12 Best Water Filter Pitcher For 2020

Have you ever wonder how clean is the water coming out from the faucet? Just how much you know about your tap water?

Does it contain chlorine, fluoride, and lead?

No idea? Check out the Consumer Confidence Report in your city.

In order to know whether the best water filter pitcher suits your home, you need to understand what are the contaminants that exist from the water source.

All of the filtration jug that we recommend below are great removing the most common urban contaminants, chlorine, and sediments.

Heavily polluted source water, just like the recent lead contamination crisis happened in Flint is not suitable for the usage of water pitcher due to the cost and the effectiveness of the system.

We do recommend that you check out the under sink water filter for more contaminated tap water.

DISCLOSURE: We may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

Our Top Pick


Aquagear Pitcher​

Armed with its 2-stage proprietary filtration cartridge, Aquagear water pitcher eliminates 89 of the tap water contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine, etc while retaining healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium to give you a glass full of healthy water.

How To Pick A Water Filter Pitcher?

After reading the detailed explanation on how great the best water filter pitcher is, have you decided on which to go for?

If you haven’t, most probably that you have a different set of requirements and expectation towards a filtration jug. Well, don’t worry, I’m here to help you on showing you my best SOP of selecting a pitcher.

  1. Understand The Contaminants: As I’ve explained at the beginning of this post, find our the contaminants that you wanted to get rid off. If you just wanted to get rid of the smell and taste of chlorine, Aquagear pitcher might not be necessary.
  2. Alkaline Or Just Filtration: Apart from making your water taste better, alkaline water has numerous benefits such as anti-aging, weight loss, detoxification and many more. It will cost more compared to just filtration jugs but it is worth it.
  3. Household Size: It will be reasonable to get a pitcher which is capable to support up to your household size. You wouldn’t want to change the filter every week. It will increase the maintenance cost dramatically.
  4. Pitcher Size: This criteria also related to your household size. You probably wanted to get a decent size of filtration jugs which can at least provide everyone a glass of filtered water at a time.
  5. Budget: As we provide the annual maintenance cost for the system, you can plan ahead on the yearly spending for the filtration system. If you own a house, I would advise you to invest in an under sink filtration system as the maintenance cost is much cheaper in the long run.
  6. Customer Reviews: Read the customer reviews from Amazon or other e-commerce stores. This will give you some clue on the quality, capability, and durability of the pitcher.

Water Filter Pitcher Review

  1. Aquagear Pitcher – Best Water Filter Pitcher
  2. Waterdrop Chubby – Best Budget Water Pitcher
  3. Epic Nano – Bacteria Removal Water Pitcher​
  4. Nakii Water Pitcher – High Flow Rate Water Pitcher
  5. pH Restore – Best Alkaline Water Pitcher
  6. Clearly Filtered Pitcher – Ergonomic Water Pitcher​
  7. Brita 10 Everyday – Popular Pick Water Pitcher​
  8. Aquabliss Pitcher – Most Trusted Water Pitcher
  9. ZeroWater Pitcher – Low TDS Water Pitcher​
  10. Seychelle Pitcher – Fluoride Water Pitcher​
  11. pH Restore Glass Pitcher – Glass Water Pitcher​
  12. PUR 18-CUP Dispenser – Best Water Pitcher Dispenser​

Aquagear Pitcher – Best Water Filter Pitcher

If you are looking for a filtration pitcher which is great on filtration and best in quality, Aquagear is on top of the list.

Background: Aquagear was developed due to the fact that conventional pitchers such as PUR and Brita are not capable of filtering badly contaminated water.

It is one of the few “Made in US” jugs which is proudly been used by the US and UK army. Besides, NGO such as the Red Cross and UNICEF are their customers too.

Filtration Capability: This is claimed by Aquagear that their filtration system are capable of removing over 89 contaminants that are in our source waters with it’s 2 stage proprietary filtration cartridge.

Filtered contaminants includes fluoride (90.06%), chlorine (99.9%), chloramine (99.9%), Chromium 6 (99.4%), lead (99.9%), mercury (97.8%), arsenic (99.8%), copper (99.7%) and over 50 VOCs including trihalomethanes (99.0%). 

While filtering, healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium remain in the filtered water and will not be removed by the system.

