Aquasana AQ 4100 Shower Water Filter Review


The Aquasana AQ 4100 is a highly recommended durable and high-quality product. Its KDF 55 patented copper-zinc showerhead also uses activated carbon that removes chlorine from your water.





Aquasana filters are known for offering water filtration systems that last even as long as 6 months, about 10,000 gallons of water!

The Aquasana AQ 4100 Shower Water Filter is also no exception to the company’s high-quality deliverance. This shower water filter enjoys all its hype for very valid reasons.

To help you figure out why this showerhead filter might be your best choice, we’ve brought to you this Aquasana Showerhead Filter Review!

With this article aimed at educating you on all that you need to know about the said showerhead filter, we’re hopeful that we will help you.

Founded in 1998, Aquasana is a Texas-based supplier of home appliances – more specifically targeted to supply home filtration systems to its customers.

The company has manufactured a number of well-esteemed products by now that enjoy popularity because of their greatly maintained standard. The AQ 4100 Shower Filter is no exception.

Aquasana AQ 4100 Shower Water Filter Overview

Key Features

Shower filters are used because they help filter out chlorine and other damaging chloramines from your shower water.

Since the Aquasana Shower Filter fulfills this job fully, hence it’s one of the best shower filters to employ.

To further elaborate and help you understand why we recommend Aquasana’s shower filter system, we have listed a few of its very key features that could help you make your own decision regarding the purchase!

Neutralizes All Damaging Chemicals and Softens Water

Like we previously mentioned, the main reason why a shower filtration system is used is that it rids the hard water of any harsh chemicals – be it chlorine alone, or pesticides, lead, hydrogen sulfides, and other volatile organic compounds.

These chemicals tend to strip your hair and skin of its moisture. With the natural oils of your hair skin gone, you are left with skin and hair that is dry and frizzy.

If you are already dealing with dry skin and frizzy hair, there’s a good chance that is because of existing shower water.

Hence, it’s best to install a tested and certified shower filter to protect both.

NSF Certified Filtration Media

When we say that the Aquasana Shower Filter is NSF certified, what we mean is that it has been approved by the National Sanitation Foundation to be one of the best filtration media when it comes to setting standards for clean water.

The shower filter contains a natural coconut shell carbon in its shower head as filtration media, where the copper and zinc media also work to enhance your water’s ph balance.

All of this is done while reducing chlorine, lead, iron, and other harsh chemicals from the water, improving your shower’s water quality.

Woman using water filtered using the Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe to treat hair

Water Pressure and Flow Rate

People often show concern about shower pressure when purchasing shower heads that also is a showerhead filter system.

Of course, while the primary concern still lies in purchasing filter systems that filter out chlorine and other harmful chemicals, people also look for shower heads that do not affect the flow rate of water.

The Aquasana Shower Head both filters the water to its best capacity and also keeps your water flow and water pressure unaffected.

Therefore, with this showerhead, one does not have to worry about them losing a great shower experience.

Long Filter Lifespan

Not only is the AQ 4100 Aquasana filtration system shower head budget-friendly in general, but what makes it even more cost-effective is its long life span.

The Aquasana shower system lasts for about 6 months! This means that it can filter up to 10,000 gallons of water without needing a filter replacement.

If you ask us, if a shower filter lasts for this long, it’s a good investment for its price. Then again, even when it’s time for a replacement, the replacement filters are quite easy to install.

The showerhead can be easily installed in 4 minimal steps.

Annual Maintenance

Since this shower filter gives you a good 6 months before needing a replacement, you can shower for as low as $0.25 everyday! This means that the annual maintenance cost for the shower head falls around $100.

While it’s needless to mention, this product maximizes its usage in the price that it comes in – be it with the maximum stage filtration of Aquasana water and flow rate, or the long-lasting replacement period and easy installation.

The Bonus Massaging Showerheads

One of its lesser-mentioned qualities is that this filter includes a massaging showerhead that has several different settings that can be adjusted according to your need.

The Aquasana shower filter also gives you a limited one-year warranty on the showerhead.

Consideration Factors

It’s important to know that while the AQ 4100 offers its best in removing chlorine to improve your water quality, it’s a rather hefty product. Weighing about 2.3 pounds, it can be somewhat of a hassle to carry around.

However, since it’s easy to install and also only requires a replacement filter every 6 months, it still is a convenient filter to use. Hence, as long as it removes that chlorine considerably well, you’re good to go with it!

Especially considering that it will also leave your water pressure unaltered and keep the water flow smooth.

Pros and Cons

To even add to the credibility of this review, we surfed through the internet to look for customer reviews on the AQ 4100 filter system.

The following is a precise list of factors that you should look into before purchasing the Aquasana Water Filter.

Made the said changes in this section also incorporated of the suggestions too.

+ Reduces chlorine and harmful chemicals
+ Visibly makes your skin and hair better
+ Easy installation
+ Long-lasting replacement (cleans 10,000 gallon of water)
+ Does not affect water pressure or flow rate
A hefty and visually large showerhead, somewhat heavy to handle
Does not include a plumber’s or Teflon tape in the package
You cannot use your own shower head with it, the Aquasana showerhead is non-negotiable for the filter

Technical Information of Aquasana AQ 4100

By now, you have been made aware of all the major features that make this product worthwhile.

To assist you even further, we have listed all of the remaining specifications of the filter showerhead that you need to know!


  • Product Dimensions – 8.5 x 7.25 x 3.2 inches
  • Item Weight – 2.3 Pounds
  • Flow Rate – 2.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • Model Number – AQ 4100
  • Manufacturer – Aquasana
  • Warranty Description – Limited One-Year Warranty

Our Verdict: Recommended!

The AQ 4100 water filter for your showerhead by Aquasana is a great option to employ to get rid of chlorine and other related chemicals in your water.

This in turn would of course safeguard your health all while giving you the good shower experience that you want.

If you think that the features and specifications of the AQ 4100 fulfill your needs, you should look into purchasing it!

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