11 Best Shower Water Filter For Hard Water

So you’ve finally moved into a new home but you notice something doesn’t feel right. There’s something going on, and your suspicion finally leads you to your tap water. Could it be… that your new home has hard water?

Hard water is a real problem for many homeowners, especially when you have no idea of the issues it may cause. If you solve this problem, your quality of life will greatly improve for sure. So what exactly is hard water anyway?

Hard water is the term used to call water that has high levels of minerals. This is due to groundwater’s percolation with limestone where it picks up traces of magnesium and calcium.

The best shower filter for hard water will definitely improve your physical appearance and overall wellness. Hard water is tough on the skin, making it look dull and dry. When hard water is used to wash the hair, you’re essentially causing your hair to dry out, even if you are using the best shampoo there is.

Having a shower softener filter will eventually improve the health of your hair and skin without having to install a whole house filtering system in your home.

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Our Top Pick


Aquabliss SF100

At just $30 a year, Aquabliss SF100 shower filter resolves the hardness in your shower water and relieves problems like brittle nails, dry hair, and eczema. Easy to change, the 12-stage SF100 comes with a year’s warranty.

How To Pick A Shower Filter

Before running to the nearest hardware store to choose a new shower filter, consider these tips first.

Identify the Problem/Contaminants

The first thing you have to find out is if your tap water is treated with chloramine or chlorine. This will have a great bearing in determining which shower filter you should choose.

Ideally, your water filter should be able to balance the pH of your tap water and eliminate harmful elements such as heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides, chloramine, and chlorine.

To know if your water is treated, call your water provider or your city/municipality or check on the consumer confidence report. They should be able to provide you with the information.

Type of Shower Filter

You can choose between two types of shower filters: inline shower filters and shower head filters.

Inline shower filters don’t come with a showerhead. You can install this into your current showerhead, which is ideal for homeowners who don’t exactly want their existing showerhead replaced.

A showerhead filter, meanwhile, acts like a regular showerhead, and at times can look bulky.

In spite of how regular it looks, these type of shower filter can still remove harmful compounds found in the water and they are usually a better choice when you want a steady water pressure.

Budget/Yearly Maintenance

As with all products, shower filters are offered in a variety of prices, which are determined according to brand, type, size, use, and functions.

You can go for luxury models if you have the budget, but on the other hand, there are cheaper models in the market capable of producing a better quality of water.

You should also consider if your shower filter helps you save water and energy. Some shower filters can help conserve water as much as 70%.

There’s also the matter of maintenance. How will your shower filter last? As much as possible, go for a shower filter that’s long lasting and is easy to install. This will save you a ton of cash in replacements.

Customer Reviews

One extremely beneficial use of the internet is that you can easily find legit reviews from real customers.

Shower filters or shower softener filters are always reviewed online, and most of them you can read on Amazon. This will make your judgment better and help you when it comes to making the right choice.

Often, customers who have bought and used the product will offer their insights and give you an idea of the product’s efficiency.

Granted there will always be negative reviews, but make sure the shower filter you choose has only a little of them.

Best Shower Water Filters Review

  1. Aquabliss SF100 – Best Shower Filter
  2. Pelican Premium – Premium Shower Filter
  3. Culligan WSH-C125 – Best Shower Filter For Hair Loss
  4. pH Rejuvenate – Best Vitamin C Shower Filter
  5. Aquasana AQ-4100 – Best Shower Filter For Well Water​
  6. Barclay’s Filter – Best Shower Filter For Chlorine
  7. AquaHomeGroup – Best Shower Filter For Hard Water
  8. Aqua Earth – Compatible Shower Water Filter
  9. SparkPod – Best Filter With ShowerHead
  10. Berkey Filter – Best KDF Shower Filter
  11. pH Energize – Best Alkaline Shower Filter

Aquabliss SF100 – Best Shower Filter

review of Aquabliss SF100

The AquaBliss 12-stage SF100 is a 12-stage filtration system that not only removes unwanted elements but also revitalizes damaged hair and skin.

Improve Health Conditions: It effectively filters hard, chemical-ridden, and chlorinated water that causes brittle nails, dry hair, eczema, dandruff, and itchy skin.

Fits All Types Of Showerheads: The AquaBliss is a heavy-duty shower filter that comes with a no-tool design guaranteed to fit all types of showerheads.

According to the manufacturer, this easy-swap showerhead filter will last longer than most brands for a price that’s considerably more affordable.

30 Days Refund Period: If the AquaBliss 12-stage SF100 somehow malfunctions or you’re not satisfied with the product in the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund from the company. It is also covered with a 1-year warranty.

