10 Best Peerless Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets

If you want to purchase the best faucets to renovate your kitchen and bathroom, you must be overwhelmed. To save your time, we have come up with detail-oriented Peerless Faucet reviews. These reviews will help you choose suitable faucet designs according to your counter space and give you an insight into their functionality.

Hence, in this article, we will discuss the best Peerless faucet models in the following categories: 

  1. Peerless Kitchen Faucet
  2. Peerless Bathroom Faucet 

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Our Top Pick


Peerless Xander Single

Revamp your kitchen’s appearance with Peerless Xander Single-handle Kitchen Sink Faucet. It is a deck-mounted tap with an impressive flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute with two spray options and maximum clearance to the backsplash. 

Introduction of Peerless Faucets

Peerless faucets Company provides an impeccable solution to rejuvenate the appearance of your house. Unlike other faucet manufacturers, it has an extensive collection of bathroom and kitchen faucets of all kinds.

It offers complete support and guidelines regarding the installation process and during inconvenient scenarios. Moreover, all of its kitchen and bathroom faucets come with a limited lifetime warranty that provides security to consumers.

Delta Faucet Company backs it. It is America’s largest commercial and residential tap manufacturing company.

The best thing about Peerless is its dedication to offering high-level work and customer satisfaction. It is why this company has enormous popularity and is a big name in the market today.

Benefits of Using Peerless Faucets

Woman using the stainless Peerless Xander single-handle kitchen sink faucet with pull down sprayer to wash a piece of wood

According to Peerless faucet manufacturers, you don’t have to splurge to rejuvenate the look of your house, washroom, and kitchen area. Peerless products have established a name in the market today due to their splendid performance, active customer support, versatility, and reasonable price rates.

There are an array of benefits of using these taps. Hence, in this section, we will discuss the winning attributes and advantages of Peerless faucets.

Affordable Price Yet Super Functional

With this company, it is possible to get versatile designs at affordable price rates. There are more expensive faucet models in the market. However, what’s impressive is that despite being cheap, the company hasn’t compromised on quality. From miniature kitchens to spacious bathrooms, they have top-tier tap setups for every situation.

Ease of Installation

These faucets aren’t much of a hassle to install. Even a user with no prior experience can set up these faucets without a plumber or anyone’s help.

Sophisticated Designs & Solid Build

Peerless Xander pull out kitchen sink faucet with pull out sprayer features explained in a frame

Its faucets feature futuristic design elements and can give your kitchen and washroom a contemporary look. No matter if you want an elongated neck, swivel head, extended spout height, glossy material, old faucet style, brand new faucet layout, single or double handle, you are going to find them all. These taps are well-made. The solid material ensures durability and extended life.

Ceramic Disc Technology

There are plenty of features that make this company stand out from the crowd. One of these fascinating characteristics is ceramic disc technology. The ceramic technology prevents erosion, leaking, and cracking. This feature allows the tap to last for a longer time without losing its charm and performance.


Its bathroom and kitchen faucets come with a limited lifetime guarantee. Plus, these taps require minimal regular maintenance. You can rest easy that in case of any troubling experience, you can contact the company. The representatives will connect with you to resolve the issue, whether you want a replacement or anything else. These taps are also fully compliant with ADA standards.

Peerless Kitchen Faucet Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Single HandlePeerless Xander Single Handle Peerless Xander Single HandleMaterial: Stainless steel
Type: Deck mounted
Features: Deck mounted, two spray options, maximum clearance to the backsplash, and supply lines included
Water flow rate: 1.5 gallons per minute
Handle: Single handle
Read Full Review
Pull OutPeerless Xander Pullout Peerless Xander PulloutMaterial: Chromium
Type: Deck mounted pull out tap
Features: Flexible, pull out sprayer, maximum clearance to the backsplash, and supply lines included
Water flow rate: 1.5 gallons per minute
Handle: Single handle
Read Full Review
Two HandlePeerless Tunbridge Peerless TunbridgeMaterial: Brass with chrome finish
Type: Deck mounted with three holes
Features: 2 handle style, 360 degrees swivel, and maximum clearance to backsplash
Water Flow Rate: 1.8 gallons per minute
Handle: 2 handles
Read Full Review
Spray ModelPeerless P115LF Peerless P115LFMaterial: Polished brass
Type: deck mounted with side sprayer
Features: 4 hole installation, 360 degrees swivel, lever-type handle, and maximum clearance to backsplash
Water Flow Rate: 1.8 gallons per minute
Handle: Single handle
Read Full Review

Top 4 Peerless Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Here is an insight into the features of the top 4 Peerless Kitchen Faucets.