It is tested by independent laboratories against the NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 standard for proven claims of contaminants that was removed by the system. In addition, the pitcher is tested in the water source of Flint, Michigan to have removed lead and copper until an undetected level.

Key Features: This is an 8 cups pitcher which is as mentioned above is a US-made product. The quality is fully backed by Aquagear’s LIFETIME warranty.

All the material that was used to build the jugs are 100% BPA-free, 100% FDA-approved food grade materials and 100% recyclable.

Maintenance: To maintain the water quality that was claimed, it is advisable to make a replacement every 150 gallons. It can last for 4-6 months if you are using it on your own at home. It all depends on the water quality and how frequent you are using the system.

The replacement cost for a 6 months frequency change is expected to be about $100 for a year. Each cartridge is about $50.

Customer Rating – 4.3 | Our Rating – 4.6

+ Filter as small as 2 microns.
+ 2000% more contaminations than traditional pitchers.
+ Long lifespan Filters.
+ Lifetime warranty against breaks and leak of the pitcher.
+ Design and Manufacture in the US.
Slightly more expensive than the usual pitcher.
Doesn’t come with different size to fit other needs.
Flow rate is slightly slower than Brita.
Not suitable for water source which is contaminated by microorganisms.
No time indicator for the replacement.

Waterdrop Chubby – Best Budget Water Pitcher

If you are spending $100 a year on a filtration jug, I would recommend that you go after an under sink water filter.

Not Brita or PUR, but Waterdrop is the most affordable pitcher that you will ever find in the market.

Background: Waterdrop is a originated from the United Kingdom started off by producing fridge filters and dispensers. They gradually expanded their business to pitchers and faucet filter.

Their aim is to produce long-lasting filtration system to reduce the cost of frequent replacement that we are facing right now.

Filtration Capability: Like Nakii, Waterdrop is using the same Japanese Activated Carbon Fiber as its main filtration media. It has 10 times better adsorption as compared to the usual carbon filters.

Primarily it removes chlorine taste and smells with the ACF technology. In addition, the Ion Exchange Resin remove heavy metal, limescale and water hardness.

Key Features: Waterdrop claims that it can filter as fast as 0.5 GPM which is better than Nakii.

It comes in a 10 cup capacity with an ergonomic wooden handle and a non-slip silicone base which prevent it from slipping. In addition, it comes with a preset 90 days filter lifespan indicator.

Maintenance: The filter lifespan is the highest that we have seen on pitchers. A whopping 200 gallons for a single cartridge can last for about 4-6 months of usage.

This has significantly reduced the maintenance cost to $20 per year and makes it affordable for everyone.

Customer Rating – 4.3 | Our Rating – 4.5

+ 10 times adsorption than most of the filter.
+ 0.5 GPM high flow rate.
+ Certified against NSF/ANSI 61.
+ Long lifespan filters of 200 gallons.
+ Cheapest among all filtration jugs.
+ Quality built on body and filter.
Only one size for selection.
Not suitable for highly contaminated water.

Epic Nano – Bacteria Removal Water Pitcher​

Looking for a bacteria removal filtration jug? Epic Nano is one of a kind filter which removes 99% of contaminants including bacteria.

Background: Epic Water is a water treatment company which specializes in 3 filtration categories such as pitchers, bottles and under sink filtration system. Their best seller products are the pitchers that we will be discussing further. 

Filtration Capability: It is claimed by the company where the pitcher is capable of the filter up to 99% or over 200+ of tap water contaminants. It is the only pitcher on the market that claims to be able to remove Viruses (99.95%),  Bacteria (99.999%), and Cysts (99.9999%).

The filtration jug is tested independently against NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401, P473, & P231 for contaminant reduction. Like the Aquagear, it was tested in Flint to reduce lead and copper to an undetected level.

It is advertised as a selective filtration system which will not remove healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and etc.

Key Features: As mentioned by the company, all their products are American-made which comes with an industry LIFETIME warranty on all their products.

It is a 3.5L pitcher which uses 100% BPA free and 100% recyclable with an LED filter life indicator.

It comes with 2 filtration cartridge which Epic Nano is capable of removing bacteria and Epic Pure doesn’t remove microorganism. However, this comes at a cost of slow flow rate.

The Epic Nano filter will fill up the pitcher at an average time of 20-30 minutes. As ones said, if you want to have great things, patience is the key.

Maintenance: The capacity is similar to Aquagear which is 150 gallons per filter. However, the filtration cost is much lesser as compared to our top-rated pitcher.

