Epic Smart Shield Water Filter Review


The Epic under sink Smart Shield filter is a triple-crown winner on Amazon. Judging by its elongated operation and efficiency, it beats many imposters on Amazon who make exaggerated claims without solid back up. Are you looking for a filter to eliminate all odors and heavy metals from your tap water while saving you cash per every gallon of freshwater? Well, you have it!





This Epic Smart Shield review aims to feed you with information on how to instantly transform your tap water from ordinary to extraordinary spring-like drinking water.

You won’t help notice the difference in taste after using this effective filtration system. It eliminates 70+ water contaminants, with a selective mechanism leaving your water with only the essential minerals.

Epic Smart Shield Review

Key Features

Natural Water Filter: Most under sink filters use coal-based media filters, but that’s not the case with the Epic Smart Shield filtration system. It features natural ground-up organic coconut shells making environmentally friendly and better sustainable.

Retained Essential Minerals: The filters are specially designed to retain beneficial minerals naturally occurring in water, such as calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. This leaves your water more delicious and healthier for your kids and pets.

Fast Installation: Revel in a compact design of this filter whose installation is easy and fast, with a step-by-step online video available for easy installation. Besides, it fits directly to your kitchen faucet. All you need is an adjustable wrench and make your ordinary tap water within minutes.

Effective Filtration: Get 15 times the capability of the top gravity-based water pitchers. With a 99.99% guarantee removal of heavy metals and 70+ other organic contaminants, this is your ideal filtration system. Epic Smart Shield water filter beats the leading water pitchers by far.

Triple Certified: The Epic Water Filters Company saw to it that the system is certified to 3 different NSF/ANSI filtration standards. This means your filtered water has no traces of chlorine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides & herbicides, and all heavy metals.

Filtration Capabilities

This state-of-the-art filter is effective in removing all water impurities that pose a threat to human life in any way. The filter has been triple certified to 3 US standards.

This means it filters out all of the following:

  • Chlorine and Odors
  • Cysts like Giardia and Cryptosporidium that are resistant to chemical filters
  • Heavy metals including Lead and Mercury
  • All traces of Pharmaceutical contaminants
  • Herbicides, Pesticides, and VOCs

The filter features natural organic coconut filters to eliminate most known water contaminants. In comparison to coal-based filters, these filters purify water with 99.99% efficacy for 70+ contaminants.

These include Benzene, TTHMs, E. Coli Bacteria and MTBE (gasoline additive found on drinking water)

How Long Does This Filter Last?

This filter from Epic Water Filters has rigorously undergone 3 American IAPMO, NSA, and ANSI tests and has been accredited to test up to 651 gallons of tap water with zero-drop off in filtration.

It means you should check the filter after:

14 – 16 months: Light Usage (1 person)

12 months use: Normal use (for a couple)

9 – 12 months: Heavy use (larger family/pets/cooking)

Filter stays in good condition up to gallon number 651 without losing its 99.99% integrity for 70+ water contaminants.

It’s not the best option if you are looking for a filter that will last you years without replacing components, but nevertheless, it does an excellent job in removing the most concerning water impurities within the stipulated timeframe.

Maintenance Cost

Purchasing this under sink water filter is something, and keeping it up and running is another. The replacement filter for the Epic Smart Shield Under-Sink Filter will require you $87 per operation year at full usage.

We recommend our 5 Micron Epic Smart Shield Sediment Filter if you live in areas with high sediment levels, including NYC metro area, North and Central California, and Texas.

People also using well water, and in old houses with hold pipes will cut significantly on the maintenance cost with this filter.


These are the DIY steps for installation of the under sink water filter:

  • First, turn off your cold water supply. Note that the filter only filters cold water
  • Place the filter under the sink and leave room for the mounting of the bracket/head. You will need a 2 or more inches allowance below the filter body to give space for removing the filter cartridge.
  • Disconnect the cold water supply from the shut-off valve. Don’t touch the faucet connection.
  • Connect the cold water supply with the filter’s outlet
  • Use a 1/8” drill to screw support holes for mounting the head bracket, at the desired level
  • Separate the cold water feed line to the sink from the cutoff valve
  • Screw the provided plastic manifold into the  cutoff valve to direct water into the filter
  • Install the water pipe line from the faucet into the plastic manifold
  • Push the water lines 3/8” – ½” into the manifold and into the appropriate filter head’s orifices
  • The installation is done once the feeder lines are correctly installed in the bracket head.
  • Now turn the filter cartridge into the bracket, and turn on the water. Let it flow till it becomes clear, and then you can enjoy your contaminant-free water. Ensure no water is leaking by turning the filter cartridge more.


All Epic Water Filters come with a 100% rebate guarantee. You have only two options, love the product or return it back for a full refund within 90 days.

They give our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, plus a lifetime responsive 24/7 email and phone support. We also ensure the returns are hassle-free at all costs.

+ Easy do-it-yourself installation. Needs you just wrench to get it completely installed.
+ Effective filter wards off 70+ contaminants at 99.99% efficiency
+ 90-day full refund guarantees
+ Retained essential healthy minerals improving water taste and quality
Designed to filter mainly non-silt water
Deterioration in water taste can be noticed after a year of usage

Verdict: Recommended!

This filtration system offers nothing but excellent service to its users, as is evident from this Woder water filter review. The key benefits include:

  • Convenience – The filter is built for convenience and precision. Thanks to the certification by three US plumbing standards
  • Simple Maintenance – Although the filters won’t last for years as you would expect, the Epic Smart Shield filter will keep your water crystal clear for more than a year of seamless filtration. You’ll love what you drink.
  • Selective Filtration – The fact that this filter doesn’t filter out all contaminants from your water is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. It leaves you calcium, magnesium, and potassium minerals, which are essential minerals for your body’s health and nourishment.
  • Ease of installation – After purchasing this under sink filter, there’s no need to call in a plumber to have it installed under your kitchen sink. It fits perfectly into your existing faucet plus and is easily installed within minutes.
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