8 Best Moen Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets

When it comes to refurbishment of your household, just like other accessories, faucets and fixtures can significantly impact the aesthetic of your home. Perhaps, you’re pretty confused about which faucets you should choose that would be a game-changer for you? If so, without looking further, integrate Moen faucets into your daily lives.

To save you time, we’ve piled up a list of the best Moen kitchen and bathroom faucets reviews by comparing price, design, and other high-end features.

In this post, we will provide the best faucets in the following categories


  1. Moen Kitchen Faucets
  2. Moen Bathroom Faucets

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Our Top Pick


Moen Arbor

Transform your kitchen with Moen Arbor 7594ERS Faucet. The product features metal construction with three gorgeous colors, two motion sense sensors, a powerful spray head, a self-retractable hose, and a reflex system to ensure the effective running of operations. Besides, it’s easy to install and comes with a warranty.

Introduction of Moen Faucets

Moen is an American product and was first discovered by Alfred Moen, and now it’s part of Fortune Brands Home & Security Company. The Moen headquarters is located in North Olmsted, Ohio.  

Moen remains one of the top-line companies in introducing extraordinary kitchen fixtures and bathroom faucets. Continuing its position in the plumbing industry, Moen has been one of the best faucet brands in North America for years. 

In 1947, Moen was the first faucet manufacturers who introduced single-handle faucets. Afterward, in 1979, Moen announced two handle faucets with the washer-free cartridges. 

In addition to faucets and fixtures, other Moen products you’ll find in the market include towel bars and rings, shower curtain rods, roll holders, and other essential bathroom and kitchen accessories. 

In 1997, Moen brought together 1225 magnum non-metallic cartridges alongside LifeShine non-tarnish finish faucets that made them stand out from the crowd. 

And finally, in 2010, Moen introduced motion-sense faucets, ensuring hands-free operations.

Woman using the Moen 7594esrs arbor motionsense two-sensor touchless one-handle for her kitchen

Benefits of Using Moen Faucets 

The faucet industry needs no introduction. In terms of faucet designs, Moen was the first company to introduce state-of-the-art products. 

With innovations like reflex system, M-Pact valve cartridge, unique swivel spout, motion sense faucets, and self-retractable hose, Moen has a wide variety of exceptional features. 

In short, no other faucet brand produces such an enormous range of modern faucets, just like Moen does. 

You’ll find plenty of reasons why you should integrate Moen faucets into your household. 

Let’s have a look together. 

Power Clean Spray Technology

One of Moen’s outstanding features distinguishing it from other brands is its innovative power clean spray technology. With this feature, you can perform multiple operations simultaneously without getting frustrated. 

Wide Variety of Faucets 

Moen was the first company to introduce high-quality faucets and fixtures under fairly price tags. You’ll find a wide range of faucets, such as simple spout, pull out, and Moen pull-down faucets. 

Moen 6400bn eva one-handle single hole bathroom sink faucet with optional deckplate and drain assembly inside a bathroom

Attractive Finishes and Designs

No other brand has introduced faucets having a plethora of gorgeous colors and finishes. Moen faucets are available in eight eye-catching colors, including oil-rubbed bronze, nickel, chrome, matte black, and stainless steel that can perfectly match every décor. 

Duralock Quick Connect System 

One of the magnificent creations Moen features is the Duralock quick connect system. With this system, you can easily install water lines with the faucet without needing professional tools or plumbing expertise. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Integrate Moen kitchen faucets and bathroom fixtures in your household as they come with a limited lifetime warranty. In case if you find out leaks, drips, or color fading, get in touch with Moen customer support.