The replacement cost is approximately $80 per year depending on the usage and how contaminated is your water.

Customer Rating – 4.3 | Our Rating – 4.2

To read more, visit Epic Water Pitcher review now. 

+ Extreme long lasting filter.
+ Extremely affordable cost.
+ Flow rate of 2 GPM.
+ Pro-rated 5 years warranty.
+ Mold or bacteria growth prevention.

Only suitable for city water.
Not fitting to all of the pipe.
No certification on contaminant removal percentage.

Nakii Water Pitcher – High Flow Rate Water Pitcher

If you are a hardcore pitcher user, you should know that the flow rate for most of the system is a big problem.

This is a major problem especially for those great systems because it needs to go through a tight passage of filtration media that removes all of the contaminants.

Background: Nakii was originally developed for military and medical usage. They  have 1 pitcher size and one type of filtration cartridge. They claim the title of the first to use the latest Japanese Activate Carbon Fibre (ACF) Technology in the US market.

Filtration Capability: As mentioned above, it is a third generation adsorption material with the ACF technology. This technology has 10-12 times greater in adsorption as compared to a regular carbon filter.

It claims to reduce 97% of unpleasant taste and odor of chlorine, sediments such as rust and particles plus reducing water hardness by removing the limescale.

Key Features: The main features that I like is the fast flow rate that can be produced by this pitcher. It is guaranteed by Nakii that the production rate is 1.3 liters per minute. Using the same amount of time, Brita only can produce a cup of filtered water.

The design looks like a conventional water jug rather than a weird shape water pitcher. The size and design allowed us to easily place it in the fridge or on the dining table.

Maintenance: Like most of the great pitcher, it is capable of producing up to 150 gallons of filtered water from your tap water. It is four times more and is four times faster than Brita.

The replacement cost is about $26 per year which is lower than the majority of all the filtration jugs that we recommend.

Customer Rating – 4.2 | Our Rating – 4.4

+ 10-12 times adsorption material compare to basic carbon filter.
+ High flow rate of 1.3 liter in a minute.
+ Long lifespan filters of 150 gallons.
+ Cheap yearly maintenance fees.
Only one size for selection.
1.8 liter jugs which are smaller than usual ones.
Not suitable for highly contaminated water.
No filtration lifespan indicator.
No certification.

pH Restore – Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

As you might know, most of the alkaline ionizer system can set you back at least $800-$5000. It is a blow in your wallet!

Alkaline water pitchers are the most affordable way to produce alkaline water in a natural way.

Background: Invigorated Water has been in the business for quite a while now. Their main focus in creating pitchers, water bottles and shower filters with remineralization capability.

One of their best sellers is the pH Restore alkaline pitcher which is one of the best product in Amazon.

Filtration Capability: The multistage filter uses KDF and Activated carbon to remove chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic from the tap water.

For the remineralization part, the natural materials add in calcium, magnesium, and selenium to increase the pH of the water and reduce the OPR.

There is an ultrafiltration stage which is 0.01-micron membrane to remove fine particles such as sand, rust, and sediment. This is an optional filtration.

Key Features: The filtered water pH is expected to be in the range of 9.0 – 10.0.

It comes in a 3.5L, 2.5L and a dispenser model which cater for all users at home. There will be a digital indicator to track the usage of water in the pitcher.

Maintenance: The lifespan of the filter is around 96 gallons for the main remineralization filter and 264 gallons for the ultrafiltration stage.

It is estimated to cost you around $100 per year for the main filter and $50 yearly if you opt-in to the ultrafiltration stage.

Customer Rating – 4.3 | Our Rating – 4.3

Read more on the pH Restore water pitcher review.

+ 0.01 micron rating on the ultrafiltration stage.
+ Long lifespan of 96 gallons.
+ Lifespan indicator for replacement.
+ Excellent customer rating.
+ Certified by SGS, a world leading inspection and testing company.

No certification from WQA or NSF.
Not made in US.
Slightly expensive maintenance cost due to alkaline remineralization.
Not suitable for highly contaminated water.

Clearly Filtered Pitcher – Ergonomic Water Pitcher​

Widely praised by many satisfied customers for its amazing filtration performance and build quality. Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher is surely a great water filter solution to check out.

