Express Water ROALK5D, ROALKUV10 Review


It is a complete set of alkaline reverse osmosis system which the lower price tag ever in town. Each and every parts works as expected and it produce tasty and clean water for your whole family. The ROALK5D and ROALKUV10 is definitely a bargain on getting your drinking water free from water contamination. It is RECOMMENDED!!





Express Water has been slashing its prices for the past few years to capture the market share of reverse osmosis water filters. Their best selling RO5DX is almost 20% cheaper as compared to APEC and iSpring.

We might have expected that the Express Water reverse osmosis alkaline series will be the cheapest in the town. How about its quality and performance?

Detailed Review On Express Water Alkaline Series

Similar to the RO5DX, Express Water claims that the two systems above is capable to remove 99% of water contaminants such as lead, fluoride, virus, bacteria, pesticide and many more. However, it was not certified by any organization such as NSF or WQA on their filtration capability.

Alkaline pH+ Does Works!

Express Water claims that their alkaline filters is using all natural mineral rocks which willmineralized the water like the mountain springs pick up the minerals. Their filters are semi-transparent which enable owners to looks at the content of the filter.

Express Water ROALK5D is able to increase the pH to a range of 8-10. These pH numbers are given from existing customer which is much more reliable and can be trusted.

Effective UV Sterilizer Chamber

ROALKUV10 consists of an additional filter which is the UV sterilizer chamber. It is a stainless steal housing which is capable to eliminate 99.99% of virus, microorganism and harmful bacteria. Water will flow through the reflective stainless steal chamber to make contact with the UV light evenly.

3 Rigorous Test Before Packaging

Express Water claims that every single product that are available in the market has been through rigorous test in 3 aspect.

  1. Air Check Test: Using the compressed air, each system is checked for leakage to ensure a leak free product in customer’s hand.
  2. Water Pressure Test: Each components are developed to withstand high water pressure so that it is able to perform well in normal working preassure.
  3. Cycle Resistance Test: The test is carried out on each housing of the system to ensure the long durability.

Filter Replacement

The schedule of filter replacement is suggested to be carry out every 6 months. However, Express Water often introduce various promotions on filter replacement bundles. This will greatly reduced the cost of replacement filter in the long run.

Technical Specification

Below are the summarize technical specification that you should know before buying the Express Water Reverse Osmosis Alkaline System.

  • Water Pressure: 40-80 psi
  • Water Temperature: 38-100 F (4-38C)
  • Capacity: 50-100 gallons per day depends on different model
  • Storage Tank Capacity: 4 gallons
  • Max TDS: 1000ppm (Lower than APEC Water Filters)
  • System Dimensions: 15″w x 17.25″h x 5″d

6 / 7 Stage of Filtration System

As you already know, The Express Water ROALK5D and ROALKUV10 consists of 6 and 7 stage of filtration. Below are the details of each filters.

Stage 1: 5 micron poly-proplene sediment filter – Capable of removing dust, rust, sands a other large sediments in the source water.

Stage 2 & 3: 5 micron activated carbon and carbon block –  Eliminates cloudiness, VOC,  odor and taste of chlorine and organic chemicals from the source water.

Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis Membrane – Capable of removing dissolved solid, bacteria, pesticide and viruses in the water.

Stage 5: Alkaline remineralization Filter – Remineralized the filtered water with natural mineral rocks to increase the pH of the water.

Stage 6: UV Sterilizer (Only for ROALKUV10) – Destroy the living microorganism, bacteria and viruses that was found in the water .

Stage 7: Post Carbon Filter – Remove the odor and taste of water from the storage tank

Express Water claims that their filters are up to the standards of NSF and industry regulations. They are tested and verified by independent laboratory.

Installation made easier for customers

Express Water uses color caps and quick connectors in their reverse osmosis system to simplify the installation process. An experience owner will be able to get over it within an hour or less. It might that a little more time if you don’t have a faucet hole from previous system in your sink.

Tools that are required

  • Box cutter
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 1/4” Drill Bit (waste line connection)
  • 1/2” Drill Bit (faucet hole)
  • Wrench or adjustable wrench

Short Lifespan Filters

Express Water reverse osmosis system has a short lifespan on their filters as compared to APEC and Home Masters. Below are the suggested lifespan of each filter on the alkaline series:

  • Stage 1, 2, 3 Sediment and Carbon Block Filters: 6 Months
  • Stage 4 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter: 1 Year
  • Stage 5 Alkaline Remineralization Filter: 6 Months
  • Stage 6 UV Light Bulb : 1 Year
  • Stage 5 Post Carbon Filter: 1 Year 

The Express Water ROALK5D will cost about $110 – $120 per year on replacement filter while the ROALKUV10 will cost $20 more in the replacement filter per year. It is slightly expensive that the iSpring RCC7AK-UV.

The Voice From Existing Owners

Express Water receive excellent reviews from the owners on ROALK5D filter. The reviews are even better than their best seller RO5DX. Here are some great comments on the product:

+ It took hubby an hour to install, water tastes SO GOOD.
+ I got a pH meter and the water is coming out at 10.8 pH. The Alkaline filter is working better than I would have expected.
+ An incoming water of 285 parts per million total dissolved solids I was getting an output of 10 parts per million total dissolved solids tested before the remineralization cartridge.
The problems you encounter will be user error, but the directions aren’t always clear either.

Verdict: Recommended! 

Expert View:
Express Water alkaline series is an above average system in alkaline reverse osmosis system. There are a few reasons why we recommend this system:

  • Affordability: It is extremely affordable with the functionality that it has. The annual maintenance is reasonable at about $120 a year.
  • High pH: The remineralization pH+ filter is able to increase the pH up to pH10 according to some reviews from customers.
  • Remove 99% Contaminants: Most customers experience a drastic drop on TDS before the remineralization filter.

The Express Water reverse osmosis ROALK5D and ROALKUV10 are definitely GREAT systems. With their low entry price, you have no excuse of not able to afford a reverse osmosis water filter system for home.

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