Moen Kitchen Faucets Comparison 

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Moen Arbor Moen ArborMaterial: Alloy Steel 
Type: Deck Mounted with single-hole installation
Features: Pulldown high arc kitchen faucet, three spray settings, dual motion sense sensors, reflex system, and three beautiful finishes. 
Water flow rate: 1.5 GPM
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Moen Chateau  Moen Chateau Material: Chrome 
Type: Deck mounted with two or 4-holes installation
Features: Side spray, single handle faucet, unique swivel spout, and an escutcheon plate. 
Water flow rate: 1.5 GPM
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Moen Voss  Moen Voss Material: Metal 
Type: Deck mounted with single-hole installation 
Features: Spot resists stainless steel finish, power clean spray technology, two spray settings, and easy to install. 
Water flow rate: 1.5 GPM 
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Moen Spring  Moen Spring Material: Metal 
Type: Deck mounted with 1-hole installation
Features: Power boost technology, four gorgeous finishes, side spray, and Duralock quick connect system. 
Water flow rate: 1.5 GPM
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Top 4 Moen Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Here’s a lowdown of the best Moen kitchen faucets

1. Moen Arbor 

Moen Arbor 

One of the best kitchen faucets that speak volumes is none other than the Moen Arbor 7594ERS pull-down faucet. This exceptional kitchen faucet is a perfect combination of contemporary design with modern features. 

Speaking of its style, this single handle high arc pull-down faucet offers a wide variety of gorgeous finishes, including chrome, spot resist stainless, and oil rubbed bronze, complementing every kitchen décor.  

You’ll be in awe with its spot resistant stainless steel finish that will hold out against water spots and fingerprints. 

Luckily, you’ll find dual motion sense sensors along with this faucet that helps turn the water on and off, ensuring hands-free convenience. 

Besides, you’ll notice three different functions with this faucet. You can use it as a power spray clean mode to rinse veggies or fruits or utilize it as an aerated stream for filling water, or even you can make use of its pause mode to avoid water splashing.

One of its distinctive features which makes this Moen faucet stand out from the crowd is its reflex system. With this feature, you can stretch the spray head in all directions without getting twisted or damaged.  

With its powerful pull-down spray head, you can expect secure docking. Aside from that, with a flexible hose, you can quickly get rid of those hard-to-reach spots around the sink.  

When we talk about its power, it requires six AA batteries to operate. 

You can expect the best performance in terms of delivering consistent fresh water without any impurities due to its power clean technology. 

Those Moen faucets that come with this technology boost 50% more water flow than those that don’t integrate power clean technology.

To summarize, this Moen faucet is one of the best pull-down sink faucets, among others.

+ Comes with a Moen’s limited lifetime warranty.
+ Features two motion sense sensors to deliver water.  
+ Available in multiple splendid finishes. 
+ Self-retractable hose and a powerful spray head. 
No soap dispenser is included.
High price tag. 

2. Moen Chateau 

Moen Chateau 

Choosing a kitchen faucet is quite crucial, as we spend most of our time performing kitchen chores. Are you in search of the best Moen kitchen faucet that would save your time? Without a doubt, integrate Moen 7430 touchless kitchen faucet in your household. 

This single-handle low arc kitchen faucet boasts a modern, sleek design that effortlessly matches most sinks. 

With its easy-to-rotate handle, you can control the temperature and water flow hassle-free. 

In addition to that, it’s available in three eye-catching colors, including brushed chrome that lends a hi-tech presence in your household. 

Besides, the additional matching side spray power allows more flexibility during washing piles of utensils or pepping the faucet inside out. 

Moreover, the gooseneck style swivel spout assists you in performing a wide range of operations quickly and effortlessly. 

The powerful spray head is its excellent feature, as you can wash big dirty dishes within just a few minutes alongside economic saving of water. 

Most people claim their faucets leak or rust over time, but with these pull-down faucets, you’ll find a Duralast 1255 ceramic cartridge that would guarantee a leak-free or corrosion-free faucet. 

The most alluring feature of this ideal faucet is its super-efficient Duralock installation system. With this system, you can install the faucet easily without seeking any professional expert’s help.   

Above all, it’s a no-frills faucet and features a rust-resistant finish that hinders smudges and resists the congested dirt from sticking to the surface. Plus, it’s super easy to clean and maintain. 