Maintenance: This model comes with a filter cartridge. Each of these cartridges can filter up to 20,000 gallons of water which can last for half a year for an average family.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $30 (2 cartridges per year)

Customer Rating – 4.4 | Our Rating – 4.5

+ 12-stage filtration.
+ 1-year warranty & 30-day money-back guarantee.
+ 6-8 months or up to 20,000 gallons of water.
+ Easy installation and universal design.
Doesn’t include a showerhead.
Might need a Teflon tape to stop the leak.

Check out our Aquabliss shower water filter review to learn more.

Pelican Premium – Multi-mode Shower Filter

review of Pelican Premium

Filters 95% of Chlorine – The Pelican premium shower filter is one of the best filters to remove chlorine, chloramines, and other synthetic materials. It is one of the best shower water filters in this review. Chlorine can be dangerous if inhaled for a prolonged period of time. This is why you should have a good shower filter if the water in your area is found to have excessive chlorine.

Helps Soften Skin and Hair – This filter helps reduce skin dryness which causes dandruff and helps retain the color of treated hair. Filtered water means contaminants that make skin and hair dry have been removed. Without these, it is easy for your skin to absorb the clean water and, in turn, help revitalize and moisturize them.

Shower Pressure Options – With the dual flow showerhead design, you can easily switch between the high and water-saving flow. Choose your preferred power and flow to enjoy your shower more.

Aromatherapy Feature – You can opt to add your preferred scent to your shower with the included scent bar. It infuses shower water with the “Ocean Breeze” fragrance. This is a unique feature among other shower filters which can be a great way to enhance your shower experience.

Can Filter Up to 15,000 Gallons of Water – This filter is designed to last a long time. While still effective even after some use, using new filters will greatly improve the quality of your shower water.

Annual Maintenance Cost – $98 – two replacements a year

+ Works well in reducing chlorine
+ Can filter 15,000 gallons of water
+ Has an aromatherapy feature
A bit expensive filter replacement
Can be difficult to install

Culligan WSH-C125 – Best Shower Filter For Hair Loss

review of Culligan WSH-C125

Eliminate Chlorine: The Culligan WSH-C125’s filtration system has been certified and tested to follow ANSI Standard 177 to eliminate the levels of chlorine in the water.

Prevent Hair Loss: This showerhead will reduce sulfur odor and can remove up to 99% of chlorine and other chemicals that can damage the follicles of the hair that contribute to itchy and dry scalp. It is able to prevent hair loss.

Multiple Spray Settings: Boasting a flow rate of 2.0 GPM, this Culligan wall-mounted shower filter has five different spray settings and rubber nozzles that are easy to clean.

2 Years Warranty: It is covered by a 2-year limited warranty. It is also very easy to install. You only have to unscrew your old showerhead and replace it with the filter then it’s ready to use.

Maintenance: The cartridge will last 4-6 months of shower use of 10,000 gallons of water. It is relatively lower as compared to the AquaBliss. This will increase the yearly replacement cost.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $50 (4 cartridges per year)

Customer Rating – 4.4 | Our Rating – 4.4

+ 2-year limited warranty.
+ Easy to install.
+ 5 spray settings.
+ Certified against ANSI Standard 177.
4-6-months or 10,000 gallons short lifespan.
May lower the water pressure.

pH Rejuvenate – Best Vitamin C Shower Filter

review of pH rejuvenate

Multi-stage Filter: pH Rejuvenate is a custom multi-stage filter that features a unique ceramic ball and tone blend, including maifan stones, negative ion and tourmaline balls, and natural zeolite encased in its powerful vitamin C filter.

It can remove fluoride, heavy metals (mercury arsenic, aluminum, lead), and bacteria, which in turn will improve energy levels, immunity, mental clarity, circulation, and overall wellness.

Awesome Pressure: This shower softener filter has 180 laser-cut water holes that force the water through it to create a powerful pressure when showering.

Vitamin C Infused: The citrus smell it produces can improve sleep quality and mood, reduces stress, and invigorates the senses.

Invigorated Water back this product with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Maintenance: This shower filter is good for 4 months of use and helps save up to 35% of water usage and improve the water pressure by 200% as claimed by the manufacturer.

However, it is not cheap to maintain a Vitamin C shower filter.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $25 (4 sets of cartridges per year)

Customer Rating – 4.0 | Our Rating – 4.2

+ Infused with vitamin C.
+ High-pressure shower filter.
+ 100% money-back guarantee.
+ Saves water and improve.
Only lasts up to 4 months.

