Coming Home To New York After Eight Months of Travel

The last week as truly flown by since we landed in New York. We’re slowly getting our new place together, assembling furniture, ordering bits and pieces we still need and picking out artwork. We’re catching up with friends, visiting some of our favorite spots and acclimating back into winter weather.

It’s funny how much more effort it truly takes to make a home than it does to sell everything you own. When we made the decision to leave things felt overwhelming, but it all went so smoothly.

Reassembling our life, however, is taking a lot more patience (I’m the type of mover that has artwork hung and boxes broken down the night we move in). I’m taking it as another lesson in our little journey to slow the heck down. Wish me luck.

All of that being said, we are so happy to be home and are loving the way our space is coming together. The layout feels so much more like a home than any of our other previous Airbnb’s or places and I’m looking forward to filling these walls with items we love and memories we will always cherish.

Over the next month or so I’m going to be partnering with a few different brands I’ve built relationships with over the past couple years and a few new ones I’ve recently connected with as well. We have been fortunate enough to really limit our move in costs by doing so and I cannot wait to share some of our favorite artists, furniture designers and other home decor brands as we establish home again. These partnerships will often times result in a giveaway or discount for my followers, which of course makes me that much more excited as this platform is for you guys too. My goal here is to always be transparent so I figured I would give you a heads up as things shift from a travel focus to more of a home focus.

We have ordered and received the majority of our large furniture pieces, but I would love to know your favorite places for home accessories (pillows, throws, pots, vases, etc.). Just looking for a few more pieces to make this place really feel cozy!

I want to thank each and everyone of you again for supporting us on this journey. If you had told me at this time last year that we would have left our life in Brooklyn, traveled for eight straight months and made our way back there’s not a chance I would have believed you. Life is funny that way and I’m grateful for it. And for you. Thank you for sticking by our little families side as we shake things up probably a little too often. You’re all the best.