+ Meet with all ADA/CEC water-compliant regulations. 
+ Deck mount profile with 2 or 4 holes easy installation. 
+ Includes an escutcheon plate. 
+ Easy to install without learning any hardcore skills. 
Limited water flow rate.
Doesn’t comprehend a soap dispenser. 

3. Moen Voss 

Moen Voss 

Are you ready to revamp your kitchen sink with a flawless faucet? Then look no further. Moen Voss 9125SRS Pull Out Kitchen Faucet has got you covered. 

This metal construction faucet has far more capabilities rather than just looks. 

It combines multiple elements of a contemporary kitchen faucet:

  • A concentrated spray hose.
  • Pull-down spout.
  • Touchless activation for hands-free convenience.
  • A single-handle function to monitor temperature and control water flow. 

Besides, the spot resists stainless finish match perfectly with every kitchen decor.

The ideal faucet features power clean spray technology that would ease heavy-duty cleaning while reducing water splashback. 

Apart from that, this Moen kitchen faucet has fortified with two spray modes. You can utilize it as an aerated stream just to fill pots or rinse out veggies, or you can even use the powerful spray to perform the most challenging jobs.

Moreover, the gooseneck style swivel spout provides you with greater functionality and excellent maneuverability.

Plus, the faucet offers a 1255 Duralock ceramic disc cartridge, ensuring corrosion-free, rust-proof performance. 

Luckily, the exquisite faucet features reflex technology that would accommodate you to perform tedious kitchen chores without any difficulty. 

The ultra-flexible hose is another compelling feature. With such a long hose, you can clean all corners of the kitchen sink thoroughly and effortlessly.  

Thanks to its Duralock quick connect system. With this efficient system, you can easily install the faucet or even attach water lines to the faucet without hiring plumbing professionals. 

+ Features Duralock quick connect system for easy installation. 
+ Equipped with a top-notch Duralast drip-free cartridge. 
+ Comes with Moen’s limited lifetime warranty. 
+ Reflex system provides smooth operation.
A little overpriced. 
The escutcheon plate is relatively small.

4. Moen Spring 

Moen Spring 

Are you searching for a flawless kitchen faucet having a plethora of hi-tech features? Then, you should add Moen Spring 5923SRS Pull-Down kitchen faucet in your household. 

Whether you have a small functional kitchen or a large oasis one, this versatile kitchen faucet is precisely what you need.

This traditional style, tulip design Moen kitchen faucet features four beautiful finishes, complementing every kitchen decor. 

From matte black to black stainless or spot resist stainless to chrome, every other color is mesmerizing.  

The power clean spray technology is an excellent feature, as you can wash tons of utensils quickly and with ease. 

Not only that, the long 22.5″ retractable hose alongside a 10″ docked spout helps to remove those hard-to-reach spots.  

Besides, with the high-quality ceramic disc cartridge, you can prevent the faucet from being oxidized or tarnished. 

To keep the faucet clean, don’t use harsh chemicals or harmful liquids as they may damage the faucet’s body. Instead, wipe down the dirt with a piece of cloth, and you’re all set to keep the bacteria at bay. 

The faucet features a Duralock quick connect system that helps connect water liens through the faucet without proficient tools. 

Besides, the modern faucet meets with all ADA/CEC water complaint regulations.

All in all, it’s a perfect faucet to introduce in your daily life as it requires little to no maintenance and offers huge convenience. Lastly, it’s super easy to clean and maintain.

+ Provides excellent value for money than other faucets.
+ Comes with a Duralock quick connect system.
+ Spot resist stainless finish.
+ Easy to clean and maintain.
Comes without a soap dispenser.
Limited water flow rate.