Aquasana AQ-4100 – Best Shower Filter For Well Water​

review of Aquasana AQ-4100

2 Stage Filter: The Aquasana AQ-4100 is a double filter shower system with coconut shell carbon and KDF copper/zinc media.

Remove Contaminants: This combination is used in the most advanced water filters for households in order to eliminate heavy metals like mercury and lead, as well as chlorine and other volatile organic compounds from the water.

This shower filter also improves air quality and enhances water pH.

High Flow Rate: It has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM with a capacity of 10,000 gallons. This product includes a massaging shower head with multiple settings and a shower filter.

The Aquasana AQ-4100 is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Maintenance: Aquasana’s shower filter can last for 6 months before it needs replacement. For as little as $0.25 cents per day, you can shower in water that’s way better than distilled or purified bottled water.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $100 (2 cartridges per year)

Customer Rating – 4.0 | Our Rating – 3.9

+ Full 1-year warranty.
+ 6-month long cartridge or 10,000-gallon capacity.
+ Can be replaced easily with no other tools required.
+ Maintains strong water pressure.
Expensive maintenance.
Old model and bulky.

Learn more at our Aquasana AQ-4100 review today.

Barclay’s Filter – Best Shower Filter For Chlorine

review of Barclay's Filter

Barclay’s filtered shower head doesn’t have that complicated stages of filtration.

90% Chlorine: It comprises 3 different parts; Calcium Sulfite Stones, Filter Sponge, and an Ion Box. It claimed to remove up to 90% of chlorine which helps on dry hair and itchy skin.

This is a great investment for anyone suffering from troubling skin conditions

High Flow Rate: Barclay’s shower filter has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM and is made of lightweight and durable ABS plastic.

Warranty and Guarantee: Despite its low price, the manufacturer is backing up with a 1-year warranty and a 60 days 100% money-back guarantee claim.

Maintenance: As for the filter, the manufacturer did not mention the lifespan of the stones.

Based on the customer’s feedback, it can last as long as 6 months.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $20 ( 2 cartridges per year)

Customer Rating – 4.3 | Our Rating – 4.4

+ Affordable.
+ 2.5 GPM Flow rate.
+ 100% money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.
Not much information about this filter.
Only remove chlorine.

AquaHomeGroup – Best Shower Filter For Hard Water

review of AquaHomeGroup

15 Stage Filter: This highly-rated shower filter by AquaHomeGroup is a 15-stage dechlorinating shower filter capable of removing ammonia smell, chloramine, pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, and other harmful sediments.

Prevent Skin Conditions: This, in turn, prevents the growth of mold, algae, and scale and reduces the development of bronchitis and asthma, as well as skin conditions like eczema, dandruff, and dry, itchy skin.

Great Water Pressure: All these functions are paired with an innovatively designed wide spray showerhead with laser cut holes capable of producing high-pressure water and full-body water massage.

The proprietary blend of several filtration media and the full metal body gives it an elegant appearance.

Infused Vitamins: It comes with Vitamin C and E remineralization just before the water flows out from the system.

Maintenance: The filter is separated into two parts which both of which are suggested to be replaced after 10,000 gallons of water or 4-6 months.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $90 (2 sets of cartridges per year)

Customer Rating – 4.8 | Our Rating – 4.7

+ Astonishing 15 stage filtration system.
+ 6-month long cartridge or 10,000-gallon capacity.
+ Comes with Vitamin C and E.
+ Strong pressure.
Expensive maintenance and initial cost.

Aqua Earth – Compatible Shower Water Filter

review of Aqua Earth

Filter Purifies Water – Using a combination of coconut shell and activated carbon technology, filtering out contaminants and helps purify shower water. To specify the 15 stages, contaminated water will go through a stainless steel mesh filter, and then into the ultra-fine 2nd stage stainless steel mesh. Then a micro-porous PP cotton will clean the water of impurities.

The next stage will deal with chlorine and other harmful chemicals in water. These stages will have KDF – 55, Calcium sulfite, negative ion balls, and medical stone.

After those stages, water will go through ceramic balls, mineralized balls, magnetic energy balls, and vitamin C. Ascorbic acid helps further eliminate chlorine in water.

Lastly, water will go through alkaline balls, another microporous PP cotton, and another ultra-fine stainless steel mesh to make sure that no particles will escape.

Universal Fit – This can fit most standard shower units. It can be installed on the overhead shower, handheld, rainfall, or in the combo shower. Great if you have a preferred showerhead style. You don’t need special tools to install this.

Great Water Pressure – Even with the 15 stage filter, this will not hinder the water flow. It is designed to keep the water pressure consistent throughout the 10,000-gallon lifetime of the filter.

