Packing Simply for Indefinite Travel for Both Mom and Baby

I really thought I had this whole capsule wardrobe thing figured out when we left NYC for our new life of indefinite travel, but like most things, I’m learning as I go.

Two months in, after revising a couple times, I’m feeling really confident about what’s in my suitcase these days. Truth be told I’m a t-shirt and jeans girl. It’s who I am. Setting myself up with items I actually want to wear and will wear each day is essential. We are able to do laundry wherever we are so it’s possible to keep things super minimal, but having more t-shirts takes up less space and provides more options.

Although as he starts to grow out of what we have here we will have to replace things, and there have been a couple items that have been ruined over the course of our travels.

The Packing Details You Don’t See

I thought I’d give you a visual and a break down of what made it into our suitcases for this leg of our trip, but first I’d like to note a few things

  1. I have a very small bathroom bag and a couple zip-lock bags with liquids in them. Those toward the top of the backpack once it’s zipped up for easy access when going through security.
  2.  Along the back of the bag is a large compartment with a laptop sleeve. That’s where my computer is as well as my wallet, my book, and glasses.
  3. What helps maximize space is obviously wearing our heaviest pieces while we travel. We all carry our lightweight jackets if we’re not wearing them, sport our bulkiest sneakers and long pants.

Packing List for Me

2 Dresses
5 T-shirts
3 Tanks
1 Blouse
1 Sweater (will most likely be switching this out before Iceland)
2 Pairs of Jeans
2 Pairs of Shorts
Running Shoes
Yoga Pants
Sports Bra
1 Pajama Set
Undergarments + Socks
2 Scarves / Bandanas

Packing List For Family

4 Pairs of Shorts
2 Pairs of Pants
2 Sweatshirts
2 Long-Sleeved Tees
5 T-shirts
1 Raincoat
2 Sneakers (one that fits now, one to grow into)
1 Rashguard/Swimsuit

We do laundry often, but it works well for us. I think we’ve finally hit our stride with this capsule wardrobe thing! Anything you guys have found helpful?