8 Best Water Purification Tablets

One thing that we cannot survive without is water. Fortunately, we live in an age where we’re able to access the cleanest treated water available.

That’s exactly what water purification tablets do! They ensure that be it any time, anywhere, you can use some of the best water purification tablets to get rid of contaminated water.

It’s important you know the kind of area you live in to automatically assess the water quality. Alongside this, it isn’t the healthiest option to drink water from rivers and oceans during camping or trips.

In such situations, you’ll need a quick and easy solution for purification.  Water purification tablets are that solution!

To ensure that consuming contaminated water won’t be risky, you need something to purify all types of water.

That’s why we’ve recommended the best of the best! Keep on reading to know everything about the best water purification tablets available on the market!

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Our Top Pick


Potable Aqua

The Potable Aqua tablets are on the top of our list since they’re the solution to any sort of contaminated water. Be it for camping, during storms, in the wild, or mid transportation, these are the tablets to go for!

Who Needs Water Purification Tablets?

As deduced by now, water purification tablets were created for those who don’t have immediate access to clean water when needed.

Some of the main target audiences are:

Defense Forces

For defense forces such as the military and army, they must have a supply to clean water without organisms like bacteria, viruses, or other water-borne diseases.

In that case, using water purification tablets works great! In situations like these, water purification tablets are the safest bet for such people.

It alone prevents them from contracting many sicknesses and diseases.

Disaster Communities and Developing Countries

In many developing countries where the availability of clean and purified water is scarce, these water purification tablets are the solution.

Many rescues organizations, and NGOs, then naturally use these for transportation abroad. It’s more difficult to transport filtration devices across.

Purification tablets are ideal in these scenarios since they’re non-hazardous and can be individually packaged and stored.

Fast Travelers

Travelers that reside in remote areas or are frequent campers and hikers also require an immediate source of disinfected water.

Although there are many other traveling devices, such as smaller filtration devices, these travelers keep it light with their equipment.

With these tablets, there’s not even any hard packing involved since these tablets are easy to store, and are small in size.

Small and Secluded Villages

Small villages are mostly unable to reap the benefits of the fast technology of water filters and filtration devices.

In places like these, water purification tablets are their best bet. These abundant mini tablets are easily accessible to get the benefits of iodine and chlorine dioxide purification.

Something as simple as this will massively improve their health through clean water and cause an increase in their life expectancy.

Coupled with this, these water purification tablets are easy to come by and purchase. Compared to other filtration devices they aren’t expensive at all!

Best Water Purification Tablets Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickComparing Potable Aqua Potable AquaPacksize: Tablets
Type: Iodine
Price: $
Treatment: up to 25 quarts
Read Full Review
Comparing Katadyn Micropur Katadyn MicropurPacksize: Tablets
Type: Chlorine
Price: $
Treatment: up to 20 liters
Read Full Review
Comparing Aquatabs AquatabsPacksize: Tablets
Type: Chlorine
Price: $
Treatment: up to 200 quarts
Read Full Review
Comparing AquaMira AquaMiraPacksize: Liquid
Type: Chlorine
Price: $
Treatment: up to 30 gallons
Read Full Review
Comparing Polar Pure Polar PurePacksize: Liquid
Type: Iodine
Price: $
Treatment: 2000 liters
Read Full Review
Comparing H2O ResQ H2O ResQPacksize: Liquid
Type: Mineral Ion Solution
Price: $$
Treatment: 330 gallons
Read Full Review
Comparing Rothco Chlor-Floc Rothco Chlor-Floc Packsize: Tablets
Type: Chlorine
Price: $
Treatment: 8 gallons
Read Full Review
Comparing Coghlan Tablet Coghlan TabletPacksize: Tablets
Type: Iodine
Price: $
Treatment: 25 liters
Read Full Review

1. Potable Aqua

review of Potable Aqua

These water purification tablets are most suitable for an emergency. During situations like hiking, camping, these water tablets are most useful.

They’re labeled as germicidal tablets and are ideal to use for immediate disinfection. These tablets come in a bottle of 50. Furthermore, one tablet makes water suitable to drink in just 35 minutes!

If used to eliminate Giardia Lamblia, these tablets are equally effective for that purpose. These Potable water tablets are known all over the world and are even used by the military.


  • Item Dimensions: 1-inch x 3.63 inches x 5.75 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.13 ounces
  • Item Model: 2G
  • Color: White


  • Ideal for any sort of outdoor emergency activity
  • Effective against Guardia lamblia
  • Great for international travel
  • Makes water bacteriologically suitable to drink

It’s important to note that Potable Aqua purification tablets are only for emergency use and not continuous use.

However, these tablets are a great backup precaution if you’re hiking for instance and your hiking water filter breaks or doesn’t work.

Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

+ Inexpensive
+ Easy to store
+ One tablet filters a good amount of water
+ Great for emergency use
+ Ideal for international use as well
Not effective against viruses
Doesn’t improve the taste of water

2. Katadyn Micropur

review of Katadyn Micropur

These water purification tablets are ideal to eliminate all sorts of microorganisms. Katadyn Micropur Mp1 releases chlorine dioxide into unfiltered water. This effectively combats against viruses, bacteria, cysts, Giardia Lamblia, and cryptosporidium.

Additionally with working against any sort of harmful organisms, these chlorine dioxide tablets also try to improve the quality of purified water. Furthermore, they also improve and remove any unpleasant taste and odors.

These water purification chlorine dioxide tablets are also approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency to meet all microbiological water purifier test standards.


  • Item Dimensions: 12 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Item Model: 8014996
  • Color: Black


  • Made from the highest quality material to ensure durability
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Made from synthetic material
  • Only water purification tablets that are approved by the EPA

Although the Katadyn Micropur MP1 tablets are highly recommended they take up to four hours for treatment. In cases of emergencies, however, that becomes four hours too long!

Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

+ Useful for hiking, camping, fishing, and traveling
+ One tablet can treat up to 1 liter of water
+ Improves water taste and quality
+ Removes unwanted odors and tastes
Water purification treatment takes 4 hours at least

3. Aquatabs

review of Aquatabs

The Aquatabs water purification tablets work proficiently like all the other best ones on the market! They are super light to carry and are relatively inexpensive.

Aquatabs are one of the quickest, cheapest, and lightest purification methods to go for! These water purifying tablets protect against viruses, bacteria, and Giardia cysts almost instantaneously!

These water treatment tablets are great if you’re someone who enjoys hiking, camping, and living like nature! Since they’re cheap, light, and easy to store, they add perfectly well to your water bottle filter and purification kit


  • Item Dimensions: 4 inches 1.5 inches 1 inch
  • Item Weight: 0.81 ounces
  • Item Model: PR003
  • Color: White


  • The purification process takes approximately 30 minutes
  • Removes water-borne viruses and bacteria
  • Set and packaged for your convenience
  • Ultra-lightweight

Although these purification tablets remove water-borne diseases by eliminating bacteria and viruses, they don’t remove cryptosporidium.

In addition, Aquatabs’ main active ingredient is Sodium dichloroisocyanurate which may leave a slight taste of chlorine behind!

Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

+ Very cheap and affordable in comparison to other purificat
+ Easy to use
+ Almost negligible weight
+ Short purification treatment time
+ Easy to store
eaves a chlorine aftertaste
Doesn’t eliminate cryptosporidium

4. AquaMira

review of AquaMira

AquaMira is a chlorine dioxide water purification liquid. Although it contains chlorine dioxide, it is iodine and chlorine-free. Instead, AquaMira water purification liquid uses chlorine dioxide to release a highly active form of oxygen. This works as a germicidal agent.

Through this, chlorine dioxide becomes more useful to kill harmful microorganisms such as protozoan cysts, Giardia lamblia cysts, and Cryptosporidium.

The use of chlorine dioxide purification liquids or tablets results in no harmful by-products being created during water purification.

Furthermore, chlorine dioxide purification liquids also act as neutralizing agents. This is because instead of adding a chlorine aftertaste to purified water, the AquaMira purification liquid successfully neutralizes it.


  • Item Dimensions: 4 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.53 ounces
  • Item Model: 67202
  • Color: Clear


  • Durable and easy to use packaging
  • Chlorine dioxide is a highly effective oxidant
  • Removes and kills unpleasant tastes and odors

The AquaMira water purification liquid is a great choice for on-the-go water cleansing and purification. They are easy to store and use, however, if you’re looking for water purification tablets, this option is probably not for you.

Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

+ Contains no chlorine or iodine
+ No unpleasant aftertaste
+ 4-year shelf life
+ No harmful byproducts created
Not available in tablet form

5. Polar Pure

review of Polar Pure

The Polar Pure water purification liquid is known as the most effective and treatable product. It sanitizes and disinfects all types of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Not only this but they are known to be so effective because they deal with mutations of harmful pathogens as well.

Most water purification tablets fail to do so since the mutations defeat other purification tablets too!

Certified by the EPA, the Polar Pure water purification liquid filter and sterilize up to 2000 liters of water.

Additionally Polar Pure is a pure iodine water disinfectant that is easy to store in your hiking, camping, or backpacking kit! These are the best purification bottles for small-scale water treatment and cooking in nature!


  • Item Dimensions: 4 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.59 ounces
  • Item Model: PP01
  • Color: White


  • Displays solution measure and dosage on the bottle
  • Printed dosage chart on the bottle
  • Special bottle design for your ease of use
  • Travel convenient

The Polar Pure iodine water purification tablets are the one-stop-shop solution and water treatment purifier.

Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

+ Small and compact size
+ Pure water disinfectant
+ Indefinite shelf life
+ Kills any harmful bacteria
+ Purifies dirty water successfully
The tablet form is less efficient

6. H2O ResQ

review of H2O ResQ

The H2O ResQ drops use a BioFilm defender technology. This is a patented technology that uses a natural ion solution for water purification and treatment.

This patented silver and copper ion technology use the properties of these ions to prevent and stop the growth and presence of harmful viruses in untreated water.

The Biofilm Defender technology is a tested and tried solution that is a long-term one! Say goodbye to water rotation and have clean tasting water for up to 5 years.

Usable for bottles, large containers, storage tanks, RV’s, boats, camping, hiking, septic tanks, and humidifiers, these are the ultimate purification route in liquid form.


  • Item Dimensions: 4.3 inches x 2.6 inches x 1.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.99 ounces
  • Item Model: 58910
  • Color: Clear


  • Multiples use including food use as well
  • One of a kind natural technology
  • Includes a test kit to check water purification levels

The H2O ResQ water purification liquid is easy to store and use. It provides a long-term solution to multiple problems.

Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars.

+ Indefinite shelf life
+ Multiple uses
+ Guaranteed technology
+ Uses natural ionization solutions
+ No harmful by-products created
If you’re looking for a short term solution, this is not the best option

7. Rothco Chlor-Floc

review of Rothco Chlor-Floc

Rothco Chlor-Floc water purification tablets are the best and ideal water purification tablets. Specially made for emergencies, these purification tablets quickly purify water to transform it into clean drinking water.

These tablets are used first and foremost by the US military to obtain quick drinking water. These water purification tablets treat water by eradicating bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

However, these are the only water purification tablets that can remove sediment as well! So if you’re out in nature frequently or traveling through the woods, these purification tablets are the way to go!

These are individually wrapped tablets distributed in 30 packets that can filter up to 8 gallons of water!


  • Item Dimensions: 5 inches x 2.5 inches x 1.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Item Model: Chlor-Floc
  • Color: White


  • Clearly states how much water these tablets can purify
  • Multiple uses
  • Affordable water purification tablets compared to others

The Rothco Chlor-Floc water purification tablets are best suited and ideal for a short-term and quick purification solution.

They’d be most useful to campers, hikers, etc.

Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

+ Easy to store and use
+ Compact design
+ Removes and filters sediment
+ Removes Giardia Lamblia cysts
Doesn’t remove cryptosporidium

8. Coghlan Tablet

review of Coghlan Tablet

Coghlan aims to make your camping trip easier and smoother by providing camp accessories. Their water purification tablets are one of those!

They make purifying water easier. They are labeled as germicidal tablets to ensure you always have a safe and healthy water source wherever you may be!

The Coghlan water purification tablets are effective against Giardia as well as disinfecting water.

They offer both filtration and chemical treatments to treat water healthily. First and foremost these purification tablets ensure that the water is safe for human consumption.


  • Item Dimensions: 1 inch x 1 inch x 1 inch
  • Item Weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Item Model: 7620
  • Color: White


  • One pack contains at least 50 tablets
  • Small and compact design
  • Easily stored
  • Quick solution

The Coghlan water purification tablets can filter up to 25 liters of water with one bottle. However, depending on the quality of water, 2 tablets may have to be used to disinfect 1 quart of water.

Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

+ Affordable purification tablets
+ Great for emergencies
+ Combats and removes harmful bacteria and viruses
+ Makes water bacteriologically safe and clean to drink
Does not remove odor and unpleasant tastes from water
Does not remove other types of microorganisms

How To Pick A Water Purification Tablet?

Generally, you may think that acquiring water purification tablets or drops are pretty cut and dry. You may think that purchasing any type of water purification tablet is it.

All that’s needed is that you add the tablet into the water and wait for purification. However, that’s not it!

Here are some factors you need to take into account before getting a water purification tablet:

Are The Tablets You’re Purchasing Safe For Any Type of Trip?

This boils down to one factor; The quality of water in the area you’re in. Depending on the area you’re living in, you’ll be able to know the water quality.

Naturally, with all types of untreated water, you don’t need to worry about bacteria like Giardia Lamblia or Cryptosporidium always.

As described above, in many of the water purification tablets, some are specific to hikers, campers, emergencies, etc. Some purification tablets are more specific for muddy and sedimentary water areas.

Are All Water Purification Tablets the Same?

Water purification tablets each include different active ingredients to combat different pathogens and organisms.

Usually, including chlorine, iodine, and chlorine dioxide, all these substances target different organisms.

Chlorine and Iodine are more efficient to combat against Giardia Lamblia parasites, but not cryptosporidium. Whereas, chlorine dioxide combats cryptosporidium while improving taste and removing odors as well.

How Can Water Purification Tablets Be Stored?