Great for Skin and Hair – As water is purified, your skin and hair will gradually improve. With less contaminants and chemicals in water, your skin will be smoother and you will notice less hair fall.

Odor Remover – Another thing that you will notice once you’ve installed this filter is the reduction of unpleasant odors. The KDF components have chemicals that neutralize the odor-causing bacteria and minerals in water.

Annual Maintenance – $$, $29.9 two replacement filters a year

+ Universal socket can fit most standard shower units
+ Keeps the pressure of water
+ Inexpensive filter replacement
People with vitamin C allergy may not be able to use this
No shower head

SparkPod – Best Filter With ShowerHead

review of SparkPod

Effectively Reduces Toxins – Hair becomes frizzy when the water you use to bathe is full of chemicals and metals. Using the SparkPod Shower Filter Head can help filter out and trap chlorine, fluoride, and odors. The twelve natural materials in the filter are proven to protect you from these contaminants.

Helps Rejuvenate Hair – Aside from effectively filtering contaminants in water, this will also keep the water pressure of the shower allowing the flow of water to be consistent so that you can wash off any excess soap and shampoo. This is a good characteristic for being one of the best shower filters available.

Massage Mode – The included shower head will allow you to enjoy different shower modes. These include therapeutic rain, focused massage, or a mix of both. This will allow you to customize your experience to your preference.

Universal Fit – The whole unit uses the standard ½ inch size pipe which allows it to be installed just like any regular shower head unit. You can install this in as little as 5 minutes.

Annual Maintenance Cost – $59.96, four filters per year

+ Effective against water contaminants
+ 2-in-1 purchase of shower filter and showerhead
+ Fits most standard pipes
Need frequent filter change
Not too appealing

Berkey Filter – Best KDF Shower Filter

review of Berkey Filter

2-in1 Shower – You will get a showerhead and a shower filter with your purchase. It will also be easy to install because it has a standard size and no modifications needed.

Removes Contaminants – You can shower safely because the proprietary shower filter kills the bacteria that cause the growth of algae and fungi. It also reduces the levels of hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide, and iron in water. 

Reduces Water Odor – The filter is a premium blend of zinc, calcium, and copper which effectively removes up to 95% of chlorine in water. This combination also removes dirt and contaminants in water.

Makes Showers Even More Refreshing – Where some water filter falls short, the Berkey Shower Filter works well in hot and cold water. It also has multiple shower modes that can help you choose the shower flow you prefer.

Annual Maintenance Cost – $49, one per year

+ Effective against chlorine and other contaminants
+ Can filter up to 20,000 gallons of water
+ Not too bulky
Filter replacement is not inexpensive
A little top-heavy and inconvenient for use for handheld showers

To learn more, check out our Berkey shower filter review now.

pH Energize – Best Alkaline Shower Filter

review of pH Energize

Effective Filter – This has 15 levels of filtration which includes a proprietary blend of zeolite, tourmaline, and negative ion. It also has Coconut shell activated carbon, calcium sulfate, alkaline, and maifan valls. The mesh is made from stainless steel which can intercept impurities in water like sand, silt, and rust.

Balances pH in Water – The filter also helps remineralize water by adding zinc, calcium, phosphor, silicon, sulfur, and other vital minerals that evens out the pH of water making shower time healthier and safer. This is one of the indications to look for in the best shower water filter.

Good for the Skin and Hair – By removing contaminants, eliminating heavy metals, and remineralizing water, it makes water great for skin and hair. You get a refreshing shower at the same time, you’re also rejuvenating your skin and hair. This is because water is easier to absorb and doesn’t contain harmful contaminants any more.

Annual Maintenance Cost – $51.94 two filters per year

+ Easy to assemble and install
+ Remineralizes water to balance the pH
+ Softens skin and reduces the itchiness of the scalp
May weaken water pressure a little
May need to replace the filter more often for water supplies in some areas

What Is A Shower Water Filter?

A shower filter is a device that is installed on your shower that aims to remove heavy metals and other contaminants in water. 

The contaminants include chromium, lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, limestone deposits, chalk, or gypsum. Some of these contaminants are the cause of the buildup of scale and eventually clog your shower. 

A shower filter reduces the scale buildup by filtering these minerals allowing the water to flow and protect the pipe.

Is a Shower Water Filter Really Necessary?

If you notice that you have scale buildup in your shower, it is recommended to install a shower filter. 

Apart from filtering contaminants, some shower filters have additional features such as Vitamin C and alkalinization that benefit your skin and hair.

Types of Shower Water Filter

There are many types of shower filters but the easiest way to differentiate them is to classify them according to design.

