Why is My Brita Filter Indicator Not Working?

brita filter indicator not working
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Brita is one of the top water jugs with filter. If you’re the proud owner of a Brita water filter, you may have noticed that your filter indicator isn’t working as it should. This can be an annoyance if you’re unsure when to replace the filter. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue and get your indicator back up and running.

In this article, we’ll discuss why your Brita filter indicator might not be functioning, as well as some solutions for fixing the problem.

Key Takeaway
  • Brita filter indicator lets you know when it’s time to replace your filter.
  • If a Brita filter indicator stops working it could mean its battery has run out.
  • You can still use your Brita pitcher even without the filter indicator.

Why Your Brita Filter Indicator is Not Working?

If you own a Brita water filter, you may be familiar with the indicator that tells you when to change the filter. But what happens when it stops working? Many people don’t realize this feature’s importance until it stops functioning properly. 

Fortunately, diagnosing and fixing this issue is not too difficult if you understand why your Brita filter indicator may no longer be in use. Brita’s filter indicator may stop functioning after 2-5 years of use. This means that the non-replaceable battery that powered it has run out.

Your Brita filter light indicators may also stop working due to exposure to moisture or water. If the LED components are damaged, they will no longer send signals accurately and therefore fail to trigger the indicator light on your device.

The good news is you can still use your Brita filters even without the filter light indicator. Just be mindful of your water usage and watch for any signs of clogged filters.

brita filter indicator not working

How Does the Brita Filter Indicator Work?

The Brita filter indicator is a helpful tool for those who need to know when it’s time to replace their Brita water filtration system. It’s integrated into select Brita products and gives users an easy way to track when their filter cartridge needs replacing. 

Thanks to the indicator, users can always ensure that they’re drinking high-quality, filtered water without having to worry about not changing the filter in time. So, how does the indicator works? 

The Brita light indicator monitors the lifespan of the filter, keeping track of how much water has been filtered through it and when it’s time for a replacement. 

After each use, it reduces its counter by a predetermined amount until eventually hitting zero, indicating it’s time for a new cartridge. To ensure the counter is accurate, users should reset it every time they replace their filter. 

Brita Pitcher

Through a Brita pitcher review, we know that there are different types of Brita pitchers such as Brita Pitcher and Brita Faucet. When it comes to the LED indicator, it is usually located on the top part of a Brita pitcher. The LED indicator helps you identify when the filter needs to be replaced. 

A Brita’s filter LED indicator is activated when water is poured from the pitcher displaying a green light. When the pitcher has filtered a certain amount of water (based on filter life), the indicator displays a red light telling you to change the filter.  

Most Brita pitchers are either installed with Brita Standard or Brita Elite filters. Whichever is used, the indicator can be set to change the filter every two months or every six months of use. 

While most Brita pitchers work well with either Brita Standard or Elite filters, Brita Stream pitchers only work with Brita Stream pitchers. First, press the STATUS button for 8 seconds to activate a Brita Stream filter indicator. The three lights— red, yellow, and green will blink at the same time. Release until the other lights stop and only the green light blinks.

brita filter with water on a table

Brita Faucet

Depending on the model of the Brita faucet filter, its filter indicator can either be found at the base of the filter or on the top section of the faucet. 

Brita faucet filters are designed to be replaced every 4 months or 100 gallons of water. If your filter has hit the 4-month mark, the Brita faucet filter light displays as red color.  

Brita Filter Sticker Indicator 

Brita also provides sticker filter indicators to help you track the life of your Brita filter. They work with Brita Standard and Brita Longlast filters depending on the model of the Brita pitcher. 

Depending on the pitcher’s model, you can receive a calendar sticker that you can stick to the pitcher. After installing the filter, a water droplet sticker is placed over the expected replacement month.

Brita filter sticker indicator can convert a 40-gallon electronic indicator to work with a Brita Elite filter. After the Brita Elite filter has filtered 120 gallons of water, the indicator displays a red light telling you to change the filter.

brita filter sticker indicator 

What Do Lights on Brita Filter Mean?

