4 Best Vigo Kitchen Faucets

Is your old kitchen faucet starting to drip or seep? Are you tired of surfing through thousands of websites and stores to purchase the best faucet for your household? If so, scroll down and continue reading this Vigo faucets review to find a fantastic faucet for your home.

Vigo claims to be the best amongst other reputable brands for producing high-quality kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures. Aside from that, they’ve taken everyone’s attention due to their robust construction, intuitive design, and premium features.

Here is our Vigo faucet review to help you find a perfect fit for you. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

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Our Top Pick


VIGO VG02001ST 19"

The VIGO VG02001ST 19″ H kitchen faucet features intuitive style, stainless steel body, and solid brass construction that provides greater versatility and functionality. The faucet is easy to set up and meets ADA-compliant regulations.

Introduction of Vigo Faucets

From eloquent and industrial-chic to ultra-modern and artistic, Vigo industries have taken the world by storm by producing high-quality faucets and fixtures. The Vigo industries is an American manufacturer located in New YorkCity.

Lenny Valdberg discovered the Vigo’s faucets company in 2009. Primarily, the company is renowned for making exceptional kitchen and bathroom fixtures, massage panels and enclosures, shower doors, and bathroom faucets and sinks.

In 2014, the Vigo brand was added to the top 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

According to the Global Shower Heads Market Report published in 2017, the Vigo stands out among the 15 reputable enterprises in the global shower market for manufacturing modern design kitchen faucets and fixtures.

Features of Vigo vg02001st 19 h edison single-handle with pull-down sprayer kitchen faucet in the frame

Benefits of Using Vigo Kitchen Faucets

Vigo faucets need no introduction. From aesthetically beautiful straightforward design to a plethora of premium-quality features, Vigo kitchen faucets are everybody’s go-to product these days.

There are numerous benefits of using Vigo faucets. To have a look at them, scroll down and continue reading this write-up.

By the time you reach the end of this write-up, we’re confident you’ll end up with plenty of reasons why you should add Vigo faucets in your kitchen.

Exceptional Design

Vigo’s faucets have grabbed the attention of almost every other folk due to their high durability as well as their exceptional built-in excellence. The Vigo offers flawless functionality, a stylish stainless steel body, and an enduring design.

Apart from that, Vigo products are eco-friendly and are easy to install. Moreover, these products are a perfect fit for enhancing your kitchen design as compared to other models.

Save Money

Who doesn’t want to have a stylish kitchen faucet at cost-efficient rates? With Vigo kitchen faucets, you can save money, provided that you don’t have to compromise on the quality, too.

Vigo kitchen faucets are a win-win product as they give full access to their users. Besides, they’re made up of excellent eminence and can easily be accessible to everyone.

All in One Shop

Whether you’re thinking of installing kitchen accessories or remodeling your restroom, you can trust Vigo products without a second thought.

Vigo industries are not only well-known for creating faucets. Other than that, they are in—demand for producing kitchen and bathroom accessories, including sinks, shower tubs, enclosures, panels, and fixtures.

In short, Vigo is a one-stop shop for everyone.

Lifetime Warranty and Customer Service

Vigo industries offer incredible customer services and a limited lifetime warranty. Vigo responds to their customers shortly and on time. Also, they feature a live chat function on their website. Furthermore, they are known best for replacing parts that are out of warranty than other reputable brands.


A Vigo faucet comes with all the necessary hoses that are essential to mounting. You don’t need to be specialized or learned something extra-ordinary for the installation of their products. With easy-to-follow steps, you can quickly set upVigokitchen faucets without any hassle.

In a nutshell, if you’re searching for a stylish faucet that you can install easily in your kitchen, then you must shop for Vigo kitchen faucets today. Moreover, Vigo Industries is one of the fastest-growing kitchen and bath product companies in the US.

Vigo Kitchen Faucet Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickVIGO VG02001ST 19" H VIGO EdisonMaterial: Brass with Edison Pattern
Type: Pull-Down Faucet – Surface Mounted with a single hole mount
Features: Dual-spray, stainless steel body, unique swivel spout, innovative handle, and a soap dispenser.
Water Flowrate: 1.8 GPM
Read Full Review
Pull DownVIGO VG02008ST 17" H VIGO GramercyMaterial: Brass with Gramercy Pattern
Type: Deck Mounted with a single handle pull down or three holes (optional)
Features: 7 different layers, 45 degrees single handle, drip-free cartridge, and modern design.
Water Flowrate: 1.8 GPM
Read Full Review
Pull Down SprayerVIGO VG02003STK2 19" H VIGO BrantMaterial: Brass with Brant Pattern
Type: Deck Mounted with a single hole installation
Features: Pull-down hose, sprayer, dual-action, and a soap dispenser.
Water Flowrate: 1.8 GPM
Read Full Review
Deck MountedVIGO VG02029ST 18.0" H VIGO GreenwichMaterial: Brass with Greenwich Pattern
Type: Deck mounted with a Pull-down spray
Features: 360-degree spout, extendable hose, 7-distinct matte finished colors, ADA and CEC complaint
Water Flowrate: 1.8 GPM
Read Full Review

Top 4 Vigo Faucet Reviews

Here are Vigo Faucet Reviews for their top 4 kitchen faucets.

