How We’re Keeping Our Family Safe in a Historic Home

Before we moved to NYC, before Owen was born, and even before Zack and I got married we experienced a terrifying break-in and burglary in our historic Phoenix home.

Zack was out of town for a work trip and I had been working since the early morning at a local breakfast restaurant. I came home from work around 5pm (an hour later than usual), unlocked the front door and proceeded to walk into my living room where my TV had been unplugged and turned around, but was still resting on the TV stand.

It’s funny how your brain works in these sort of situations. I had never lived in a home that had been broken into at this point and my mind just wasn’t wired to assume the worst. Immediately I thought of our roommate. She must have been having issues with the TV and unplugged it, but quickly clues began to surface that someone else had been in the house.

In no time it became apparent that our dog was distraught, things were out of order and as I turned the corner into my bedroom I noticed all of my jewelry, electronics and valuables we’re gone. I peeked into my roommates room and there was glass tossed across her bed from where a window had been broken. Clearly, someone had come in through our backyard, broken in and the rest is history. Panic began to sink in and I stopped what I was doing, called the police, my roommate and of course, my parents.

I waited on pins and needles for everyone to join me in the house. We filed a report with the police who assured me there was not much they could do without security footage, an alarm system or any way to prove exactly who had made their way into our home. Heartbroken, young and scared to death I made it my mission to move out as soon as possible and I swore off historic homes right then and there. That was until last week when my parents moved into their new home in downtown Phoenix.

Since we’re staying with them temporarily I immediately felt the anxiety start to creep up as we moved our belongings in. Now that Owen is in the picture there’s just simply no excuse for being reactive rather than proactive when it comes to keeping our family safe. We made it our first priority to install the Logitech Circle 2 Home Security Camera in my mom’s back office so that from wherever we are we’re able to take a peek into the backyard from the app.

I cannot tell you the tremendous peace of mind this has provided in combination with a security system. A few features I’m especially stoked on are the wide-angle lens, smart notifications when motion is triggered, night vision and the ability to take action from wherever you are. If we had a system like this set up years ago when it all went down I most likely wouldn’t be writing this. I wouldn’t have stepped foot into a home that was potentially unsafe and I would have been able to take action and call the police as soon as we saw someone creeping through the backyard. I might even still have the thousands of dollars worth of belongings they stole.

I can’t tell you how lucky I was during our break-in that they immediately left as they heard me enter, but can you imagine if I had walked into the home while they we’re still there by myself? What if I had come home from work on time and had been there when they broke in? What would have happened?

Even though we won’t be staying in this house forever, we visit frequently and on top of it all knowing that my parents are safe is completely worth the investment. As we approach the holidays and our homes are filled with more and more valuables and loved ones I think it’s important that we find ways to be proactive when it comes to securing our spaces.