The Brita filter indicator lights are designed to check filter status. They monitor how much water has been filtered through it since its last replacement. Usually, there are green, yellow, and red lights. Other pitchers may only have green and red lights.

A green light displays every time you pour out of the water and it means your filter is doing good. If the yellow light blinks, your faucet needs filter replacement soon. If the red light blinks, the replacement filter must be switched immediately. 

What Can You Do if the Brita Filter Indicator Stops Functioning?

If your Brita filter indicator light suddenly stops functioning, it can be a cause for concern. It’s important to understand what might be causing the issue and how best to address it.

Reset the indicator

If your Brita filter indicator stops functioning, consider resetting the indicator.  All you need to do is locate the RESET or START button on the top of your Brita pitcher or faucet device and press it for a few seconds.  

Pressing the RESET button means a new filter life cycle has begun, and a green light should appear on the indicator if present. 

Also when it comes to resetting the filter indicator, remember to check the product manual, as different models may vary although the instructions are simple.

It’s worth mentioning that newer Brita pitchers have incorporated filter indicators for both Brita Standard and Longlast filters (Elite filters). To activate or reset the indicator, you must press the STATUS button for two seconds to select the Brita Standard filter. To select Brita Longlast (Brita Elite), press the STATUS button for six seconds.

brita filter indicator stops functioning

Check product warranty 

What if resetting your Brita pitcher does not fix the problem? Check the product warranty.  If the warranty period is still valid, contact Brita for assistance. If the cause concerns the battery, Brita may replace your current pitcher or fix it. Remember that the battery powering your filter indicator is non-replaceable so you cannot change it yourself. 

Notify Brita 

It is important that owners alert Brita directly so that they are aware of any potential issues with their product. By letting them know about any problems or issues, customers can ensure that Brita continues to deliver high-quality products and services that meet customer satisfaction.

Additionally, by notifying them of any issues with the filter indicator, customers may be eligible for compensation from Brita if there was an issue with their product’s manufacturing process or design.


1) How to activate the Brita electronic filter indicator?

After attaching the filter to the pitcher, press the STATUS button for two seconds. If your pitcher comes with a Brita Elite sticker filter indicator, you may want to follow the guide below. 

First, place the sticker over CHANGE or CHANGE NOW. Ensure the Reset I (the leftmost hole) is over the red LED light. The sticker should line up with the 0% row for newer systems with lights in reverse order.

Now reset the indicator by pressing the RESET or STATUS  button for 5 seconds. All the lights red yellow and green will blink together. Release the button only when the green light blinks three times.

After 40 gallons of water have been filtered, the red light will blink. Reset the indicator again, move the sticker, and place the Reset 2 Hole over the red LED light. Now you can track gallons 41-80. 

When the red light blinks again, reset the indicator one more time, move the sticker to the left, and ensure the Reset 3 CHANGE WHEN RED is now over the red LED light. Now you can track gallons 81-20.  If the red light blinks, it’s time to change your Elite filter and repeat the steps. 

2) How to reset my Brita Filter indicator?

Resetting and activating your Brita filter indicator means the same thing. So, press the RESET or START button to reset your Brita filter indicator. 

3) Is Brita’s battery replaceable?

Brita’s filter indicator is powered by a battery lasting 2-5 years. While this is an impressive feat, Brita’s battery is not replaceable. So, once the battery has run out of power, there is no option to replace it. Either continue using the pitcher without the filter indicator or buy another one.  

4) Is it still safe to use my Brita pitcher if the indicator stops working? 

The good news is that yes, Brita pitchers are still safe to use even without the filter indicator. The filter will still remove the contaminants the way it should. You have to be conscious of when the filter is due for replacement— every two months for Brita Standard filters and every six months for Brita Longlast filters.


We’ve discussed the importance of knowing why your Brita filter indicator is not working. We’ve also established that there are a few simple steps you can take to fix the issue, such as checking to make sure the filter is correctly installed and replacing it if necessary. While most issues will be easily fixed at home, you should contact Brita for further assistance if none of these solutions work.

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