1. VIGO Edison (Top Pick)

VIGO VG02001ST 19" H

Does your faucet cause leakage, and it gets tedious to replace the faucet one after another? If so, then consider our top pick – Vigo Edison 19″ H kitchen faucet. From its stylish stainless steel body to its brass construction feature, every other element is notable.

Speaking of its type, it is a pull-down kitchen faucet with a single-hole mount suitable for close-fitting space installation. The faucet’s smart handle feature allows 90 degrees forward rotation that works incredibly to mount it easily and swiftly in narrow or tighter spaces without striking the tile backsplash.

Apart from that, the product features an excellent 360-degree swivel spout that provides excellent maneuverability and reliability. Due to this exclusive 360-degree style swivel feature, you can use it for all sorts of purposes, even at the time of cooking or washing tons of utensils.

You’ll get enticed by its high durable solid brass construction that is appropriate for faucets in the kitchen or bathrooms. Because of its high durability construction, the faucet won’t be oxidized or corroded after being used for long hours. The brass body is specially designed to remove impurities from the water.

One of its unique features is the dual-action spray head. You can use the faucet as an aerated spray or a powerful spray. This feature is worth discussing as you can wash large piles of utensils within no time.

Furthermore, this faucet comes with seven distinct layers that further take your kitchen’s appearance to the next level. Besides, it is equipped with a Sedal ceramic cartridge tested for up to 500,000 drip-free uses, making it demanding and reliable hardware.

To sum up, if you’re aiming to choose the best kitchen faucet that stays for years without being dubious, go for an amazing VIGO Edison for your household.

Perhaps, you’re thinking about whether the Vigo kitchen faucets meet the USA standards or not. If so, you don’t need to worry about their usage, as the Vigo kitchen faucets meet with the ADA-compliant regulations.

Moreover, they come with a limited lifetime warranty and provides outdated parts replacement as well. Plus, you don’t need to break your bank accounts to purchase this kickass kitchen faucet for your household. In short, it is one of the best kitchen faucets on our list.

+ Alluring stainless steel/matte black body with rotating 360-degree swivel spout.
+ Certified from California Energy Commission’s water standards.
+ Easy to put in without mastering any expertise.
+ Comes with an additional 12-ounce reservoir soap dispenser.
A little bit pricey as compared to other kitchen faucets.
You won’t find a magnetic docking at the neck of this faucet.

2. VIGO Gramercy 17″ H (Pull Down)

VIGO VG02008ST 17" H

Another breath-taking and fabulous design pull-down kitchen and bathroom faucet on our list is the Vigo VG02008ST 17″ H. You’ll get amazed by its ultra-modern style design with a Gramercy single-handle ensuring the effective running of water.

Aside from that, this pull-down sprayer faucet has a deck-mounted profile with durable brass construction. The brass construction ensures endurance and long life. Also, it comes with a spray face that helps washing utensils quickly and remove clogged impurities easily.

This fantastic kitchen faucet is available in different colors, from stainless steel to matte black and chrome to matte brushed gold. Not only that, it comes with seven distinct layers perfect for every individual.

Because of its minimalist design, the VIGO Gramercy kitchen faucet took the attention of everyone as it is an excellent investment towards enhancing the kitchen’s beauty.

Besides, this product has been fortified with a unique style 360-degree spout head suitable for performing a wide range of functions without any chaos.

This Vigo faucet comes with an intriguing 45-degree single lever handle design suitable for optimal water and temperature control. With its 1.8 GPM flow rate, you can wash piles of dishes within just a few minutes.

Not to forget, this faucet is equipped with all the necessary mounting hardware and hot/cold water lines required for easy installation.

The product comes with an efficient ceramic disc cartridge that is drip-free, which means you don’t need to worry about dripping or leakage. Furthermore, you can conserve water, too. By combining this unique faucet with a Vigo kitchen sink will give a futuristic appearance to your household.