Moen Bathroom Faucets Comparison 

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Moen Eva  Moen Eva Material: Metal 
Type: Deck mounted with single-hole installation. 
Features: High-arc spout, spray head, unique swivel spout, easy to install, and cost-efficient. 
Water Flowrate: 1.2 GPM
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Moen Brantford  Moen Brantford Material: Metal 
Type: Deck mount with 1-3 holes installation
Features: M-Pact valve system, lifetime finish, drain assembly, two handles, and a trim kit. 
Water Flowrate: 1.2 GPM
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Moen Eva Two Handles Moen Eva Two HandlesMaterial: Brushed nickel 
Type: Deck mounted with three or 4-holes installation
Features: Swan-like spout, petal-like two handles, high-quality drip-free cartridge, and easy to install. 
Water Flowrate: 2.5 GPM
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Moen Genta Moen GentaMaterial: Silicone, rubber 
Type: Deck mount with single hole installation
Features: Elegant body design, high-arc spout, unique flow, and proper red/blue color indications. 
Water Flowrate: 1.2 GPM
Read Full Review

Top 4 Moen Bathroom Faucet Reviews

Below, we’ve mentioned the best Moen bathroom faucet reviews. 

1. Moen Eva 

Moen Eva 

Just like kitchen Faucets, choosing a bathroom faucet also need meticulous attention to detail. In this regard, you can never go wrong with integrating Moen high arc bathroom faucets in your daily lives. 

One of the best bathroom faucets Moen has recently introduced is their Moen’s Eva Series. This bathroom faucet has a wide variety of premium specifications that can perfectly match every bathroom style. 

This ideal faucet is specially designed for single-hole mounting, but you can also use it as a three or four holes installation via its included escutcheon plate or a deck plate.

The waterfall design and four intuitive colors, including nickel, oil rubbed bronze, matte black, and brushed chrome finish, lends a sophisticated outlook. 

The most appealing feature is its pivot-action lever style handle. With the single handle, you can control the water flow and temperature by using its 100-degree arc. 

Besides, with this high-quality bathroom faucet, cleaning won’t be an issue. 

Moen recommends not to use any unwanted chemicals or harmful liquids as they could harm the faucet’s body or even result in color fading. 

In addition, it features the aerated spray power that would assist you in performing daily-routine operations swiftly and efficiently, for instance, brushing teeth, taking a bath, or washing dirty clothes. 

All in all, it includes drain assembly and mounting hardware that are necessary to install the faucet. 

Moreover, it features WaterSense technology that helps economic saving of water without compromising on performance. 

+ Meets with WaterSense Criteria. 
+ Elegant, sophisticated design with three attractive finishes. 
+ Delicately designed for a single-hole installation.
+ Comes with a deck plate and an escutcheon plate.
Low water flowrate, i.e., 1.5 GPM. 
No soap dispenser is included. 

2. Moen Brantford 

Moen Brantford 

The Moen Brantford collection features traditional design faucets with modern features. One of their magnificent creation is – Moen T6620BN two-handle bathroom faucet.  

Speaking of its style, this high arc bathroom faucet features an elegant, sophisticated design that meets eco-friendly principles. 

Besides, this ideal Brantford faucet gives both a practical and stylish appearance to any bathroom.  

You don’t need to mix and match hot/cold water lines with its classic two-lever handles. 

Aside from that, you can modify the faucet handles and install them anywhere between 8-16 inches to further enhance your sink appearance.

Another extravagant feature is its unique tapered spout that delivers a natural flow of water without any disturbance. 

Does your old faucet start to be drenched or sieve-like? Then this Brantford faucet is all you need. 

It has equipped with a high-end ceramic disc cartridge that promises corrosion-free, rust-free, and ever-lasting performance.

Moen faucets are crafted with a lifetime of shine. Yes, you read that right. 

No other bathroom faucet guarantees a lifetime non-tarnish finish under such a pocket-friendly price tag. 

But with this faucet, you’ll get a lifetime brushed nickel finish that improves the faucet’s life.  

Moreover, the faucet is well-suited with the M-PACT valve system that would support you in updating the trim kit without seeking the help of plumbing professionals. 

Plus, it fulfills all ADA/CEC water regulations.

In a nutshell, this Moen faucet is a perfect fit for both residential and commercial usage due to its versatile widespread profile. 

Plus, its assembly is super-efficient, and in under half an hour, you’re all done with its installation. 