Background – Clearly Filtered is a water filter solutions company based in America. Started in 2011, they offer a wide range of water filters from small but portable water pitchers and bottles to specialized filters like under sink system, refrigerator filters and shower head filters.

Filtration Capability – Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher uses its signature Affinity Filtration Technology which uses 7+ proprietary filtration materials (3 stages) which can remove up to 99.7% contaminants. It is able to remove fluoride, Lead, BPA, Glyphosate, and other harmful contaminants found in common tap water. However, the filter retains natural minerals and nutrients.

It comprises 3 stages which the first one is Woven Mesh Screen that is capable of filtering large particles (dirt, debris, etc.). Granulated Coconut Carbon is the second stage where it removes chlorine and improves taste and odor. Finally, the Composite Shell is the third and final stage. This part takes up more time as it allows the filters to have more contact with the water in order to remove contaminants.

Key Features – Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher has incredible filtration capability but also packs in a good amount of features. First is build quality, made of BPA/BPS and Phthalate Free, medical grade materials. This prevents any chemicals or emits odors and bad tastes on your filtered water. It is also tested and certified in several NSF standards.

In terms of capacity, the pitcher can hold around 80 ounces of water or around 10 cups of water. This is enough for 1 person to drink for the whole day. Speaking of the pitcher, It also has a built in water dam which keeps the top reservoir (that contains the unfiltered water) from spilling out when pouring filtered water.

Maintenance – It is relatively easy to maintain a water pitcher which only involves replacing the filter after reaching its expected lifespan. Each filter can last for around 100 gallons or around 4-6 months. However, Clearly Filtered claims that on average, it is replaced every 4 months.

The replacement cost for 4 months frequency change is expected to be about $150 yearly. Each Affinity Filtration Technology filter cost around $50 each.

Customer Rating – 4.9 | Our Rating – 5.0

+ Affinity Filtration Technology.
+ Excellent Build Quality.
+ Ergonomic pitcher design.
+ Easy to handle and maintain
Expensive Annual Maintenance Cost.
Takes longer to filter water.

Brita 10 Everyday – Popular Pick Water Pitcher​

Brita 10 Everyday is another great but simple water pitcher with affordable maintenance cost. It is also compatible with Brita’s choices of filters. It does however fall short on needing constant maintenance every two months when using standard filters.

Background – Brita is another water solutions company that specializes in innovating products like water pitchers, dispensers, portable water filter bottles, and faucet mounted filters.

Filtration Capability – Brita 10 Everyday is compatible with using two types of water filter cartridges and are exchangeable. The first one is a Brita standard filter which is capable of filtering and reducing well known contaminants such as copper, cadmium, and mercury. It also improves taste and odor by reducing chlorine.

The pitcher is also compatible with Brita Longlast which has a 3x longer lifespan. It can filter the same types of contaminants as the standard filter plus reducing lead, asbestos and benzene. Brita recommends to filter no more than 2 gallons (7.5 liters) daily for maximum efficiency. They also recommend storing clean water in a refrigerator.

Key Features – Brita 10 Everyday is a simple water filter pitcher only has the important features like every other water pitcher. All Brita Water Filter Pitchers including the Brita 10 Everyday are NSF and ANSI standard certified 42 and 53 which ensures good performance quality.

Brita 10 Everyday’s compatibility with other filters such as their standard and long lasting is also a big plus as it gives you more flexibility and choices for water filters.

Maintenance – Since Brita uses the same standard and longlast filter across several of their water pitchers, maintenance will be the same for Brita 10 Everyday. The standard filter can last for up to 40 gallons or every 2 months while the Brita Longlast is around 120 gallons or 6 months.

The replacement cost for 2 months frequency change is expected to be about $40 yearly. Filters are inexpensive for Brita standard filters which cost around $6.58 a piece. The annual cost is also the same for Brita Longlast.

Customer Rating – 4.4 | Our Rating – 4.8

+ Great Filter Performance.
+ Filter Compatibility Choices.
+ Brita Longlast Filters.
Constant maintenance every two months when using standard filter.
Only filter a limited contaminants.

Aquabliss Pitcher – Most Trusted Water Pitcher

Water filter pitchers can be both affordable in terms of price and annual maintenance cost but also performs well in filtering water. AquaBliss’s 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher may have checked all those criteria.