1. Peerless Xander Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Peerless Xander Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

If you are looking for a seamless and functional kitchen tap that will make your hectic kitchen routine effortless, this one is worth trying. The ease of use and durability of this Peerless faucet makes it worth it.

Some of you might be minimalist or choose home gadgets and stuff like faucets with great care. And when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of faucets, no one can beat Peerless kitchen faucets. Its sleek and modern design features extra shine as it contains high-grade stainless steel.

They flawlessly complement your kitchen environment with their sleek design. Its lever handle makes it a competition for other faucets, as they embrace the latest premium designs.

The pull-down design allows you to pull the hose within a length of 20 inches. Also, you don’t have to apply too much force, as it comes out with a gentle tug. It makes cleaning and removing mineral deposits effortless for you. You can pull the hose to the counter nearby for doing various kitchen tasks.

The flexible high-arc hose directs water in a streamlined channel that prevents the splashing of water. Besides helping in the effortless cleaning and washing, it also keeps the sink clean and grim-free. Consequently, it decreases your effort in cleaning the sink.

You can choose between spray or stream patterns of water according to your convenience. Also, the 360 degrees swivel of the faucet allows you to complete tasks according to your convenience. You can move it to any side of the sink.

Supply lines are usually the biggest hurdle in the installation of faucets. However, Peerless has made it very easy for you by including supply lines within the parcel box. It makes the installation process effortless for you.

+ Extended spout reach
+ 360 degrees swivel
+ Spray or stream mode
+ 20 inches hose
+ Side levers design
+ Stainless steel
The pull-out magnet might cause hindrance.
Questionable performance
Not durable

2. Peerless Xander Pullout Kitchen Sink Faucet

Peerless Xander Pullout Kitchen Sink Faucet

A kitchen sink tap is one of the most frequently used devices in your home kitchen. Usually, you prepare food, wash your dishes and silverware, and rinse off your hands. And probably would not want any of these tasks to be tiresome for you.

Nowadays, in the modern era where everything is stylish, this kitchen tap offers an exciting mix of innovation, style, and functionality to fulfill the requirements of every household. This peerless faucet comes with a pull-out sprayer, which is the best thing about it. It is specially designed to give a sophisticated and attractive look to your kitchen. Also, it helps you navigate through different kitchen tasks seamlessly.

This tap is easy to install and maintain. So, you don’t have to indulge yourself in any special effort. It offers to fit single-hole or three-hole configurations. This flexible faucet features a low arc pull-out design with a swivel of 120 degrees and a retractable hose. Also, it prevents the backsplash and allows you to use it effortlessly.

This kitchen tap features a single post mounting ring with one hole and one handle. It is audacious enough to function as a formidable piece. It can be mounted anywhere, and its drain assembly is super-efficient. So, you won’t have to face any drainage issues.

Xander Pull-out kitchen faucet stores 1.5 gallons of water per minute. This pull-out kitchen faucet provides a stream of water complemented by a powerful spray to wash away grime and make sink cleaning. Also, you don’t have to buy supply lines separately: as they are conveniently included in the box.

So, if you want to have a functional, durable and basic kitchen faucet that adjusts well with your requirements and priorities, you can go for the Xander pull-out.

+ Maximum clearance to backsplash
+ 120 degrees swivel
+ 20 inches pull out hose
+ Flexible
+ Two modes, stream or spray
Reach might be shorter.
Stiff hose
Questionable performance.

3. Peerless Tunbridge 2-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Peerless Tunbridge 2-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Though all the faucets of this company are well-made and carry a long-term lifetime warranty, each comes with its benefits and drawbacks. This peerless faucet is the best kitchen faucet available on the market.