All in all, if you’re looking for a kitchen faucet to make your cleaning or washing experience hassle-free, you should add VIGO VG02008ST 17″ H to your cart.

This ideal kitchen faucet is suitable for various purposes from cleaning to cooking or even washing purposes, without sacrificing the style.

+ Made from high-quality brass construction that prevents tarnishing or corrosion.
+ Comes with a Sedal ceramic disc cartridge to avoid dripping or leakage.
+ Certified from National Sanitation and Plumbing standards, including CEC.
+ Easy to connect and pocket-friendly.
The nozzle doesn’t fit on the holder easily.
“The hose quality is not reliable.

3. VIGO Brant 19″ H (Pull Down Sprayer)

VIGO VG02003STK2 19" H

VIGO Brant is another exquisite new faucet available everywhere due to its compelling features.

Firstly, it comes with a pull-down spray and a deck plate—the deck plates aid in covering extra sinkholes while installing single-hole faucets.

Besides, its high-quality single handle can be used for two different purposes. You can either use it as an aerated flow or a powerful spray by tapping a single button. With this feature, you can get rid of nasty stains quickly and efficiently.

The ideal faucet features a pull-down spray head of nylon braided hose that can be extendable up to 30 degrees, ensuring effective usage for cleaning tons of utensils or use it around the kitchen sink.

Also, the faucet has been fortified with a sprayer that swivels 360 degrees allowing cleaning or washing swiftly.

Moreover, this kitchen faucet comes with a 10-ounce reservoir dispenser suitable for filling hand/dish lotions. By combining this faucet with the Vigo kitchen sink would give a breath-taking look to your kitchen.

With this kitchen and bathroom faucet, you don’t need to worry about installation as all mounting hardware along with hot/cold water lines is included in it. Plus, it has a 1.8 GPM flow rate that is eco-friendly and aids the faucet to work properly.

It is available in 4 vibrant colors that never fade away, including matte black to brushed gold finish or chrome to enhance the kitchen sink’s beauty.

With its robust and sturdy brass construction alongside a spray face, the faucet won’t rust or tarnish and will stay for years.

The Sedal ceramic disc cartridge ensures high water pressure and provides a great value for the price. Plus, the product comes with a temperature control feature, too.

+ Comes with a 10 ounces soap dispenser to use for lotions or dishwasher.
+ Comes along with a warranty claim.
+ Dual-action feature and pull-down hose
+ Cheap price tag without compromising on the style
The reservoir is made up of plastic.

4. VIGO Greenwich 18.0″ H (Deck Mounted)

VIGO VG02029ST 18.0" H

The Vigo Greenwich 18.0″ H boasts a premium look with a wide range of specifications. This Greenwich pull-down faucet is suitable for every kitchen type owing to its contemporary style and commercial-grade brass construction.

The product features a metal lever single handle that would add extra charm to the sink. Besides, it comes with four shiny metal finish colors, namely matte black, stainless steel, chrome, and gold. All the finishes have a seven layers plated finish to prevent the faucet from rusting or tarnishing.

With this kitchen faucet, you can control the water flow and temperature without exerting immense effort. It has a flow rate of 1.8 GPM water pressure, which means you can easily remove the tough stains on big dirty dishes within just a few minutes.

The sprayer parts that come with this faucet include a 20-inches hose to reach every nook of the sink and a 360-degree swivel that would make cleaning more effortless and manageable. The Greenwich provides two distinct water functions, such as stream and spray.

You’ll get enticed by its advanced clip technology that extends beyond the sprayer head effortlessly after every usage.

The brass composition and a drip-free ceramic cartridge make the faucet long-lasting and durable. Furthermore, it meets with the ADA and CEC standards and comes with a warranty.

Moreover, you can boost the kitchen’s or bathroom’s sink appearance by consolidating it with a matching soap dispenser and a deck plate (sold separately).

To sum up, this exceptional Vigo kitchen faucet is easy to operate and connect. Without any plumbing expertise, you can install it hassle-free by reading instructions that come with a faucet.

+ Classy traditional appearance with modern features.
+ Pull out the sprayer with a single handle.
+ Two water functions and seven distinct finishes.
+ Approved by ADA and CEC compliant.
Some consumers are complaining about low water pressure.
Black finish maybe fades away over excessive usage for years.

Our Verdict

If you’re searching for the Vigo faucets review, then your search is over. After investigating and reviewing thousands of Vigo faucets, we’ve come up with the four best Vigo faucets reviews for you. So please have a look at them.

We hope you may find the perfect kitchen faucet for you. Once you have a Vigo experience you won’t go for any other fixture.

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