Showerhead filters are like traditional showers. These are similar to showerheads but manufacturers have packed a filtering system inside.

In-line shower filters on the other hand are installed in between the water source and your shower head. These are great if you already like your showerhead. 

Lastly, there are in-line showerhead filters. These are units that you can use to replace your whole shower system.

Types of Filtration Media

There are 3 major filters being used in modern shower filters.

Carbon Filters are among the most common agents used for shower filters. It is effective against bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, and other byproducts.

KDF Filters are filters made from zinc and copper, two elements that create small electrical and chemical charge which helps dissolve mercury, cadmium, and other metals in water.

Add-ons filters such as Vitamin C and maifan stone will infuse the water so that it could be absorbed in our hair and skin. 

Install shower filter on bathroom

Benefits Of Shower Filter

Think you know all there is about shower filters? Here are some of its benefits:

Remove Harmful Contaminant

Harmful chemicals can eventually find their way into your tap water. These include herbicides, pesticides, and other pharmaceuticals that percolate with the water, which are all harmful to your health.

Using a shower filter will, as its name implies, filter out these chemicals so it doesn’t reach your body.

Prevent Dry Skin and Hair Loss

Chlorine is commonly used to treat water due to the thinking that it works as a disinfectant.

However, studies show that this type of disinfection product may be harmful to the body and is more likely absorbed by humans through showering than drinking it.

Chlorine, unfortunately, strips away the natural oils found on your skin and hair, making both look dry and dull, in addition to being unhealthy.

Luckily, top-rated shower filters are able to reduce the levels of chlorine in the water up to 95%.

Soften Water

Shower water is usually hard water. As stated above, hard water weakens the hair and dries the skin.

All of the shower filters reviewed above are able to soften water, making it healthier and better for your body. 

Otherwise, you might consider one of the best water softening system to solve the hard water problem from the entire home. 

Added Minerals and Vitamins

To combat hard water’s drying effect on the skin and hair, some shower filters are capable of producing vitamin C-infused water through their innovatively designed shower heads.

If your water source is treated with chloramine, it is best to use vitamin C shower filters to replenish your skin’s natural moisture.

Install shower water filter

FAQs on Shower Filter

Does a shower water filter help my dry hair and scalp?

The main function of a shower filter is to reduce the contaminants in water. These contaminants can be calcium, magnesium, silica, iron deposits, and other minerals that can cause a sticky and dry feeling after a shower. 

Using shower filters can help reduce the amount of contaminants, if not remove them entirely, which in turn will help reduce the dryness of hair and skin as well as make skin feel smooth and soft.

Will the shower filter remove copper from my water?

Depending on the materials used by the company that manufactured the filter. Usually, dual KDF filters can help remove copper and other chemical contaminants in water.

Often, manufacturers will specify if their filter can remove copper or any other contaminants you are concerned about.

Does shower filter stop hair loss?

When we take up to 10 times more chlorine in water, along with other chemicals, the American Journal of Public Health has documented that there is a link to certain cancers in the body.

Another thing that can be the effect of such contaminants in water is hair loss. This is because the chemical can damage the natural balance of hair making it dry and prone to breaking.

Do Shower Filters Really Work?

Not all shower filters are made the same. There are some filters that work best on some aspects so in order for a shower filter to work for you, you have to determine what you want to remove from water.

If you want your shower filter to remove chlorine, the best choice are KDF shower filters. These filters remove “free chlorine” or chemicals that are not combined with other contaminants in water.

Does Vitamin C Shower Filter work?

Ascorbic acid has chlorine neutralizing properties. This way, it can also help make skin, hair, and lungs healthier. Vitamin C used by aquatic hobbyists and use it to dechlorinate water.

People also use vitamin C to neutralize the chlorine in tap water.

But the same effect could not be said for shower filters. This is because it may not have enough time to react with the water. It may just have at least 50% effectivity in neutralizing chlorine.

Is it OK to drink water from the shower?

No. Lead poisoning is the biggest concern when drinking from tap water. Although lead solder was banned in the US in 1987, there are still millions of copper pipes using this and have yet to be replaced. 

When hot water is stored in these pipes, it may dissolve some metals and it can mix in water. So if your water has tested for these contaminants and other chemicals, even filtered shower water is not safe for drinking.

Wrap Up

Although the shower filter is a small device, it could significantly improve the conditions of your hair and skin by removing unnecessary chemicals and contaminants.

For some filters, it will give additional beneficial minerals that help to replenish and revive your skin to its original condition.

Start investing in the best shower filter, AquaBliss today to have extra protection for your family and children.

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