Background – AquaBliss was first established in 2015 with a purpose of bringing European style filters into America. AquaBliss has served over 100,000 customers and offers a wide variety of water solutions such as Shower Filters and Water Pitchers.

Filtration Capability – The AquaBliss Water Filter Pitcher uses AquaBliss’s FWPC XL cartridges which are capable of filtering a significant amount of contaminants such as chlorine, mercury, copper, cadmium and zinc. It is also capable of filtering sediments like dirt and debris.

Key Features – Like the Brita, the AquaBliss 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher is a fairly simple water pitcher with the right amount of features. It has an Odor Elimination Technology which is built into the filters itself. It functions by eliminating contaminants that produce odor in the water. The AquaBliss Water Filter Pitcher is also BPA free which is great to have in these Water Filter Pitchers.

Maintenance – For maintenance, The water pitcher can be disassembled and cleaned like every other kitchenware. For filter replacement, the FWPC XL cartridges can last for around 4 months. They are inexpensive which cost around $12 a piece.

The replacement cost for 4 months frequency change is expected to be around $36 yearly. Surprisingly for a water filter pitcher, it includes a 1 year warranty.

Customer Rating – 4.6 | Our Rating – 4.7

+ Long lifespan for filter.
+ Affordable maintenance cost.
+ 1 year warranty.
Slightly slow flow rate.

ZeroWater Pitcher – Low TDS Water Pitcher​

Another great water pitcher with a high performing 5-stage filter and packs in a handful of features not found in most water pitchers on this list. Let’s check out ZeroWater 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher.

Background – ZeroWater is a subsidiary company of Zero Technologies LCC which was founded in 2003. They produce portable water filter solutions such as water pitchers, water filtration cups, replacement filters and accessories.

Filtration Capability – ZeroWater’s 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher uses ZeroWater premium 5-stage filter. It is able to remove 99.6% of contaminants including metals such as lead, copper, iron, manganese and more. You can check out the list of contaminants on their official website. Listed down below each of the 5 stages in order and their functions:

  1. Coarse Filter Screen – Functions similar to a sediment filter which filters and removes fine particles such as dirt and debris.
  2. Foam Distributor – This functions by dispersing water across the entire width of the water filter. This makes it more effective at using the filters.
  3. Multi-Layer Activated Carbon & Oxidation Reduction Alloy – Starting with the Carbon layer which filters contaminants and improves taste while the Oxidation Reduction Alloy removes chlorine and other metals. It also keeps mold from forming.
  4. Dual Comprehensive Ion Exchange Resin – This transforms the filtered water into its pure state by utilizing negative and positive ion exchange.
  5. Ultra-Fine Screen & Non-Woven Membrane Layers – The last stage which removes ultra-fine particles.

Key Features – One of ZeroWater 10-cup water pitcher filter’s unique feature is the quick fill spigot which can be used to quickly dispense water without tipping the water pitcher. It is quite similar to a faucet. This is great to have for people who may be unable to lift a pitcher.

Another feature is that there is an included water quality meter or TDS which can be used to measure total dissolved solids. This is a nice feature to have especially for people who are first starting out on using a water pitcher filter. When not in use, the TDS can be stored right on the lid.

Maintenance – For maintenance, The water pitcher can be disassembled and cleaned like every other kitchen utensil. For filter replacement, each cartridge can last for around 3-5 months or 40 gallons before a replacement is needed.

The replacement cost for a 3 month frequency change is around $60. Each ZeroWater Replacement Water Filters cost $15.

Customer Rating – 4.2 | Our Rating – 4.5

+ 5-Stage Filtration Performance.
+ Quick Fill Spigot.
+ Free TDS meter Included.
Slow water flow rate.
Expensive annual maintenance cost.

Seychelle Pitcher – Fluoride Water Pitcher​

A departure from our regular water pitcher filters, the Seychelle pH20 is an alkaline water filter pitcher which increases the alkalinity of your water, turning it into a mineral rich water. Based on many positive reviews, this may be worth considering.

Background – Seychelle Technologies Incorporated is another water filtration technology company based in America and founded by Carl Palmer. Seychelle offers filtration bottles, water filter straws and more. They also focus on innovating water pitchers, developing many variants for different needs such as an alkaline water filter pitchers, radiological water filters, RAD/ADV water filters and more.

Filtration Capability – Seychelle pH20 Water Filter Pitcher uses a dual pH20 dual alkaline filter which is able to filter and remove up to 99.9% of chlorine, chemicals (VOCs), heavy metals and more. Up to 90% of fluoride is also removed.

