Our First Trip To An All Inclusive Family Resort

You guys, we finally did it. We took a trip to an all inclusive family resort! I remember going to these as a kid on occasion, and loving it, but I hadn’t had the chance to experience it all from the parents perspective. And surprise, surprise it was amazing! All those trips to Mexico and the days spent at the “Mini Club” are making a whole lot of sense after our trip last weekend, hah. Kudos to you mom and dad!

On Friday we took the bus from NYC out to the Poconos to stay at Woodloch, a hospitality driven resort nestled in a dreamy mountain lake setting. Their mission is to nurture and embrace the spirit of spending quality time with friends and family all while cultivating fun, and they’ve been doing so since 1958.

Regardless of scouring their beautiful site, I wasn’t completely sure what to expect before we left the city. Despite all of our travels this was our first time at any sort of family resort, let alone an all inclusive one. Plus, despite hearing such great things, we had never traveled to the Poconos. So needless to say we were pumped to check it out! After spending a full weekend there I can honestly say I get it. While I understand how intimidating it might be for parents to lump a vacation all into one bill, planning for a trip like this is something I would highly recommend.


Having all of our meals and activities included took the stress and pressure off of each activity we embarked on with Owen. There was time, space and the resources to try things more than once if he wasn’t feeling it or was in a cranky mood. Plus, the staff made us feel welcome and taken care of every step of the way. We ate all of our meals in their family style dining area, sat at the same table for for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and like some sort of unbelievable miracle Owen sat through every single meal without a second of screen time. They had such an expansive menu with options for all of us (yes, even our very picky toddler) and we all left feeling incredibly full and connected as a family.

While Woodloch hosts 30+ activities daily, we clearly were only able to take advantage of the ones we knew were age appropriate for Owen, but there’s so much more we need to go back for!

I think Owen’s top highlight would be the electric cars you see here. We ended up making multiple trips to the “room with cars”  and Owen is still asking me to take him there three days after returning home. We visited their massive indoor playground, Zack and Owen took a ride on their go-karts, we took plenty of long walks in nature, hung in the arts and crafts room for a while, checked out multiple outdoor playgrounds and brought our suits to visit their indoor pool and slide but didn’t have enough time to make it. Owen seriously had the best time and we had an equally great time getting to experience the Poconos through his eyes! 

It was the perfect, beautiful, much needed family weekend and we are beyond grateful for it! We chatted all about our stay at Woodloch on today’s episode of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast as well, plus Owen makes a few little cameos in the episode that you don’t want to miss.

PS. I brought some of my new fall favorites along on this trip, shop my Poconos suitcase below!