The quality of the Tunbridge two-handle kitchen faucet usually competes with the faucets costing two and even three times the price of this faucet. So, one thing is for sure; if you opt for this one, you won’t have to compromise on the quality.

Tunbridge 2 handle kitchen taps are easy to install and maintain. They have made it to fit 3-hole and 8-inch configurations. The high arc of the Tunbridge, along with a swivel of 360 degrees, makes it super functional and easy to use. Also, it has a retractable hose to perform different kitchen tasks effortlessly.

Tunbridge faucet’s net weight is 3.29 pounds and has ‎9 x 10.25 x 12.5 inches dimension. It can easily accommodate your kitchen space. The two-handle kitchen faucet design provides total control in finding the accurate water temperature. This ergonomic blade handle allows easy control, which offers convenience for you while performing daily tasks in the kitchen.

This Tunbridge kitchen faucet delivers a ‎water flow of 1.5 gallons per minute, which means you can adjust the flow according to the requirements of different kitchen tasks. It features a single post mounting ring with one hole and one handle.

This Tunbridge kitchen faucet is durable and modern. It is easy to use and functional. It is a convenient faucet that not only makes your kitchen look elegant and attractive but also proves itself convenient and helpful. This faucet is designed in a user-friendly manner and features step-by-step illustrated instructions.

+ 360 degrees swivel
+ Easy installation
+ Sleek design
+ Two-handle design
Might heat up when hot water runs through it
Water might splash
Little resistance to spins

4. Peerless Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Peerless Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Peerless produces a line of value price faucets. Its prime purpose is squarely on two buyer types, do-it-yourselfer, and multi-unit housing market. These faucets are designed to be easy to install, featuring step-by-step illustrated instructions. So, you won’t face any difficulty dealing with it.

A Peerless single-handle kitchen handle faucet gets easily installed. It is made to fit 4-hole and 8-inch configurations. It features a low arc single handle design, which allows you to use it effortlessly. Also,  with a swivel of 360 degrees, you can rotate it to any side of the sink. It comes with a retractable hose that side sprays the mess to perform different tasks without messing.

This single-handle kitchen faucet’s net weight is ‎3.3 pounds and 2.5 x 9.2 x 16.7 inches dimension, which complements your kitchen without taking too much space. This faucet has an ergonomic blade handle, which allows you to grab it without any difficulty. The overall water usage is seamless.

A single-handle kitchen faucet is a durable option. Its manufacturing and polishing materials make it sturdy and also complement the color grading of your kitchen. It is available in stainless color with a stunning finish of chrome.

These single-handle kitchen faucets can offer a ‎water flow of 1.8 gallons per minute. It features a single post mounting ring with four holes and one handle. When you want water on-demand with no mess, single-handle kitchen faucets are the ideal choice.

Some people prefer a single-handle faucet because it offers more control to the user. For them, this single-handle kitchen faucet is the best faucet. It minimizes the chances of backsplash than the other kitchen faucets competing in the market.

This Peerless single-handle faucet is highly convenient. If you are looking for a kitchen tap that is functional, sleek, and durable, you can go for the Peerless single-handle kitchen faucet.

+ Sleek design
+ Water efficiency
+ Easy installation
+ 360 degrees swivel
+ Good value for price
Makes intermittent noise while moving the lever
The neck is not extended.

Peerless Bathroom Faucet Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Two HandlePeerless Westchester Peerless WestchesterMaterial: Brushed nickel
Type: Deck mounted with three-hole installation
Features: Ceramic disc technology, three-hole installation, drain assembly included, and 360 degrees swivel
Water flow rate: 1 gallon per minute
Handles: 2 handles
Read Full Review
Deck MountedPeerless Xander Peerless XanderMaterial: Chromium
Type: Deck mounted with three-hole installation
Features: Water sense labeled, 360 degrees swivel, drain assembly & supply lines included, and easy installation.
Water flow rate: 1 gallon per minute
Handles: Widespread lever
Read Full Review
Single HandlePeerless Centerset Peerless CentersetMaterial: Chromium
Type: Centerset with three-hole installation
Features: Easy installation, water sense labeled, extra clearance to backsplash, 360 degrees swivel, and drain assembly included
Water flow rate: 1.2 gallons per minute
Handles: 2 handles
Read Full Review
Peerless Claymore Peerless ClaymoreMaterial: Polished Chrome
Type: Centerset with three-hole installation
Features: Drain assembly included, ADA compliant, WaterSense labeled, and maximum clearance to backsplash
Water flow rate: 1.2 gallons per minute
Handles: 2 handles
Read Full Review