From the filter’s name itself, it increases the alkalinity (pH) up to 9.5pH. However, pH20 filters do not remove any bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium, and viruses. This must be used with chlorinated municipal water.

Key Features – One of the key features of the Seychelle pH20 is the ability to produce alkaline water. This is a great feature to have for people who require the essential minerals found in the water while also filtering out the contaminants.

Maintenance – For maintenance and filter replacement, Seychelle pH20’s dual filters have a long lifespan of around 200 gallons or 3-4 months. It is also required to flush the filters before using the water filter pitcher

The replacement cost for a 3 month frequency change is around $200. A pair of pH20 alkaline replacement water filters cost $50.

Customer Rating – 4.2 | Our Rating – 4.8

+ Dual Filtration Performance.
+ pH20 Alkaline Capability.
+ Fast water flow rate.
Can only be used with chlorinated municipal water.
Expensive Annual Maintenance Cost.

pH Restore Glass Pitcher – Glass Water Pitcher​

If you want a simple but stylish designed water pitcher for your modern home but also packs in filtration capabilities including alkaline, the pH RESTORE from Invigorated Water may check-in all the requirements.

Background   – Founded by Dan and Monika Carlin, Invigorated Water was established in 2014 and offers many water filter solutions but with a sleek modern take on the designs. This is evident on their latest products such as their water pitchers, bottle filters, faucet water filters and more.

Filtration Capability – pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher uses a multi-stage PH001 filter that is able to filter and remove heavy metals, sediments, fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine. It also improves taste and odors. Surprisingly, It also functions as a water softener which prevents limescale calcification found in the water. As an alkaline water filter, it increases the alkalinity or pH level of the water and also introduces High negative Oxidation Reduction or ORP. This delivers antioxidant water which can be beneficial for increasing immunity. 

Key Features – One of the most strongest aspects about the pH RESTORE is the physical design. First of all, it is made out of a tall high-quality glass   that has a smooth wooden lid and a rubber bottom. This gives it a more elegant, sleek and modern look that won’t be out of place when placed in a kitchen countertop.

A unique feature of the pH RESTORE that no other filters on our best water filter pitchers list is the ability to attach another filter for high level filtration. Using the PH002 UltraFiltration (UF) membrane filter, simply connect it at the bottom of the existing PH001 filter.

The UF membrane filter removes tiny particles that are as small as 0.01 micron but also allows beneficial minerals to pass through. It is made from BPA Free materials and can last for about 12 months.

Maintenance – For maintenance, pH RESTORE’s PH001 Filters has a fairly decent lifespan of about 96 gallons or 6 months for 1 person. Each filter replacement cost around $19. Therefore, replacement cost for 6 months frequency change for PH001 is around $38. If you include the PH002 filter. which has a frequency change of 12 months and priced at $24, adds up to a total of $62.

Customer Rating – 4.1 | Our Rating – 4.5

+ Sleek and Modern Design.
+ Optional UF membrane filter for high-level filtration.
+ Excellent Filtration Performance.
Some customers reported black growing on the wooden lid.

PUR 18-CUP Dispenser – Best Water Pitcher Dispenser​

Onto our last water filter pitcher on our best water filter pitcher list and also the biggest one. The PUR DS1800Z is an 18-cup water filter pitcher dispenser that has a large water capacity, easy maintenance and better tasting water.    

Background – PUR is a subsidiary company owned by Helen of Troy Limited which is one of the leading global consumer products companies. It focuses on Health & Home, Housewares and Beauty. PUR offers a handful of water solutions such as faucet water filters, water pitchers and dispensers.

Filtration Capability – The DS1800Z uses a PUR CRF-950Z which features a MAXION Filter Technology that has the capability to remove 95% of contaminants, 96% of Mercury, 94% of certain pharmaceuticals and more. It also reduces chlorine which improves taste.

Key Features – The key feature of the DS1800Z is its large capacity in a sleek but compact design. It has a capacity of around 18-cups that is already a lot compared to most of the filters on this list.      

It is also quite sleek and compact and most customers appreciate the ability to store the whole water dispenser inside a refrigerator.

