when you’re done.

Spotless feature, which helps you to erase blotches and fingerprints completely, makes keeping the faucet fresh, shining, and tidy a breeze. This is particularly necessary for a busy work kitchen!

This Kraus kitchen faucet also has convenient, easily cleanable nozzles, making it simple to remove dirt, gunk, and any other unpleasant build-up.

This keeps your tap clean, spotless, and operating at peak efficiency, as well as ensuring that it will last as long as possible.

+ Reliable brass body with spot-resistant spout
+ The magnetic docking system makes it easy to use
+ Nozzles can be wiped and cleaned easily
+ Dual-function
A bit pricey
Noisy when the water is flowing

4. Kraus KPF-1680SFS Sellette

Kraus KPF-1680SFS Sellette

The Kraus KPF Sellette kitchen faucet is the ideal choice for you if you want a clean, stylish appearance that is flexible and can fit nearly any kind of kitchen.

Sharp lines cut through the clutter, providing you with a faucet that is both attractive and functional while also bringing a splash of color to your kitchen. This highly adaptable design becomes an essential component of your kitchen, rather than just a practical object.

The Kraus KPF Sellette faucet is not only beautiful, but its use is effortless. Thanks to its single-handled design, allowing you to switch it in and out along with changing the temperature, all with the push of a button.

If you have busy hands or arms or are attempting to manage many things simultaneously, this can be a savior! It also means that you can ensure that the kitchen faucet is always firmly switched off, decreasing the possibility of water waste.

The adjustable spray hose has a 16-inch reach, giving you ample room around the sink and the flexibility to control the low flow of water wherever you need it at any given time.

Furthermore, setup is quick and easy, thanks to a basic drop-in system that allows you to quickly get on with your day while ensuring that everything has been attached and ready to go.

The color is one of the few faults that have been observed with this gadget. Though technically stainless steel, some buyers have complained that it is a little different color than other ‘stainless steel’ things, which might be a problem if you like an all-matching kitchen aesthetic.

Also, after some time, the sprayer may begin to leak, which may be a big problem for some buyers when it comes to water wastage. However, Kraus KPF comes with a lifetime warranty which brings you peace of mind when it comes to such cases.

However, when it comes to good value for the money, Kraus KPF is a high-quality item at a more than reasonable price. This makes it an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a quick method to modernize their kitchen without being too harsh on their pockets.

+ Sleek and stylish design
+ Flexible hose up to 16″, to reach narrow endings of sink
+ User-friendly single-handed design
+ Dual function spray
The sprayer can leak if used heavily
Slightly different color than other faucets

Our Verdict: Recommended

Kraus is the leading name in the Kitchen and Bath fixtures industry. The best pull-down faucet of Kraus is always a beneficial investment to make. No doubt, investing in kitchen faucets is a one-time investment. Therefore, you can’t make the wrong decision.

With that said, Kraus has many features that make them stand out in the competition. Such features are:

  • The Ceramic cartridges, which make them durable.
  • Attractive color and style, with easy cleaning and negligible maintenance.
  • Their single handle feature is excellent for temperature regulation which is its distinctive quality.
  • Nonetheless, the effortless installation process sets you free from any hassle.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the best decision to furnish your kitchen with a beautiful faucet that Kraus offers.

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