How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed Despite Your Location

For those of you who are new around here, this May we turned our life upside down to travel the world. We sold the majority of our belongings, left our apartment and switched up our lifestyle completely to live a nomadic life.

While living in seven locations in the last five months would be quite the change for anyone, from a work standpoint it also felt like a super drastic change considering our lifestyle is the foundation of my business.

Throughout our travels it was always my priority to share our life in the most authentic way as possible without completely flipping the script on my aesthetic. This presented a number of challenges, but after five months of life on the go I feel confident about what I’ve created both here, on the blog, and through Instagram.

Whether you’re traveling the world, moving into a new house, working on incorporating new content into the mix there are a number of ways you can show multiple aspects of your life and still keep your Instagram feed cohesive. Here’s what I’ve learned along the way.

1. Know your color palette and format. There are plenty of articles that suggest you really select a definite color scheme for your Instagram feed. In my opinion that’s not necessary, but I do believe you want to create an overall feel to your feed. For you this might mean that there’s zero cohesiveness and if that’s the case that’s great – stop reading now. But, if you do choose to be intentional with color there are two routes if you ask me – you can choose to only photograph certain colors or you can edit heavily to get the look you’re after. My intention is to always share images without heavy editing to keep things looking as natural as possible, although I love the look of heavy editing it’s just not my personal style. Overall I lean toward a neutral color scheme and when it comes to format I try to take advantage of the full reality Instagram allows (meaning square or vertical shots). I think staying consistent with this is ultra important.

2. Create consistent content. I took an Instagram course a long time ago and the one thing that stuck with me was to think of your feed in 9s’ since that’s typically the first look someone will give your account. Based on the variety of content that I share I like to keep things fairly structured with a loose editorial so that you’re getting a full view of what Household Mag is all about (including the harder, honest moments as well).

3. Develop a photography style. Over time I’ve learned that my audience responds best to a human element in the photos. Since I cover a variety of content this isn’t always possible, but for the areas that it is I make it a priority. These images always seem to flow better and increase engagement with my followers and by sharing family imagery consistently it helps each location we’ve visited flow from one to another.

4. Determine your editing style. This could be as simple as selecting a filter in an iPhone app (my favorite was always VSCO A6) or as complex as creating a preset in Lightroom. I use the same preset in Lightroom when editing and go from there each and every time. This really helps to create a cohesive feed more than I can express. When you’re dealing with indoor and outdoor images this can really help bridge the gap visually.

5. Plan your posts ahead. One key to creating a cohesive feed is curating your feed ahead of time. This is especially important when you’re sharing multiple locations outside of a single white-walled space. You’ll want to play around a bit with the layout of your posts to keep things flowing nicely. This may sound ultra time consuming, but I promise it is better than going through the effort of creating a post, sharing it and then realizing it doesn’t fit nicely with what you have already shared. As a mom I find that I actually save time by doing this and can be more present in the moments I’m needed the most. I use Planoly and love it.

What tips and tricks have you guys developed to help keep your feeds consistent?