Top 4 Peerless Bathroom Faucet Reviews

Here is an insight into the features of the top 4 bathroom faucets.

1. Peerless Westchester Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Peerless Westchester Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Choosing a faucet for your bathroom is a tricky task. The variety of styles, materials, and finishes can prove overwhelming. You will probably live with your bathroom tap for a long time, so you might as well like it.

Most people buy a faucet based on their design alone. However, the functionality and durability of your washroom faucet are as important as its design. It is why while buying a faucet for your bathroom, you must consider numerous features.

If you are looking for a durable and convenient washroom faucet, this Peerless Westchester Centerset bathroom faucet is an ideal choice. You can install this Westchester Center faucet without any effort by using the step-to-step instructional guide.

Also, this Peerless Westchester Centerset bathroom faucet is easy to use because of its ergonomic design. It is made to fit 3-hole and 4-inch configurations. It has a net weight of ‎4.05 pounds and has ‎a 6.2 x 6 x 3.31 inches dimension, which minimizes the space it takes.

Moreover, a drain assembly is included for a perfect faucet finish. Its drain assembly is super-efficient, and it can be mounted anywhere. There is also ceramic disc technology inside of the valve of the faucet to improve its durability. Also, it provides you with smooth, reliable motion in your washroom faucet handle for years to come.

This Peerless Westchester Centerset bathroom faucet is a versatile, high-end faucet and will give your bathroom a modern, contemporary appearance. Brushed nickel is available only on bathroom taps, and polished brass makes it look stunning. Also, it enhances the beauty of your bathroom.

Peerless Westchester Centerset faucet offers a water stream of 1 gallon per minute. It features a mounting ring with three holes and two handles. When you want water on-demand with no mess, this faucet is an ideal choice.

+ 360 degrees swivel
+ Maximum clearance to backsplash
+ Extended spout reach
+ Ceramic disc technology
Installation might not be easy for newbies.
A bit expensive from the price point

2. Peerless Xander Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Peerless Xander Widespread Bathroom Faucet

If you are comfortable with 3-hole installation and have extended counter space in your bathroom, Peerless Xander Widespread bathroom widespread faucets are an impeccable option. Several people overlook the significance of a faucet type and choose anything that seems to serve the aesthetic purpose. Please know that widespread faucets are slightly different than other faucets as they allow more space between the spout and the handles.

With an elegant look and design, Peerless Widespread faucets are designed to offer a much-needed fresh look to your bathroom. The sturdy build and durable finish are meant to offer protection from discoloration and corrosion. Hence, if you plan to renovate your bathroom and have a large room, go for these faucets.

You can buy and use them with confidence as they have a lifetime limited warranty. The installation procedure is easy, and you can follow the directions comfortably even on the first try. Speaking of faucet life, you don’t have to worry about leaking and dripping because it employs ceramic disc valve technology. Ceramic valving prevents leakage and guarantees you a reliable and undisturbed operation.

Peerless Xander Widespread Bathroom Faucet promotes water savings by using 20% less water than the industry level. Another compelling feature is its money-saving attribute without compromising on performance. They are WaterSense labeled and EPA certified.

Its water consumption is one gallon per minute, which is a weaker flow rate comparatively. On the other hand, everything you need for the installation and assembly is available in the box. There are matching pop-up drains to complete the final look. This drain assembly can be conveniently mounted anywhere you want.

Moreover, supply lines are essential for installation. Fortunately, you will find them in the box too.