+ Includes Drain trim kit along with other mounting hardware. 
+ Easy to use and install without any tools.
+ Features two handles to avoid hot and cold water mixing. 
+ Comes with Moen’s limited lifetime warranty.
Comes without a deck plate. 

3. Moen Eva Two Handles

Moen Eva Two Handles

Have you got tired after replacing faucets over time? Do you want to know which bathroom faucets are in-demand? Then, without a second thought, introduce Moen bathroom faucets.

One of their latest inventions is Moen Eva two handles high arc roman tub faucet. 

From its aesthetically beautiful design to its robust construction, you will love everything about it. Moreover, This tub faucet can seamlessly fit any three-hole bath.  

Firstly, the faucet features an intuitive swan-like spout that rotates 360 degrees in all directions, providing a fresh stream of water non-stop. 

That being said, the two-petal-like lever handles assist you in controlling temperature and water adjustments.

Besides, this traditional faucet features three beautiful colors: polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel, complementing every bathroom decor. 

The polished chrome finish provides a warm, relaxing appearance to your household. In addition to that, the oil-rubbed bronze along with a brushed nickel finish gives a rich antique style to your bathtub. Thus, ensuring lifetime durability. 

The powerful spray head is its distinctive feature so that you can enjoy a soothing, relaxing bath without any worry.

Speaking of its cartridge type, it’s made up of high-quality material that promises leak-free, rust-free faucet life. 

Most importantly, this Moen faucet has equipped with an M-PACT valve system that ensures long-lasting performance. 

Once the installation process has been done, you can easily upgrade your trim kit without altering any plumbing. Just by removing the old trim kit with a new one, and you’re all set.

Lastly, the faucet comes with a warranty, an instruction manual, and other essential mounting hardware to install the faucet.

+ Contemporary style with three beautiful finishes.
+ Features M-pact valve system.
+ Unique swivel spout and a retractable hose.
+ Two separate handles to control water flow.
Comes without a deck plate.
A little pricey. 

4. Moen Genta

Moen Genta

Are you planning to introduce a new faucet in your household? Then, you must check out Moen Genta single-handle modern bathroom faucet. This Moen faucet has all the exceptional features beyond your imaginations. 

With this flawless faucet, you don’t need to stress about its cleaning as its highly-reflective chrome finish resists spots or fingerprints. 

Besides, this simple design faucet assists you in easy single-bolt installation, which you rarely find out in other faucets. 

Speaking of its body type, it is made up of silicone, rubber which is highly exceptional. The smooth edges with attractive three finishes, such as matte black, chrome, and brushed nickel, perfectly match every bathroom setting. 

Besides, the faucet features a streamlined design along with a single lever handle. By using its easy-to-rotate single-handle, you can monitor temperature flow or make water adjustments hassle-free. 

Another outstanding feature is its high-arc gooseneck style spout that promotes smooth water flow and ensures plenty of clearance.

With the use of a deck plate, it’s a perfect fit for three holes installation. 

Moreover, this Moen faucet offers a unique twisted water flow that benefits you to perform everyday routine tasks efficiently and effortlessly. 

Last but not least, the resilient spray head is its captivating feature, which makes it more demanding.  

Above all, it has fortified with proper red/blue markings, so you don’t need to worry about a mix/match of hot and cold water lines. 

Lastly, the faucet meets WaterSense technology that helps save water without affecting water pressure or overall performance. 

+ Includes matching lift rod and drain assembly.
+ Clear red/blue watermarks to control temperature. 
+ Comes with a deck plate for 3–holes installation.
+ Easy to install and maintain. 
Soap dispenser comes separately.

Our Verdict: Recommended!

After putting a lot of time into research, we’ve compiled a list of the best Moen faucets reviews that would assist you at the time of shopping. But before purchasing faucets for your household, we suggest you research on your own as there are plenty of features you need to consider. 

All the products mentioned in our list are carefully chosen. To find the best Moen faucet for you, read other customer reviews and experiences on different websites and choose accordingly.

We hope you may find our reviews helpful and informative.

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