Maintenance– The PUR CRF-950Z has quite a short filter lifespan of around 1-2 months or 40 gallons. For a 4 pack filter replacement cost around $35. Therefore, the replacement cost for 2 months frequency change (1 filter use per  month from a 2-pack filter) cost around $100.

Customer Rating – 4.5 | Our Rating – 4.6

+ MAXION Filter Technology.
+ Larger Water Capacity.
+ Sleek but Compact Design.
Short Filter Lifespan.
Expensive Annual Maintenance Cost.

What Are Water Filter Pitchers?

Water filter pitchers are a different kind of water solution that is available on the market. It is self-contained and produces clean drinking water. They are portable, easy to use and require little to no maintenance.

From the name itself, water filter pitchers come in with a water container where filtered water is stored before dispensing. A common water filter pitcher comprises a lid, a top container which is where the filter is located and a bottom container that is used to store filtered water.

How Do Water Filter Pitchers Work?

Every water filter pitchers filters and cleans water similarly with each other. It starts off by pouring unfiltered water into the top container. The water passes through the filter where different filtration stages happen. Then the filtered water slowly drains into the bottom container.

To pour the water into a glass, there is a bypass system where the clean water can exit the pitcher without passing through the filters or the unfiltered water container.

What Does A Water Filter Pitcher Remove?

A water filter pitcher removes many contaminants and heavy metals including Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC), Trihalomethane Compounds and Giardia, Water filter pitchers also reduces chlorine which improves taste and eliminates bad odor.

Who Should Buy A Water Filter Pitcher?

Nowadays, lots of people are using water filter pitchers for many benefits and reasons. If you fit on one of the reasons below, then you should consider buying a water filter pitcher.

1. Spending money on buying clean water

– If you regularly spend on buying bottled water, then you probably need a water filter pitcher. Not only that you save yourself money in the long term, but also save you up from spending the time recycling plastic bottles.

2. Have more than one person in a household

– Although a whole house water filter may be a viable solution for a household with more than 1 person, if your household only values clean drinking water then a water pitcher filter is a great choice.

3. Want to achieve a healthy lifestyle

– Drinking clean and filtered water is another healthy way of achieving a healthy lifestyle. Some water filter pitchers offer features such as alkaline increase which may be beneficial in absorbing nutrients from the water.

Why You Should Be Using A Water Filter Pitcher?

There are many reasons as to why you should be using a water filter pitcher in your household. One of the most important reasons is the access to clean and healthy water which can be created using a water filter pitcher. Tap water contains many harmful contaminants and heavy metals thus a water filter pitcher will do the trick.

Another reason is that water filter pitchers are fairly inexpensive. Unlike a whole house water filter which costs a lot and requires installation, water filter pitchers are inexpensive in both cost and annual maintenance.

It is also easy to use, just simply pour in tap water on the top container and let the filter do its treatment and after a while (usually 30-60 minutes), clean water will drip down to the bottom container.

When And How To Change A Water Filter Pitcher

Every Water Filter Pitcher may vary from one over the other in terms of how often you need to change the water filter. Many factors can be taken into consideration such as how much water you filter per day and the lifespan of the filter. On average, a water filter can last for around 2-4 months.

Now, in terms of changing the water filter inside the water filter pitcher, it also varies from one product over the other so it is highly recommended to read the instructions. However, here are the general steps on how to change a water pitcher filter.

  1. Remove the used filter and discard it.
  2. Open the new filter and submerge it in cold water for around 10-15 minutes.
  3. Afterwards, attach the new filter to the water pitcher.
  4. Next, flush the water filter by pouring water onto the top container and draining it down to the bottom water. This activates all the important filters inside including the carbon filter. Discard the filtered water and repeat this process for 3 times.
  5. The water filter replacement is complete and the water filter pitcher is ready to use.

Are Water Filter Pitchers Worth It?

Given the benefits, Water Filter Pitchers are definitely worth it. They are inexpensive compared to other water filter solutions like a whole house water filter. It also requires no installation and is inexpensive to maintain which most water filter solutions do not have.

Another reason why they are worth it is because water filter pitchers are portable and easy to use. They are quite small but can hold enough water for the household for the day.


It all depends on what kind of features you want for a water filter pitcher. Our recommendation is just to guide you through the selection process and give you a second opinion on a particular jug.

Not necessary the big brands are good and suitable for everyone. We don’t recommend Brita or PUR because there are other pitchers that worth investing and far more capable of delivering quality water.

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