+ Ceramic disc valve technology to prevent leaking and promote durability.
+ Stylish design that will give your bathroom a classy and edgy makeover.
+ Functionality and substantial build
+ Easy to install
Good faucet, but the water stream is relatively weak.
Brushed nickel is a bit difficult to maintain.

3. Peerless Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Peerless Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Peerless Centerset Bathroom Faucet can be another sleek and sophisticated addition to your bathroom. Its stylish silhouette makes it look like a high-grade commercial faucet. These single-handle faucets are easy to integrate and affordable in price.

Centerset faucets are among the most widely used designs in this age. People who don’t have a substantially large bathroom counter space can opt for this design. We also call them 4-inch spread faucets.

Peerless center set bathroom tap is built to fit 3-hole and 4-inch configurations. This tap provides a smooth flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute, which is fantastic. Unfortunately, supply lines do not come with the package. Hence, you will have to purchase them on your own for the installation procedure.

The most admirable thing about these faucets is their ADA compliance. It means that people of all ages, including people with disabilities and mobility issues, can use these faucets comfortably. With 1.72 inches spout height and 3.91 inches length, these faucets are ideal for older people to use and turn on.

Another thing we would like to talk about is the warranty since it is a genuine concern of most customers. Well, you can rest easy as Peerless Centerset Faucet comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. It means in case of any inconvenience during installation, or in the future, you can contact the company, and it will replace them.

The chrome and brushed nickel are available in colors. The package also comes with a drain assembly that works efficiently and is easy to manage. It completes your look, but beware that they come with some plastic elements.

+ Simplicity of use
+ Easy integration
+ ADA compliance makes it comfortable for elder and disabled people.
+ Available in Chrome or Brushed Nickel
+ Perfect for economically conscious buyers
+ These faucets save at least 20% of your water bill without affecting the quality.
These faucets don’t come with supply lines.
The package includes some plastic components.

4. Peerless Claymore Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Peerless Claymore Centerset Bathroom Faucet

If you want to revamp your bathroom’s look with a sophisticated yet traditional touch, Peerless Claymore Centerset Bathroom Faucet is the way to go. It is a center-set faucet that is ideal for small washroom spaces. The combination of a solid build and shiny texture is perfect for a new change in the bathroom.

It has an impressively extended spout reach of 5-inches. It is 7.38-inches in height and 6.25-inches in width. It is designed to fit 3-hole and 4-inch configurations and features two handles. We would have loved to receive the standard supply lines in the box, but you must purchase them.

The versatile and sturdy build hints at durability. You will no longer feel the need to repair or change your taps every three years. Hence, great value for money.

The feature we admire the most about this tap is its swiveling gooseneck spout. Moveable heads are rare in bathroom taps, and this is the feature we like the most. The 360 rotation makes it pretty easy to move the faucet’s head while cleaning the washbasin and mineral deposits on it.

Moreover, the height of the spout is also perfect. The elongated neck design enables you to refill water bottles and even buckets in the wash basin. This tap offers a steady stream of water and a flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute. The good thing is that water doesn’t splash or drip all over the place.

Like almost all Peerless washroom faucets, this one also comes with a limited lifetime warranty and ADA compliance. The coordinating pop-up drain is there to finish the look.

The installation procedure is simple but can come across as complicated to beginners. Kindly pay special attention to the instructions guide and prepare the essential equipment to prevent difficulty during installation.

+ Impressive flow rate
+ Water-efficient
+ Moveable spout
+ ADA compliant and WaterSense labeled
The installation process may be difficult for novice users.
No standard supply lines included.

Our Verdict

According to most peerless faucet reviews, a problem most people face with many faucets is the unstable flow and leaking. Peerless faucets come as a practical alternative solution in this situation. You can rest easy that they will offer a smooth flow rate. With ceramic disc technology, these faucets are guaranteed to prevent leaking and improve durability.

Another concern of most consumers is the installation procedure. Peerless faucets are comparatively simpler to integrate and come with easy-to-comprehend instructions. If you follow the directions carefully, you won’t even feel the need to call a plumber or professional service.

Check out the product links and purchase the one that convinces you the most. Happy shopping!

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