Five Affordable Date Ideas You Should Try This Summer in NYC

After over three years of calling NYC home, it dawned on me that I had never actually been to the Brooklyn Bridge. Ridiculous! Since coming to this realization I made it clear that this was completely unacceptable and put a visit immediately at the top of my New York bucket list. James made plans for us to walk across it on Mother’s Day but we got rained out, so I somehow convinced him (and Julia) to wake up and catch the sunrise here instead last week.

Normally, we would just roll out of bed and throw on clothes if we were waking up at 4:30 in the morning, but since Julia offered to capture us at sunrise we actually showered, we got a little dressed up (with the help of Zappos and Clarks) and hopped in a cab. If you read my post last month about the ways we were prioritizing our marriage, you know we are big fans of Zappos, their exceptional customer service and speedy shipping. Ever since we really paired down our closets, James and I have made it a priority to only purchase high quality, ultra versatile shoes and accessories that pair well with both our basics and our nicer looks like this. Our most recent purchase with Zappos were Clarks, of course. James went with these classic Una Gala Free Loafers and I picked up these adorable Kurtley Shine sandals.

Dressing up for each other is something that is usually free (provided you’ve got a nice staple in your closet) and absolutely adds a special touch to any date – morning or night. Now that the majority of our siblings are living in Brooklyn, we’ve been trying to take them up on their offers to babysit Owen so that we can cash in on dates every now and then. While we love spending money on a good meal, we really like to keep our dates affordable and thought I would share some of our best, simple dates and ones that are on our list in case you find yourself in NYC, live here already or can find some inspiration to bring these ideas to your hometown.

Would also love to hear any of your date ideas in the comments below!

1. Coffee, bagels & the Brooklyn Bridge. Grab a coffee at Neighbors Cafe on the Brooklyn side of the bridge. Enjoy the walk across without too many tourists, grab a bagel at Black Seed and enjoy the city!

2. Picnic in Central Park. For those of us deeper into Brooklyn, Central Park can feel like quite the journey, but I never regret taking the trip. Swing by Whole Foods on your way into the park near Columbus Circle, grab your picnic essentials and enjoy!

3. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens & a slice of pie. It just so happens that my favorite pie shop is about a 20 minute walk, or an even quicker cab ride from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (which are supposed to be beautiful this time of year and are free on Fridays before noon).

4. A slice of pizza & Drunk Shakespeare. We’re actually planning on going to Drunk Shakespeare (my first time, James’s second or third time) in a couple weeks, but from what he’s said it’s hilarious. Take a ten minute walk before or after the show to Joe’s Pizza and grab a slice (my favorite in NYC)!  

5. Catch an underground comedy show. James and I just happened to catch Jerry Seinfeld of all people the other night at Stand Up NY which was incredible! Over the years we’ve caught nearly all of our favorite comics at one club or another by chance. Some of our other favorite clubs are UCB (The Whiplash show in particular), The Comedy Cellar and The Knitting Factory. And, we’re always on the lookout on Twitter for those sneaky sets.