Generally, water purification tablets have a long shelf life of approximately 4-5 years. That is only applicable if they aren’t opened.

Once opened, the package needs to be properly maintained, because if not they lose their effectiveness and become useless.

It’s important to store them in such a way that the tablets aren’t directly affected by high temperatures, heat, humidity, moisture.

This can be ensured by placing them or storing them in an air-tight package. Preferably once you open a packet of tablets to use, it is recommended that you use it in under a year!

How Should Water Purification Tablets Be Used?

Water purification tablets are made of mostly chemicals as their active ingredients. That gives you a clear indicator of where to use them and how.

For instance, with a purification tablet that contains chlorine as its active ingredient, you’ll probably get an aftertaste of chlorine in purified water. Keep in mind that purification tablets are not used to make water odors disappear, they’re just for purification.

Similarly, if a purification tablet has iodine as its main ingredient, it would be harmful to use if you are pregnant or have thyroid issues.

Additionally, these products aren’t meant for long-term use, and shouldn’t prevail in your body system for more than 6 months.

water purification tablet

Different Types of Purification Tablets

Any type of purification tablet has 3 main active ingredients on average:

  1. Chlorine
  2. Iodine
  3. Chlorine Dioxide

Below we’ve described all properties and specifications of each type of tablet individually.

Chlorine Tablets

Firstly chlorine-based tablets are most effective against the Giardia Lamblia parasite. Chlorine is a widely used substance used in multiple water purification processes. It has proved to work efficiently and is a great combatant against water impurities.

Chlorine tablets also don’t leave a strong chemical smell after purification. However, in purification tablets, chlorine tablets are only for water disinfection.

With all this, they leave behind an aftertaste that may be unpleasant for some users. Although there’s no way of getting rid of the persisting chlorine taste, leaving the water out may evaporate some of it.

Iodine Tablets

Iodine-based tablets are also effective against Giardia Lamblia parasites, but not any other.

It’s important to note that these tablets also leave an aftertaste behind but fulfill the goal to produce pure drinking water.

If you want quicker results, i’s better to use iodine tablets in warmer water. Using them in cool water takes longer for the purification treatment to work.

Although there’s no way to remove the aftertaste, it can be neutralized with the help of vitamin C.

Please keep in mind that if you suffer from thyroid problems or pregnancies, these tablets aren’t good for you!

Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

Chlorine Dioxide-based tablets are the best and most effective water purification choice. They leave behind no chemical smell or taste.

Due to it being a compound chemical, it eliminates and destroys multiple sorts of organisms. This includes bacteria, viruses, and other parasites like cryptosporidium.

Furthermore, if you acquire the right type of tablet, the presence of chlorine dioxide can also be used as taste neutralizing tablets and remove odors.

This chemical isn’t only used in purification tablets but is also the main component of many big water filtration systems and devices.

Iodine Vs Chlorine Tablet

It’s important to note both the advantages and disadvantages of these substances. Through this, you’ll be able to deduce which is the better option to opt for.


Chlorine is also known as chlorine bleach.  Chlorine uses a process called Chlorination. In doing so, chlorine causes dirt and impurities to fall to the bottom of the water.

It is advised that you use bleach with other cleaning chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite.

This method comes with a lot of drawbacks since bleach along with chlorine is a dangerous chemical to use. So you must make sure that the bleach dosage and quality are good.

If you’re looking to combat several types of microorganisms, using a chlorine tablet won’t work. Chlorine tablets, as mentioned above, are most useful to kill the Giardia parasite.

Depending on the level of water quality, this would certainly prove inefficient if used for more than it can purify.


As already mentioned above, Iodine is great to kill multiple protozoa, bacteria, and viruses.

However, in cold water, iodine becomes ineffective, which is why it is recommended to use only in warm water.

That becomes a drawback if you want to use it in chilly seasons for emergencies.

Users may also not like the strong chemical taste of iodine that persists after.

FAQs on Best Water Purification Tablets

Do Water Purification Tablets Work?

Yes, water purification tablets are useful and work efficiently. They are best used for emergencies all the time.
They sufficiently provide a fast alternative to procuring clean water in remote areas, or during camping and hiking.
This is possible due to active ingredients like chlorine and iodine that kill impurities.

How Long Do Water Purification Tablets Take To Work?

The tablets you purchase are always accompanied by instructions that are important to go through.
The water treatment time depends on the active ingredient involved. Chlorine dioxide takes up to 4 hours and chlorine and iodine can take as long as 30 minutes.

Are Chlorine Tablets Safe For Drinking Water?

Yes, they are! Chlorine is a great substance to remove impurities. However as purification tablets are meant for short-term use, it’s necessary to not have a continuous supply of chlorine in your water.
This is because they do produce water that’s safe to consume, but leave a lasting chlorine taste behind.

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