5 Ways We’re Keeping Our Home Safe This Spring

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If you’ve been following along here since this past fall, you know that after our break in history we took the initiative to keep my parent’s historic home safe by installing Logitech’s Circle 2 Camera. Now that we’re back in Brooklyn, in a new apartment, we made it a priority to keep our space safe here as well. Even though we aren’t in the same state or city as my parents, we wanted to leave them with their security camera and start fresh on our own.

After a seamless installation process, learning more about how the Circle 2 Camera works first hand at my parent’s house in Phoenix (wide-angle lens, smart notifications when motion is triggered, night vision and the ability to take action from wherever you are), I knew this was the camera for us in Brooklyn too. Despite being in a larger apartment building and needing more eyes to watch over our space, having this camera provides a sense of comfort that we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to achieve. And to top it all off, it works both indoors and out.

Today, I’m sharing five ways we brainstormed to keep our Brooklyn home safe this spring before we even moved in. Plus, make sure to head on over to my Instagram to enter to win a Logitech Circle 2 Home Security Camera of your own!

Research your neighborhood. Like any city, there are rougher pockets and ones that feel more family friendly. We were lucky, since we have lived in Brooklyn before, to have a general idea of neighborhoods we might want to live in, but we relied on this site to provide us with all the statistics we needed to make the right decision for our family.

Make friends with your neighbors. We are so fortunate to live in the same apartment building as one of our closest friends, Amy. Aside from her, we’ve made it a priority to socialize with neighbors on our floor, folks we meet in the elevator while we’re doing laundry, and so on. It might seem a little old school, but I think it’s important to be friends with your neighbors – these are the people that would be able to let us know right away if they saw suspicious activity.

Build a relationship with your doorman. We have the sweetest doormen in our apartment and we’ve made an effort to form a relationship with each of them. It’s important to me that they get to know our friends who visit frequently and know not to let anyone else up to our floor that we didn’t approve or that they don’t recognize. Establishing this bond early on was necessary!

Install Logitech’s Circle 2 home security camera. Since both Zack and I work from home, it’s rare that we’re both out and about during the day. That being said, it’s such a relief to be able to check in with the Logi Circle app right from my cell when we are both away. This not only gives me peace of mind that our home is safe, but also the confidence that I’m coming home to an empty apartment. Having a camera like this feels preventative rather than reactionary and it provides me with a sense of calm. Circle 2 is also helpful for nights where Zack is out doing comedy (did you know he is a standup comedian?). It’s an extra set of eyes and can notify me directly if there’s any suspicious activity.

Keep your home address and locations you frequent private. See how I haven’t shared our exact neighborhood with you in this post? It’s important to me to respect my family’s privacy and this filters into our casual posts on social media, too. I make it a rule to never reveal our home address and to only tag locations after we have left. You just can’t ever be too safe!