3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filter Review


The Aqua Pure Whole House Water Filter AP900 Series is simple and easy to maintain system. Although it is not quite suitable for well water, it performs quite well in removing chlorine and hardness from city water. It is one of our RECOMMENDED whole house water filter for home owners staying in urban areas.





3M is a well know brand which has literally everything from schools supplies, personal health products to home improvement items. The 3M Aqua Pure Whole House Water Filter is one of them.

3M Aqua-Pure AP904 Filter Review

There are 3 different models for the Aqua Pure Whole House Water filter. They look exactly the same with only the difference in the filter cartridge content.

Simple One Piece Filtration System

It is a simple one piece filtration system which consist of various functionality in the filtration process. It is separated into three parts:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Head: Made to resist corrosion for piping connection.
  • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC): Secure filter cartridge with the steel head.
  • Filter Cartridge: The heart and soul of the system which provides the filtration.

It’s material used on this whole house water filter is FDA CFA-21 compliant.

Let’s look at the comparison below:

*Filtration stages based on personal understanding on the filter and not mentioned by 3M.

3 Different Filter Cartridges

Aqua Pure comes with 3 different filter cartridges for the AP900 series which have a slight different functionality. All it’s filter is able to remove particulate up to 5 microns.

AP910R For AP902 System – Non-woven pleat media which remove particulate such as dirts, sands and rust available in the source water.
AP917HD For AP903 System – Similar to AP910R with additional carbon block filters that reduce chlorine taste and odor from source water.
AP917HD-S For AP904 System – Similar to AP917HD with additional scale inhibition media that breaks the minerals such as calcium and magnesium into crystals to reduce the hardness of water.

Filter Replacement and LifeSpan

Below are the suggested replacement schedule for all three of the filtration cartridge:

AP910R, AP917HD, AP917HD-S: 12 Months or 100,000 Gallons.

The systems comes with a refrigerator magnet with electronic count down timer to remind owners when replacement is near.

Maintenance Cost

Not much maintenance is needed for this filtration system other than replacing the filtration cartridge.

The cost set you back between $130 – $170 each year for filter replacement depending on which filter you choose to replace.

The best thing for the AP900 series is Aqua Pure made all the filter connector same for 3 filter cartridges which it is possible to switch between different filter cartridges.

Annual Average Cost : $130-$170


If you have some basic level of plumbing knowledge, you can save the cost by installing it on your own. You can refer to the installation guide before you decide on getting a plumber for installation.

*Note: There are some components that aren’t provided in the package such as ball valves, connectors, and bypass pipes. You need to prepare while conducting the installation.

+ Great Quality 304 Stainless Steel Head Connector.
+ SQC design which made filter replacement easy and quick.
+ Interchangeable filter cartridge with different functionality.
+ Filtration and softener capability in one (applicable only to AP904)
+ Filter is small in size. Easily fit in smaller house.
+ Filter replacement once a year.
Not suitable for well water source.
Sediment pre-filter is recommended to install to avoid clogging with dirts especially on AP903 and AP904.

Warranty: 1 years all filter cartridge and 25 years on the stainless steel head.

Technical Specification

System Dimension: H25 1/16”  x D4 1/2”
System Weigh: 7 lbs
Pressure Range: 25 – 125 psi
Temperature Range: 40 – 100°F

Should You Get This? The AP900 series is more suitable for city waters although 3M recommended the AP902 for well water usage. If the hardness of water is bothering you, the AP904 is a great deal as it comes with filtration and softener capability. It is one of our best salt-free water softeners.

Our Verdict: Recommended!

Expert View:

The 3M Aqua Pure whole house water filter is considered an above average system in its category. Here are the few reasons:

  • Softener and Filtration: AP904 has the capability to soften the hard water as well as filter water contaminants.
  • Single Canister: The single canister filter will fit in most space in urban apartments.
  • Easy Replacement: The SQC design made filter replacement easy and fast.
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3M Aqua Pure AP904

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