CuZn UC-200 Water Filter Review


CuZn’s UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter has clearly piqued the interest of many homeowners, judging by how much attention it has garnered on Amazon. Its ambitious goal of staying in service for five years can be met, but to say it will perform consistently throughout that time is a stretch. Nonetheless, it’s a convenient and effective water filter that can be a positive addition to any home.





CuZn looks to stake its claim to the water filter market by introducing a capable high-capacity creation. It’s supposed to leave its competitors in the dust in terms of sheer longevity while simultaneously offering easy installation and maintenance.

Does it deliver on its promises or disappoint? That’s what we’re here to find out.

CuZn UC-200 Water Filter Review

This under counter water filter is setting itself apart from the competition in a few ways. It will surely capture your attention with its bold proclamation about its own longevity, although there is more to it than that.

Key Features

Expected 5-Year Service Time:Considering that most carbon filters are expected to last for six months up to a year, five years is a huge leap in terms of expected service time.

Cleans Up Plenty of Water: Filter is designed to process up to 50,000 gallons of water. That should account for about four to five years of water usage for an average household.

Features Bacteriostatic Filtration:Easy to maintain due to its resistance to bacteria and mold. It does not suffer from a problem that often plagues other carbon filters.

Takes Minutes to Install:It can go from the package to in position under your kitchen counter within a few minutes. You’ll only need an adjustable wrench and the parts in the package for installation.

Leaves Healthy Minerals in Your Water:Beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium will pass through this filter. Calcium and magnesium are particularly noted for their ability to strengthen bones.

Filtration Capabilities

In order to ascertain the true capabilities of CuZn’s under counter water filter, we first have to take a look at how effectively it cleans.

Here’s the good news: This CuZn water filter manages to eliminate some of the most potent contaminants that can pose a threat to a person’s health.

Per CuZn, the most notable contaminants removed by this under counter water filter are:

  • Chlorine
  • Herbicides
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Pesticides
  • Sediments

While it does a good job of addressing the most concerning contaminants, there are certain substances it fails to filter.

To be more specific, taking out total dissolved solids (TDS) is a problem for this filter. TDS won’t have an adverse impact on your health, but it can change the taste of your water, food, and also leave unsightly spots on household items you wash.

Take that into consideration before deciding if this water filter deserves a spot in your home.

Filter Lifespan

This is where CuZn’s under counter water filter stands out. According to the manufacturers, this water filter should be able to operate in your home for up to five years. That’s without any component having to be replaced.

Let’s put that estimated lifespan into better context. Many under counter cleaners usually have filters that need to be replaced after six months or a year. Others can stay in good working condition for up to three years.

So, does this water filter actually last that long?

Technically speaking, yes, the filter does remain in decent shape for that long, but its performance will deteriorate over time. At around the two-year mark, the water from this filter may start to take on a more unpleasant flavor.

You’ll want to run a chlorine test on this filter early on in its lifespan to get a sense of how it performs. Use that as a reference when you test it again after noticing the change in the taste of the water.

Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of keeping this water filter up and running inside your home is significantly lower than what you would have to pay for similar products. This is due to the filter’s longevity.

A yearly maintenance cost does not apply here. Full replacement of the unit will cost you $120, but again that may only be needed after five years.

Replacement Cost for 5 Years: $120


Here are the installation instructions courtesy of the manufacturer:

  1. Begin by turning off your cold water supply.
  2. Place the filter under the counter while making sure the inlet is positioned at the bottom and the outlet is at the top.
  3. Remove the cold water supply tube from the shut-off valve, but leave the faucet connection alone.
  4. Connect the cold water supply tube to the filter’s outlet.
  5. Attach the included 3/8” stainless tubing to the inlet and then link it to the water supply at the shut-off valve.
  6. Open up the water supply.
  7. Tighten the connections, but not overly so. Apply sealant to any joints still leaking after tightening the connections.
  8. Turn on the water and allow it to run for around five minutes or until it appears clear.


The manufacturers offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. This filter pairs best with municipal water because it specifically targets elements such as chlorine that are used to treat that water.  

If your water supply comes from a private well, it may feature additional contaminants that this filter cannot remove. If you don’t know where your water comes from, you can contact the manufacturer and request their assistance.

The manufacturers also offer a 5-year pro-rated performance warranty. That warranty is useful for getting a discount on another unit if your filter stops operating properly before hitting the 5-year mark.

+ Long-lasting under sink water filter. Expecting it to run for around five years is realistic.
+ Bacteriostatic quality wards off the growth of bacteria and mold.
+ Can be installed easily. You’ll only need a wrench and a few minutes to get this properly installed.
+ Utilizes multi-stage filtration. A three-stage filtration process removes the most notorious contaminants.
Filter does not get rid of total dissolved solids. Stains may appear on household items after using water from this filter.
Deterioration of water’s flavor is very noticeable. The change in the water’s flavor could happen in just two years.
Only designed to be used for filtering municipal water.

Verdict: Recommended!

The CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter is far from what you would term a perfect product, but it does deliver on its promises.

  • A True High-Capacity Filter: Saying this filter can last up to five years is no exaggeration.
  • User-Friendly: Maintaining this under counter water filter is far from what anyone would consider a chore.
  • Smart Filtration: This filter won’t get to every foreign body in the water, but the most threatening particles will indeed be removed.
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